Monday, August 16, 2010

Been Awhile Longer

How the time has passed, and will most likely pass again. But I've been inspired by another to blog, well at least today.
There are things that I want to say, questions about morality, and what is the right thing to do, and there are things that I want to share with my absent audience, but I am not sure where to go from here.
Perhaps I shall make this all business, and fun.
So here I sit and time has passed, well long long ago I wrote and threatened about starting up a business. Just something small and well shall we say mini! You've got it myself and two of my lovely lady friends have begun a shop called Little Mad Trappings. This is an outlet for me and all my mini millinery endeavors. Something fun and to fill the time in between the gaps.

I've created a few new shapes to the regular mini top hats I've always done. I now have a Bowler (pictured here on the left) , a ladies Riding Hat, and a proper sized Tall Hat (which is like a riding hat but a little more period to the Elizabethan Era.) Oh and I nearly forgot, there is also a miniature Mad Hatter!
You can just make out the mad hatter in this shot of my desktop, the fabric on this one in particular is rather fun, it's thistle with spiders in back and a little honey bee on the brim. And in case you want to see the craziest, blurriest picture ever, here's a peak at the Mini Mad Hatter... or not, blogger evidently is still a booger.
Oh well cheers for now, we'll see where this little torrid afair runs off to shall we? Anon.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Been Awhile

Hello again,

it's been ages, and yet...

I don't miss this little blog.

Sorry but it's true.
Life is considerably busy with the little guy
Ian (6mo) with Great Grandpapa Macdonald 7/09
I lurvs the drool.
So as I was saying this blog has been replaced by the ever invasive Facebook. But who knows I may indeed find time again to contribute to the ol' blog. Sorry to keep anyone hanging, as I know I have. Very sorry indeedy.
But on a good note I have begun my first quilt, for the little guy of course.
Stay golden pony boy stay golden.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Still Preggers

Tomorrow is my son's due date. I'm rather excited and eager to meet this little guy that's been growing in me for the past 10 months. I have a sinking feeling though that he's going to be a little late, maybe not that much but a few days, we'll see.
So that's where my mind is at, as well as the husbeasts~ he's been rather cute demanding that the little baby come out. But you know what happens then, we'd actually have to name the little guy. Frightening.
On the knitting front I've been knitting mice still for a little baby mobile it's pretty cute and the mice are nearly done. But the rest of the mobile still needs attention.
I've contemplated millinery styles and what I could make next, since I missed the Edwardian Ball this past weekend, poo! Of course that would require a trip to the city for some delightful fabric shopping, so maybe after the little guy is here... or such. No promises.
So that' s where everything sits at, still waiting.
Sorry to have put a few people on hold, but my focus is a bit awry at this point in the game. Soon though soon. Thanks for the patience.
Cheers and happy wintering.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ok ok ok!

Since I made a comment on my friends page and I'm already logged on, HI All!
Me and the little guy growing me are into the final leg of our journey together, and eek I'm uber excited to meet him, but at the same time still loving having him here with me. I suppose I'm a bit selfish, the husbeast keeps begging him to come out so he can meet him, well that and he keeps asking him to bounce on my bladder. Gotta love a good man with a sense of humor, just wait til he has to change poopy diapers, vengeance will be mine, muhuahhhauuh.

So in these past 3 months, I've mostly been incubating, spending gobs of money on baby crap, a new car with more than 2 seats! I *puffy heart* my new 09 Subaru Forester. I've spent lots of time with good family and friends, learned some basics to Belly Dancing. And lost my 82 year old grandmum (she had dementia for about 7 or so years and was ready to move on). Then a few weeks later my beloved Haze (11 y.o. pitbull) passed away after some major surgery but thankfully he didn't have to suffer through the terrible cancer that was discovered that was about to start ravaging his body. Honestly I suspected the cancer, but not the untimely passing.

I've done little crafting, I knit the cutest turtle w/ a removable shell, part of a sweater that I'm not sure I like, part of a glove, and am currently starting on a mouse mobile for the babies crib. I made blueberry jam, white peach jam, and lemon curd for the seasonal pressies to friends and family. The sugar cookies were all right, but the Russian teacakes were a flop w/ too much butter and I just didn't have the energy to correct my mistake, and dumped the batter a week after making it.

Here I am biding my time until a few weeks from now I am a mother with a squeaky little boy in my arms. Not sure what else there is to tell, as I'm a little rough around the edges from not writing for such a long time.

Next time it is then.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I knew it!

Don't you just love October. The smell of Autumn cascading down on us, the slightly muggy air, the stir of all Hallow's Eve in the blood. It's just lovely.
This weekend I made my first wreath for the front door. I love it, all orange, green, and purple w/ peacock feathers, and dried flowers. It's wonderous. I should capture an image of it, even if on my cell phone. Yeah fall.
I also broke down, and since I had some extra time before work on Friday I went to discount fabric in Berkeley. Well they didn't have the bubble gauze I was previously told was gone (go figure), but they did have the most wonderous brown striped fabric. Of course it's the same design as all my other hats have been but this brown is like hot chocolate in color w/ a dark brown trim and highlights. I paired it with a chocolatey pink, yes it does exist, and took my time sewing up a new mini top hat. Just in time for Halloween, it still needs a comb to hold it in place and some accoutrement, maybe a pink veil, and some skeletons, or such. It certainly did take longer than it has before, but I still have all the steps down, and I'm stoked. Wait til you see how precious and chocolate cherry it is. Not really cherry, but it just reminds me of the Sees chocolate cherries . Mmmm, chocolate cherries.
Annnnnnnd last but not least,
the husbeast and I went to a 3D ultrasound place Saturday and got to see some wonderful images of the leggy little one. It was so cute, he was sitting w/ his legs bent up and an arm around his leg, while holding onto the umbilical cord. And yes I did say he. ;) It's a boy. That's all the husbeast has uttered since then. So sweet. Now onto picking a name that isn't Hamish... ugh, please no. I was starting to think a little boy, he's just so big in there, and really low lying, which I suppose is a god send at this point since I don't get heart burn so terrible yet. But yeah it's a boy!
This Saturday brings on the last weekend for the Ren Faire here in NorCal. I'll be heading out that way with the hippies (our other friends), and enjoying the sights and sounds til Dicken's Faire rolls around in December.
In case any one was wondering, the California Zephyr train is so rad! Total vintage throwback to the 50's with it's streamline silver cars, solariums (upper decks are glass covered). The husbeast enjoyed the Baggage car best where the 2 wide doors were open and a railing protects one from falling out. It was old and bumpy and loud, he was like a kid in a candy store, all excited and standing watching the farms and mountains roll past. I highly suggest train trips, well if you can ride on a train that's not specifically Amtrak.

hmmm now to only devise a way to make an edible haunted graveyard for the husbeasts dessert contest at work... rice crispies molded into the shape of a tree w/ corn flake gooey bark. oh the possibilities. I love his work, they're so rad.

Monday, September 22, 2008

All Right.

Where does one start up again, well 2 weeks or 3 have gone by again. Another round of Thank You's to some lovely ladies for their well wishes. Thanks!
I've been working, well I had been working on my February Lady Sweater 'til I hit a segment of idiocy one evening and all of a sudden I was working Row 1 where I should have been working Row 2. And mind you it was something that I started doing after like 8 stitches. Eeps how'd that happen? But I brought it today and I should be tinking back while waiting for the husbeast to get off of work. I really like this sweater so far, it's easy to follow and thanks to a bit of Raveling the mystery of the eyelet spacing was uncovered via one fabulous link for balanced and unbalanced stitch decreases. But please don't ask me, Ravely is verboten at my work. Stupid men beings!
Aside from sometimes working on the sweater I've still been incubating, and well Whetherby is getting big. At our 20 ultra sound the little one seemed to have fallen asleep with it's back turned to the screen and little ankles crossed. So if it's a girl at least the husbeast can be happy that she won't be a little tramp ;) I still haven't decided whether or not to get a 3-D done, I'm enjoying this torment of not knowing until Whetherby is with us in the world. I mean it wasn't until what the late 80's or so when U/S became regular use that women started knowing ahead of time what their little one's would be. Why should we be so privileged, but on the flip side it makes preparations just that much easier.
So no hats for me for awhile, I'm a little bored with my fabric selections and really need to go into the city to expand on what I have. And still get rid of all those other ones I've been hording. Seriously what the hell am I supposed to do with that many mini toppers?
I did have a chance to look at one of our local hatters wears while at Renn Faire this Sunday, and she was only caring one or two. Of course they aren't really period for Ren Faire, so I'm curious what Dickens will be like or if they're losing fashion. Oh and yes Ren Faire was grand, and wonderous and lovely. So many friends makes for such interesting romps around the grounds. And I shouldn't have been worried about being tired and a puss, turns out I think my BFF was more tired then I (all the beer and rum she had, hhehehe). When I got home it was to an adorable husbeast who missed me, he woke up from his nap on the couch, and instantly assaulted my boobies for 5 minutes. The act of which I still have diverging emotions of adoration at his cuteness, and contempt for his one track mind. All of which may have just been a little too TMI, but eh, what a ya gonna do about it.
Note to self Tums are not food, and thusly should not be eaten as much...
I did neglect to tell of my latest forays into the strange, I'm taking Belly Dancing. There it's out. I began last week with a couple of girl friends, and well aside from being rather difficult coordination wise, it is rather enjoyable being out of the house doing something active for a change. The instructor is rather fast paced, and my mind is a completely jumbled mess since Whetherby, but I think it will start to sink in with repetition. I must give some mad props to some of those ladies out there who have been doing this for such a while now *cough Amanda cough* it's kinda ball-sey getting up there and doing it, and then taking to the stage otherwise (dancing or no) still rad.
So there it is. All is still well, we are happy and healthy and looking forward to the future.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is anybody home...

Well all this time I've just had so many posts to tell so much, but have let it all slide by the wayside just because. To this I suppose I must apologize, but at this point it may just be to myself. That's ok, because it's just a blog, right.
So last time we left off I was about to run down to LA and pick up a puppy for my mum, well that has happened, and Delilah is the cutest and sweetest thing around. Again another pup from Australia, a cousin to another of my mum's dogs and the girls are so cute together, they literally have the same spots in the same spots.
Aside from picking up the puppy we headed down to Stone Brewing and watched Monty Python's meaning of Life in the beer garden, which the husbeast thoroughly enjoyed...just walking up to the outside bar and grabbing beer and then going back to his chair. Every time we're down in the San Diego area we each remark on how much we love the area and would love to move down there. But alas we are still here in the Bay. Not that I could ever complain, aside from the price of everything. And get this, they had cheap gas. Buying cheap gas that was under $4 was like a luxury, something to be giggled over.
But in all honesty even though so much time has passed it seems that nothing new has really been done. Whetherby still grows strong and tomorrow will be 19 weeks. On the 12th we get to have our big ultra sound to see the organs and make sure the little one is whole, and a girl or boy.
The log cabin blanket was finished at the end of July and one day I promise to take it over to my FIL, I was hoping I could do it with a little note stating that it's to be snuggled with his grand son/daughter. Hopefully by the 12th our danged Indian Summer will have taken a little hiatus.
I also finished a hat which is kind of cute, but honestly it's just enormous and i believe I may just take it all out and reknit it smaller.
The best thing about it being September is that Ren Faire starts next week, wait this weekend and goes until Oct. 12th. I can't wait. So far my loyal faire friends and I are planning on going the 21st, and well I may just have to squeeze in something in October and maybe one other. This year will certainly be different, as it is I'm already starting to show, but come another 3 weeks and well I believe I may just about be huge. I truly hope it won't be terribly hot weather.

I just got a phone call, from one of my bestest oldest timey friends, Damo ~and get this he's back from China ~for good!!!!! And he brought his lovely wife and son. Tonight we go over to his parents house for a BBQ. I can't wait to tell his his son's going to have a playmate. EEeeeeeeeE! Uncle Damo.... ahhh.

Well looks like September is a rather fantastic month already and it's just the second.
Here's too the rest of month! And I will try my darnedest to be a bit more diligent on the blogging.
Anon til then.