Monday, October 6, 2008

I knew it!

Don't you just love October. The smell of Autumn cascading down on us, the slightly muggy air, the stir of all Hallow's Eve in the blood. It's just lovely.
This weekend I made my first wreath for the front door. I love it, all orange, green, and purple w/ peacock feathers, and dried flowers. It's wonderous. I should capture an image of it, even if on my cell phone. Yeah fall.
I also broke down, and since I had some extra time before work on Friday I went to discount fabric in Berkeley. Well they didn't have the bubble gauze I was previously told was gone (go figure), but they did have the most wonderous brown striped fabric. Of course it's the same design as all my other hats have been but this brown is like hot chocolate in color w/ a dark brown trim and highlights. I paired it with a chocolatey pink, yes it does exist, and took my time sewing up a new mini top hat. Just in time for Halloween, it still needs a comb to hold it in place and some accoutrement, maybe a pink veil, and some skeletons, or such. It certainly did take longer than it has before, but I still have all the steps down, and I'm stoked. Wait til you see how precious and chocolate cherry it is. Not really cherry, but it just reminds me of the Sees chocolate cherries . Mmmm, chocolate cherries.
Annnnnnnd last but not least,
the husbeast and I went to a 3D ultrasound place Saturday and got to see some wonderful images of the leggy little one. It was so cute, he was sitting w/ his legs bent up and an arm around his leg, while holding onto the umbilical cord. And yes I did say he. ;) It's a boy. That's all the husbeast has uttered since then. So sweet. Now onto picking a name that isn't Hamish... ugh, please no. I was starting to think a little boy, he's just so big in there, and really low lying, which I suppose is a god send at this point since I don't get heart burn so terrible yet. But yeah it's a boy!
This Saturday brings on the last weekend for the Ren Faire here in NorCal. I'll be heading out that way with the hippies (our other friends), and enjoying the sights and sounds til Dicken's Faire rolls around in December.
In case any one was wondering, the California Zephyr train is so rad! Total vintage throwback to the 50's with it's streamline silver cars, solariums (upper decks are glass covered). The husbeast enjoyed the Baggage car best where the 2 wide doors were open and a railing protects one from falling out. It was old and bumpy and loud, he was like a kid in a candy store, all excited and standing watching the farms and mountains roll past. I highly suggest train trips, well if you can ride on a train that's not specifically Amtrak.

hmmm now to only devise a way to make an edible haunted graveyard for the husbeasts dessert contest at work... rice crispies molded into the shape of a tree w/ corn flake gooey bark. oh the possibilities. I love his work, they're so rad.