Thursday, August 7, 2008


The Log Cabin blanket is off the needles and has been for a few days. There are still a few ends that need tucking in and a good hand washing is in order, but I can't believe it, the dang thing is done. The husbeast adores it, and wants one for us now. I wish I had even a crappy camera phone pict to show, perhaps tonight I'll try.
Oh by the by, thanks for all the well wishes on Whetherby. It means a lot. Speaking of babies, my bff and I went by another friends house last night and her little 10 day old is just sooo cute. He's so tiny, and I'm going to have one of those soon! Wow finally after all these years, I just can't wait to be a mom. But oh my is there ever so much I just don't know about. Thank goodness I have my friends and my mom and mom-in law all so close.
I've started a pinwheel blanket for Whetherby, it's blue so either I have to do a cute purple edging, or a green one. We'll see come mid-September when I have my next ultra sound.
Other wise that this weekend I'm doggy sitting my mum's dogs, while the husband goes down to Cambria, think CA coastline gorgeous Cambria, with all the other Triumph riders from the local club. This is the 5th or 6th annual run down there. They should have fabulous weather. Maybe he'll even call me and check in, now that would be sweet.
I really need to be making more jam, I just scored some peaches from the local corner, "hey Free Peaches, grab them!" Yeah it went something like that. Then there's the blueberries and the strawberries not to mention the plums fermenting in my fridge as we speak. Ahhh so much to do.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hey Y'all!!!

Hope every one's been well while I've been away, can't believe I'm actually back can you.

I must apologize at this point because I had promised picts of neat things, like the adorable swap-a-doodle I did with Amanda, as well as my latest has that I never showed. I'm such a pooper but really I must insist upon blaming the husbeast and subsequently my computer at home. He thinks something is broken this time as it kept rebooting itself the other night. So strange. At this point we're looking into purchasing a his and hers Mac Mini's. That way he won't ever be able to put any of his bad juju on my computer. We'll see what happens. And I have some lovely shots of my poppies in my garden to show off, ah well, they all must wait.
This week my mum is popping off to Hawaii to judge a dog show, my co-worker's brother is having surgery to remove the 4 inch cancer in his colon (that's a big scary thing right now), my sister-in-law is recovering from a major motorcycle wreck this weekend (lacerated a kidney, ruptured her spleen, and broke a bone in her right hand). Wow, it looks like she's going to be all right, even though her muscles are all starting to clench up on her, she's still in the hospital on major pain relieving drugs. My brother is so sweet, he feels guilty because he was the ride leader, no one really knows what happened either. She was almost out of a turn, something went awry, she over corrected, lost control and hit a tree. Which sent her careening down a gully some distance. Thankfully there we 2 cops riding in the group and my brother, all with EMT training and what not. Poor thing though. She has no one to help out during the days while she recuperates. I wish I could get away and help her out, but alas I likewise have to work.
Next week is looking a bit brighter though, the husbeast and I are heading down to Escondido (north of San Diego) to pick up a new Russell Terrier (think sweet and loving Jack w/ curly hair and a bit shorter). Then we're heading over to Stone brewing to pick up requested goodies for co-workers of the husbeast, and to see Monty Python's Meaning of Life in the lovely beer garden. Possibly meet up with our actress friend, and lord knows what else we'll be doing.

Oh and also this week out little Whetherby will be 15 weeks. Yes Whetherby is who's been keeping the majority of my time and energy these last 4 months. Yes that means I am pregnant, and not sure if Whetherby is a girl or boy at this point, but we get to find out mid September when I'm 20 weeks!!! The husbeast is praying for a boy, and I keep dreaming of a girl, oh and all I'm really craving is fruit and cheese and milk. I'm trying to get over my aversion to meat and veggies, hopefully now that I'm not as queasy as I've been I'll be able to eat more veggies. Everything has been going well, I only puked once and that was because I didn't really eat the night before. Well I've learned oodles from that. Last night I couldn't believe all the energy I had. I did laundry, dishes, made lovely blueberry/nectarine/apple hand pies, a crumble w/ the left over fruits, and still had energy to make dinner, and fold laundry. If you'd seen me for the last oh 10 weeks the main thing I've had enough stamina to do is change the channel on the TV. Oh so ridiculous. Did I mention Whetherby is due January 28, 2009. I can't wait to meet our little one. Eeehehehehee! I'm just so happy to be through the not sure if it'll stick time to be able to tell you guys. Sorry for all the secrecy and not even being around, but honestly I was just plum pooped. Thanks for hanging in there. I think I'll try and add a little baby count down to the sidebar.

Now that things are going a little smoother, I must tell you, tonight I finish the long awaited Log Cabin Blanket for my FIL. I will be casting off the last row when I get home. After putting a chicken in the oven. And I'm nearly finished with a lovely tam by Ysolda. Then I'm onto a pinwheel baby blanket and a few things from Itty Bitty Knits for Whetherby.

mmmm handpies, they are so so soooo good. If not a bit finicky. All that damn dough rolling.

One of these days I will put a few of my extra hats on an etsy, but of course that requires a home computer that works. Soon, very soon. Thanks for being patient with me.