Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is Halloween, This is Halloween!!!!


And tonight, muhhhauha we dine out. And we avoid the candy grubby children who's parents only clue these poor creatures in on the insignificant aspects to the season, dressing in plastic costumery! Magh, plastic makes me melt, do you see me here, I'm melting! from all the plastics, and ill costumery.
I've come to speak of the lastest hat, yes the one I could not, and frankly would not speak of lest it's new owner catch on to what I was up to. Sadly I have no decent picts as they are still in the body of the nice camera, and we still have no working cable at the home. Sooo instead I shall point you over to Amanda Button, where you can oogle and ogle this cute as a Button Mad Madame d' Le Strange!
Go ahead, take a minute. I'll wait while you go and check out her new digs.

Back so soon, are you, well wasn't it fabulous. And rather adorable how well she took to the little creepy and insanely delightful mini topper. A better home I cound not ask for than the wonderful Amanda. And she was so patient even though it was late for the very improtant date. (I swear they are the perfect All Hallow's Eve accoutrement. )

The story of the hat actually dates back to last year's 30th Birthday bash that was held for our old roomy. Living up on top of the deserted hill, having all but one set of neighbors (weirdo's!), and a plethora of beer loving free-loading friends (up to 150 people stopped in!). We decked the halls in blackened gauze, and made an archway to the foodie table where the likes of jellied hands, and brain foods toppled the table. The coup de gras being the bleeding heart in actual molded shape filled with a blood red oozy bag that subsequently found its way onto Jesse the Ventura aka a bodybuilder, and then onto the floors, the walls, outside, and many an unsuspecting guest! Oh the horror. Since then I have been banned from making anything that involves red food coloring :( But fear not I am ok with that for now.

So the moral of this story is that because I wanted to be the Green Fairy (ala Absinthe) I needed an appropriate mini top hat. And During the same time, good ol' Lady Linoleum had just made one!, and gasp to my horror out of crochet. Ah poo. I despise crocheting, I just have better things to do with my time, no offense to my loverly crotcheting fiends! But it's true. So since I would be constructing a 3 foot tongue that sat inside of the fireplace on it's rack, out of paper mache, paint and a bunch of shicken waer (yes punny!) I decided that I should apply some of my textile construction knowledge to making said tiny green mini topper.
If you will imagine with me know, out came the scissors, some fabulous green gauze (bye old curtain) some small gauge wire, and the only thing I could entertain to keep it stiff enough to make it wearable, some glue and varnish. Go painting skills, go!
And off I was like a mad woman assembling this little tiny hat, learning the ins and outs of tiny hat construction. And enjoying every minute of the process, and remembering fondly my days in Art School.
When I had finished I had the cutest and wonkiest little thing I'd ever seen, but pyling my hair up and under it was rather satisfying. And born was a new hobby. And new craft, and something that is rather difficult to find in the real world.
Granted I've found these things at the Renn Faire, and also Dickens Faire, but of course that's by the same lady, and also her's are not hand made, they're made by a form and shipped to her from an outside source.
So all in all, I'm rather pleased that I've stumbled upon something that I can create, concoct and conceive (notice the new 3 c's of being a woman!) something of my own hand and craft.
Don't get me wrong fellow bloglandians, I still knit, and rather viciously lately as the winter comes to set upon us, I just don't have the picture capabilities to prove as much (unless you realllly like my phone picts). I've also come to appreciate the fact that I prefer to speak about an art that I can sculpt on my own, unlike telling the tales and woes of a knitted piece that I haven't even put the effort into the design of. It's like I'm being a copy cat, or a bad imitation to a good thing, where here and now I can tell the tales of MY latest creations. So please don't hate me for straying every here and there into a craft that you may not fancy, or grasp the concept of. Please be patient while I test these new waters of craft-dom, and know that I still knit, and I am still the rightful heir to the Gypsy Junk knits name. (shhshh I haven't been thinking drafting a new header that reads Gypsy Junk Handmaids shhshhh)
Ta and Happy Sam Haining or All Hallow's Eving, or Trick or Treating!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where in I remember to breathe

Life as usual is a whirlwind of things to do, and places I've been.
Let's start off with my brother's lovely home up in the sticks outside of Portland, in Washington. What a cute little place. I had wanted to go and torment the long horn cattle in the pasture next to their place but it was decided not the best idea since the farmer is a bit of a prude. So instead I focused on helping with the decorations, and make a pretty cool spiders web on the ceiling.
It was indeedy a great party, much imbibing was had by all, and let's just say I was rather glad when the flight was over the next day and I was back at home.
The husbeast was adorable he picked up some horrible fake British (fo' sho') teeth and think nerd glasses that were all too perfect with his bowler hat and and suit. The business cards I made up certainly were helpful. I'd show you some details, but blogger picts are being a total booger!
My costume was simple, and just as I stated, a little mini topper, a shirt, a jacket (can we say winter in Washington?) and my 2 fav skirts paired together. Sadly i did not win most creative (dunno why) since I was the:
Marauding Crony to the High Minister of Silly Walks
Division of Foot Travels and the Mechanical Parts There Implied to Best Efficient This Said Process, Et.Al.
I swear the cutest part of the entire evening was when the husbeast accepted a consolation dare, and was bade to "give" his best rendition of an orgasm. Well, I had not heard what was going on, but all of a sudden the beast was wrapped around me grunting and moaning and carrying me about like I a prize. I've never laughed so hard, especially after I found out what was going on. I swear I nearly peed myself. No joke.
Tomorrow when Blogger and Typepad aren't being such boogers, I will let you all in on the little something that I had been slaving for over the last few weeks.
Cheers and ta til then.

Friday, October 26, 2007

I don't know what to say,

So I suppose I'll just give a little update.
Tomorrow we're flying up to my brothers (thanks for the free ticket- you airline employee you!) for his annual All Hollow's Eve bash, with a full moon about, how rad. My costume is subdued and not all too exciting. I believe it will consist of a mini topper, some false eyelashes, 2 long skirts, and certainly a shirt of some sort. The husbeast is still going as the Minister of Silly Walks.
ta for now. Need to make things happen.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I spy with my little eye,

with my little eye,

a piece of candy

faintly rolling on the ground

as if in a whim

it's smells of old men,

and cherry pipe tobacco.

It has the fondness of a far off land

and I am certain it's now in my hand.

what a treasure,

what a delight,

what a sight.

It's Kauni.

So being a couple of weeks or so ago, my mum had the audacity to order the coveted Kauni yarn from a company in Denmark, and she was sweet enough to think of me.n the mail it came today, it's so colorful, want to take a peak. It's okay too.

isn't it just perdy.... and tiny, and like fingering weight! Oh my how am I supposed to knit with such tiny yarn? I might as well be making socks (something I don't really do.) Oh well it's soo loverly though.

On another note, know how I mentioned the swap-a-doodle I'm doing w/ a mystery blogger, well I suppose I should email her and ask her for her address, for her pressie, she is finito! And I so need to ship her off, hopefully in time for this weekend's festivities. And once it's in her hands, well then I will post details. And I'm so stoked because as I was placing the coup De grace last night, I finally figured out how to attach the little thing. Albeit I had to apply more stiffie, but who cares, it looks fabulous! I can't wait to show you guys.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Where in I propose my love for Stiffie!

Like the smell of rusted salt
curdling on the vine
I give you the answer to the earths divine
A man once sat with me at a cafe table
in a town outside of Rome
Heaped with the words of an unearthly gnome
find the Tate ,
and Picasso too,
squash the Weeping Woman
You will find true love
coming from,
and just in time.
All this moving and replacing journals on shelves has reminded me that I once could write, and write well, and write odd, and off kilter. Some sad, some true but always I would just write. So please pardon my dust as I clean off a few free cells and try to recreate the world I once inhabited in my own space, and my own time.
So there you have your answer. To the question of which artist my man so blighted with his natural perfume! It was Picasso, so many close answers (wherein I snort since only 4 people joined in, but the odds were fabulous!) and the pencil drawing was Weeping Woman #29. And yes how she must still weep, as the husbeast performed his act in malice, and on purpose! Well I never.
So as odd and odd may be, there were two correct answers, and two simultaneously stuck together pieces of paper, so as chance may be, there are two wieners, I mean winners! Yeah, and I do swear they did not cheat, but yes they are two of may closest buds. Strange I had no idea they knew art (cough *google*) so well. So cheers and here's to Erin of Seamstrix Art, and Mary of Contrary Colleen. Also both are new bloggers, welcome to the outlandish world we have created for ourselves ladies, do stay a time and perhaps enjoy some tea and bickies. I will have you both know that I just farted for you in honor of your winnings. No seriously I did. Hmm, I suppose this calls for pressies. I know Contrary Colleen is tired of accumulating a stash, so tell me is there anything you so desire? A new set of mittletts, or a pair of Mary Jane Slippers, or a hat? Something simple and yet worthy? And Erin, likewise something I could do for you, or are you in it for the yarn? I have a plethora of yarn, and some mohair bits from the husbeasts godmother's Angora Goat Farm I could be persuaded to part with, as it's been ever so many years and I have yet to do anything with any of it... do tell ladies, do tell.
Now onto the juicy news...
Let's just start the day off with some lovely Eco-Wool by Cascade, shall we. Do you people realize that for $15 you can purchase nearly 500 yards of lovely wool! Now that's not much money for the amount of wool...I just saw a rainbowed art car drive by with a pair of legs glued upside down to the roof ~dang this is a strange little island... sorry about that I wish I had my camera ready. (I want one of those) Yeah so um, ecowool, good, art cars cooler. Let's just say this is going to become another Hemlock Ring Blanket, we'll see if it lands on my couch, or my mums.
In news of the sneakiest sorts, I can't really show picts, but the latest and swappiest hat, she is nearly finished. This is where in I profess my love for Stiffie brand fabric stiffener. What, oh get your minds out of the gutter, buggers. Do you see that sneak pict over there, yes it's black and it's in the shape of ~strike that last intrusion there are 2 sets of legs glued upside down to that art car! Dang missed it again, perhaps she'll drive by a third time just for me.!~ So yeah, hats are still really really cool, especially when they hold their form, and don't look like udder crap. There are still a few areas that need a little re-stiffie-ing, but I'm still really impressed. Thanks to the blessed Erin, for having a birthday party where you allowed me to walk away with your fabulous stiffie. It's a life saver, truly.
And last but not least, this hat you;ve previously seen, is destined to be the Ministress of Silly Walks, just in time for my brothers All Hallow's Eve Party, up in Washington (really Portland area). The husbeast has his bowler, and suit, and umbrella. Myself well I am to have my mini topper, suit like dress, and parasol. But really we'll see if I stick with being the ministress. I'm not entirely sold, as I prefer something a bit more garish, and involved, and well, less Monty Python comical.
If yo look hard enough in the background you can see my mummy, isn't she cute. And well yes even in the lovely new house, my crafty mess does claim all areas. Well I believe that shall soon be rectified (I once used this word when talking to a table when I was cock tailing, letting them know I would rectify dudes meal! ~horrible I know, but really when else can you have fun and poke people in the ribs so especially when they're surrounded by all their big burly guy friends), as last night I spilled a solution of stiffie and water on the floor of our new house! I'm sooooo bad.
Oh well I believe I'm off to go look at lovely sweaters at the Old Navy, yes I know I despise them, but eeh gahd they're soooo cute. The sweaters that is.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Haha Victorious and a Contest!

Well after many trials and tribulations I am here with a contest! Yes you heard it right. A contest! So:

There is a a story behind this very famous artists piece of work. It's a small piece hanging in a British Museum that we so happened to visit back in 2005. We went for the New Year, and stayed three weeks, with his family and family friends, and tons of youth hostels (certainly the way to go). Well when we were in this rather wonderful museum the husbeasty's mum and I popped into the Lu to spend a quick penny (go pee) and when we came out the husbeast quickly ushered us to the shop and away from the gallery. Well as the story was so told it turns out that the husbeast went back into said gallery, and with the attendant sitting near by ushered the loudest, and crackiest FART that one should never issue in any public place. And as it so did happen to be he uttered it directly next to this poor poor piece of art, do note how she weeps. I for one certainly could never blame her for her toils, and troubles for I certainly know why they are what they are! I quickly grabbed a pad of DIY post cards and scribbled a stick figure drawing for his brother and father back in the states with the whole grotesque story outling the events of that day...forever to be in our memories, ahh sweet sweet memories.

The Contest here is to identify the very famous artist who created the husbeasts claim to fame..bonus points if you can identify the name of the piece.

The winner very well may receive some yarn, and perhaps a little something else.

Off I go to dig through my stash!

The winner will be announced on my 100th blog entry! I think that may be this Tuesday.

Much thanks to the never-more blogless best friend of mine Contrary Colleen for her efforts for me on the pict.

Monday, October 15, 2007

If I were a list maker I would be stoked.

But lo, unfortunately I am no such kind of person, though I am still stoked.
1.Ok, you ready for it, we've moved all of our essentials into our new house, YeAh. That was 14 loads, 2 using a 17 foot Uhaul. (not completely full)
2.The Red Scarves, they are delivered and out of my hands! And I only bought my fav Stitch Diva Capelett pattern. How good am I, I go to a yarn shop with rather decent threads and I get only a pattern. Well to be honest I tried to get the yarn in 2 separate colors of Cascade 220, and both times it was not meant to be. So I shall try over at the lovely Article Pract.
3.The Kitchen, she is unpacked!
4. Is there a 4, there's got to be a 4, well, oh I know. Let's call it 5, because I am not a list maker ;)
5. I've made 2 very funny, washer ladies happy from the Rennaisance Faire. Yes I had the roommate relay the message that I would be willing to make the ladies a set of mittletts for $10. Well needless to say, as the roomy puts it, they mouths were agape. They couldn't believe I would be willing to part with them for such little money. Well if only they knew that they only take 3 hours, and about 1/4 of a skein, I don't know if they would be so thrilled still. So all I do now is wait for their choices of colors...
6. That does give me an idea, well I'll see if it works out. Hmmmm, yes I think it will... I must have some time to get these things out of my head, I need to make, I need to get things mailed off.
7. Here's to deadlines. Self imposed and others that may not be.

Because they say I have to act on the part of Blog Action Day:
This is my means of participating. Yes yes, I know feathers, lots and lots of ruffled feathers. But keep in mind all, there's always two sides to any story, and rabblerousers should always be taken with a grain of salt. Even if they win a Nobel Prize for doing absolutely nothing...
Environmental Cleanup: One of my solutions, get rid of the lies and dribble, please. Our world, and our lives are of more value than just fairy tales for our children.
PS. I will normally keep my big mouth shut when it comes to these kind of things, but they begged me to participate. I mean, ghad they practically shoved it down throat by posting it everywhere.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Nine, hoo hoo hahaha

We have nine loads run to the new house, and tomorrow we rent a Uhaul!
And today it rains. Ehgahds.
Um, yeeeahhh, so ahhh, well that's it for right now. I knit close to nil last night at the meetup, soon the dust will settle and the yarn will be restashed....
Cheers til then.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

8 hahahhh We have 8 mhhahahh

We're up to the eighth load, have one ready for tonight once I cut out of the Beer Bitch meet up early, then it'll be nine loads! And the house is emptying slowly but surely. Well except for all the plants and the basement. But that's not you've come here for today, wanna know why??
Because I've just jumped on a bandwagon. Yes a very big bandwagon that my mother is actually to blame for. See we just visited this online yarn shop, Astrid's. Do you recognize that familiar oh so familiar rainbow yarn on there? What's that you say, why yes it is destined to be this loverly sweater ,

Ya know I'm trying to work here, and the firkin' Island cops keep pulling people over using their external microphones on their motorcycle. Now it's not normal for the cops to keep riding by going *ber ber~ ber ber ~ber ber~ ber ber* What the hell?! I give up with these island weirdo's. Cops are firkin goofy here! I realize my last statement begs the question of how I can be working and blogging, but I am, I really am. It's called multitasking. I mean I was the best cocktailer at my old work for a reason, man.

Ok, back to the sweater, isn't it lovely. I showed that to my mum and one of our knitting clients last night and both their jaws dropped (they're not in the blogging world much) and this morning I came in to find my mum hard at work at locating said gorgeous wool in rainbow color, as I had already procured the pattern. Oh but how fun that will be, and how lovely. And how tiny are size 4's? Just a skosh larger than the needles I used on the still not seamed Rowan pattern I finished in July.
So that's really it for now. I can only hope to start unpacking boxes. I really don't think that my old (doesn't really fit anymore) purple vinyl ball gown should be crumpling in a box...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

7 Down, how many more?

Can you see my raised eyebrow?
It's amazing just how much crap we have moved, but we want to have everything out by this weekend so we're trying to bust our arses. So we're up to 7 loads, and it's probably going to rain.
I know no one really cares about our self induced moving woes, but I've rarely found time to knit or make the precious little hat...But I still have hope, as it's close to completion. But things are in both houses, so please please bear with me, and keep your fingers crossed for a deadline!
Up tonight, possibly moving some of the plants. I can hear my back groaning already.
But little do you realize that my lips are in a big huge Cheshire like grin. I'm so stoked.
Ta for now.

Friday, October 5, 2007


It's official, we're moving into a house with no roomy. And best of all my dog will have a home within our house now, even if the puma (our cat) objects. Best of the best is location. It's on another court, in the flat lands (not soo cool), but our commute time is cut in half, AND it's a block away from the Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory. Which I believe now I've given too much detail away, but oh well. The smell of chocolate is in the air 24-7 there. It's so intoxicating!
Tonight we sign the papers and meet our new landlord.
Then we slave away at packing. And when I say slave, I really do mean it. See the husbeast is a bit of a techno geek IT Hacker-fixer dude with a penchant for computer monitors and brains. So there's about 10 monitors of varying weights, and about 15-25 brains as I call them. I know, just don't ask how many of them actually work...
Then there's my junk collection, all the plants in barrels in the backyard, and to top it all off, my collection of hideous furniture. (Actually all my furniture is unique and rather cute as most of it has come from the Berkeley Urban Ore- a huge second hand place of unique oddities!)
Oh and did I neglect to mention the 5 motorcycles, only 1 of which (mine) still runs. The others are all in a multitude of disarray. Oh, and the VW Vanagon that hasn't been started in 3 years.
The poor poor roomy he'll have a empty 4 bedroom house. Hopefully he can find a new roomy if that's what he truly wants to do. I think he should. It gets horribly quiet up there.
Best of news, we'll be relatively 3 blocks from my best bud's new home! Whoooho!
Off to knit mittletts I go.
And if you're ever in the East Bania, go check out Lacis, a store to be drooled over. I got a new book there, From the Neck Up an Illustrated Guide to Hatmaking by Denise Dreher, and some hat wire.
Cheers and Ta for now.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I'm back

yeah, that wasn't long. Seems we may just have a new house to rent. That took like 2 days if this goes through, and I believe it just may... so still need to pack, and all that good crap. But not right now, but soon.
Last night I had the strangest of strange dreams, I don't know the details, but I was wrestling with a snake, one that kept biting me, and I kept swearing at him and holding his mouth closed tighter. All the while I kept asking myself why am I still holding this thing? Like I was either keeping others away from it's bite (non-poisonous) or I was just showing off. Either which it was weird needless to say. This may stem from seeing the snakes at Renn Faire this weekend, or some other oddity, or perhaps the cat was attacking me in my sleep, and I was none the wiser. Since my hands are fine today, and I am a rather light sleeper, well you find your best answer.

Last night I had no desire to knit, which is probably because I have little yarn. I mean I do have yarn, but it's all one skein of this or two of that, but nothing that will equal this...a capelette! Strange thing though, my size is between two sizes, exactly in the middle. What to do, I mean I don't think I could hardly resize it properly. Nor find that much Noro Iroha at a decent price. But it would be the bestest thing ever for Dickens Faire, and all those cold evenings down at the stitch and bitch. I'll just have to wait.
So instead of knitting what did I do you ask, well of course I started a new mini top hat! It's cute, black with some itty bits of sparkle. But not too over the top. This one I have a phenomenal idea for, construction wise, we'll see if I can pull it off with finesse. I'm sorry though this is a tight lipped subject until it's shipped off in a couple of weeks.
And the best of all news, I was finally contacted by a local hat maker in the city, she gives workshops from time to time, and she gave me some tips and places to find supplies. Soooooo stoked, as that's exactly what I needed. Great timing!
So cheers until later.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

while I'm away, please enjoy this music

oh did I forget to turn that on, well then perhaps a shorty while we're looking for a new place to rent. Yes, we're planning on moving by the end of this month, or perhaps next month. Yikes! I just moved in and now I'm moving out, but also there is soooo much crap. Oh well it'll be nice to have a place to ourselves.
So this weekend I did receive a request from two of the faire participants for a pair of mittletts, as I was spotted walking about faire working on them, and also finishing them both. I really do love 3 hour projects, they make me feel accomplished. I suppose then that I must endure one last faire-well but I'll probably just go the last weekend, or send someone with them for me. To trade or charge $10...I may just go for the cash. That's pretty cheap too though.
Sorry, but horribly busy...and off I go, oh ps I have 5 new gray hairs!
And you know what I never mentioned? I never mentioned the fact that I got the cutest print from Emily over at Inside a Black Apple, it was Miss Littlehat, with her red hair and a mini top hat on! I couldn't believe how apropos, and how adorable she really is. I can't believe what a fabulous artist this young woman is. Go check her out here, and her etsy shop here.
cheers til then.