Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just a quickie

So all day today my arms have been aching, kinda like am I having a heart attack aching, don't fret it's not a heart attack. AND IT'S NOT A TUMOR....
And you know how it is when you're futzing around when you've been drinking beer at night and you're trying to jump start you motorcycle w/ a really big shoe, from the Boy's roommate (size 10.5 guys on a size 7 gals) and you don't push the little on button for the bike so you keep trying to jump start it, and then you finally remember to flip the little switch, and it does turn over, but by then you're red in the face, and arms all limp, and so you just sit there. Then you get the brialliant idea in your head that trying to do that again would be good practice, even though you have an ignition switch if you wanted to just push that special little button and it'll turn over like a hen in heat. Yeah I didn't use that easy switch, and yeah I again tried to jump start her, but gave up and went to sit on Betty Rocker, the '69 Triumph. Then I got to watch the roommate try my same ordeal, w/ his own shoe back on, and of course he too forgot the magic button for on, and had his time w/ trying to kick start her until he remembered the switch, and in one foul kick, whummp she's goin' again.
As rambelings do go, yes there is a moral to the story, and it does have something to do w/ "Remind me tomorrow why my arms hurt" type of moral.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fiber Overload

Ahhhhh, stitches was delightful, but sooo overwhelming. How does one explain the countless rows of vendors or the massive amounts of fiber that filled the convention center. You just can't. I mean I could try, but just know it was massive to the point that I could get lost if I merely turned a corner.
I did come away w/ a few things, a bunch of 4 ply hemp from Lanaknits, and some Malabrigo chunky, and angora (yummmy). Then I also came away w/ some sock yarn from Jojoland, and 2 gorgeous glass shawl closures from Moving Mud. But it seems like I didn't grab that much for the amount of money I spent. But who cares when you have the latest patterns from Cookie, not all of them, but at least 3. The German Stocking, Gothic Spire, and I believe the other is Gothic Floral (?).
Unfortunately there aren't picts yet, but I'll get to it later.
How does one photograph soft? Well I'll see if I can manage a decent picture of the cuddleness of the angora Malabrigo.

In other news, the Boy got the wonderful job at the software company he was sooooo wanting. And now we'll be working in the same town, he almost has regrets leaving the BIG corporation. But at the same time as he is jumping ship, there are huge problems throughout his old company. I think this move is a great change, but I understand the discomfort of a new job, and the possiblities of it just sucking ass. So I suppose only time will tell.

Friday, February 23, 2007


So me and the bitches are heading out to the fairgrounds tomorrow. We should be there about 11. I think I'll drive, since I don't really trust much of anyone's driving skills. Yes it's like a phobia, but if you knew my friends, you may understand what I mean...
So, on to the cuteness:
As promised we'll start off slowly, but do be warned, there are a good number of picts here in the post.
Aren't they just adorable, Pea pods. I didn't exactly show how tiny they are but that's all itty bitty details in there folks, oh, you want details, ok can do that fer ya.

Those are prosh, but to me the Bluebirds are the kitty kats meow. For the trained eye, you will notice they are indeed hanging on a bottle of casadores. Ohhh tequila. Not mine specifically, since I do prefer a bit of the Tres Generations much better, and oh sooooo smooth.

Then there were the Pengies. Specifically selected for when I was working on anything for the boy, being the Linux programmer that he is.
I swear they're all yabbering to one another on their perch.

So that's them. I still can't believe their cuteness. And I just have to say they are the first thing I've ordered online that are actually worth it. Just go check out the shop at Good be a Girl, it changes from time to time so check back and there will be something new. If you want to check out her site otherwise, well follow the link on the sidebar.
See ya at stitches this weekend, that is if you're in the Bay Area.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I know I promised, but...

I've been lazy. I took picts last night of the thingies, and they actually came out rather darling. It was only when I tried up loading the picts that the layout wasn't what I wanted, so I gave up. Did ya hear that I gave up. Wahhhh, and oh well.
Most likely won't post them tonight, since it's Purl and Hurl evenin downtown. Sooooooo you should expect to see them tomorrow morning, since I don't work until the afternoon.
Cheers til then.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's not Monday!

Yeah for random holidays!
So for me all day has been one for ! points. First the boy got his desired interview for a wonderful software company, that's in the same town as I work! I so hope he gets that job, assuming it pays well enough for us to even consider buying a house. And then well, secondly I didn't have to work yesterday. Granted there's twice as much, but heh not sooo horrid.
What I did on my day off:
by Bonnie Boheme
What a lazy, lazy day today~zzz
To be able to sleep in on a lazy lazy day
To wake the boy at 2,
and fish around for something to do.
I must say what a day.
We went to play in a yarn shop around the bay
there were yellow ones,
and blue ones,
and I dare say some multicolored ones,
whoa hey!
And then off to Cameron's on another side of the bay.

okay, OK I give, uncle.
What's the world's worst poetry, by some woman in England, oh if the boys knew I was struggling over this, they would totally snigger. I must find that quote from the delectable Hitchhiker's Guide. (the book of course~but only rivaled by the delightful knitted sequence, and yarny guts all over the place~but I tangent, I tangent).
I will have photos of the prettiest skeins of yarn ever. I went back to Purlescense yesterday to return a mistaken ball of tapestry, and had to grab these gorgeous hanks from Terra, something or other, will find out and repost later. The colors in these things seem to actually resonate, in that there are depths to the color in these hanks. Too bad it's gonna be dark when I make it home, but I'll still try my best to get the picts.
So also yesterday, and yes I did drag the boy w/ my to the new LYS, we ventured on further. We aimed for Half Moon Bay, and made it there before the yarn shop down there closed. Sorry ladies, I didn't catch the name there, but talk about walls coated in balls (hehehehe). It was very lovely, and the owner was kind enough to tell us that The Two Fools Restaurant closed down! Well poo. So instead we headed over to Half Moon Bay brewing, just an hours wait! No thanks. Sooo then we went off to Cameron's. Fantastic English pub, food was rather decent, and well I didn't even have to gawk at any horrible service. In my book that's fantastic, since I can be rather brutal. Yeah that's what nearly 5 years of cock tailing, in a wanna be high end steak and fish place, will do to one's ability to go out and have fun. Did I mention the 2, yes 2 double decker buses out there. It was just a really cute, family pub.
Later (once I'm off work) I'll tell you what came in the mail today from Good to be Girl. Go take a peek around and maybe you'll see what she is sooo fabulous at making. Go on now, go look!
Back to work I must...yarrrnn!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

I'm sitting here and I keep looking down at the ground where there's this little bag, procured from Purlescense. Nice bag first off, but it's the wooden dowel sticking out that I'm really eyeing. The one with the cute little sheepy-heads on the spindle. It's been sitting there for almost a month. What a bad knitter I am. See I really don't have any mad skills w/ the spindle, in fact I have yet to even use this one. The one from the boys' mum, well that's been sitting around for way too long also. Here see what I mean.
Look at that gorgeous roving, calling out to be gently washed like the label asks. It really is lovely. Perhaps I should go give it a bath, then give it a good whirl tonight. But who am I kidding I have no real idea what I'm doing with that thing. I might as well run around with it sticking out of my nose, at least it will have been put to good use then. Well happy Sunday, it's supposed to rain today, sometime. Hopefully we can drain the old gas in my bike tonight, so we can go for a ride tomorrow. Yeah I love holidays when the boss lady decides we don't need to be in the office. She's sooo cool. I think I'm required to say that though, seeing as how as she's my mum.
Cheers I'm off to watch bad all the bad movies on the Scifi channel!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fetching aren't they Darlinks!

zut! why oh why, and now it's okay.
Hmmm, well these are fetching by knitty. I do admit they took about 5 hours, and as a prezzie, that's quick and easy. Rather cute, but I feel they are almost too short, for my hands. The recipient seemed to rather adore them, as in she never took them off that night. So this is them, I suppose I would knit these again, but dunno. They were constructed of Lorna's Lace's, lion and lamb, (silk! and wool!)in camouflage.
Yeah! for me, I nearly finished this skein from my old yarn shop (where I briefly worked!). Gee did I not say my LYS, no I didn't.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's to All

Hello all out there where ever you are.

Happy loverly day. At least it's beautiful out here, blue skies and plenty of warmth.

The flirty little motor-duo is just the cutest card, totally reminds me of the boy and me...well kinda. Perhaps put a big ol scruffy beard on the boy and then it's a spitting image, heheheheh. I certainly have to give props to the Knitting Iris and all her papas old school cards. Go take a look and you'll see what I mean.

I'll update the fetching mitts later. They were begun Sun. and finished Monday, for one of the Bitches B-day. They're rather comfy.


oh PS, so last night one of the regulars downtown mentioned that St. Valentine was actually crucified on the cross, and had his genitals shoved into his mouth. Now I have yet to research this tidbit of lore, but I do find it rather fascinating the juxtaposition this places before the holiday he is associated with.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Hophead Hat

So this hat took about a week or so, after I quit trying to M1 and just did a bunch of YO's. This is the Flore hat from Knitwhits. I used some hemp that was lying around on size 3 DPN's and added a bit of either Rowan Kidsilk haze or the Colinette Parisienne. I had to actually only do 3 tiers or this would have been a huge hat.

Here it is pre-felted version of the Flore hat that later became a handbag. My best advise on knitting would to be : Do a gauge swatch! No matter how lame you think it is. DO A GAUGE SWATCH!

So back to the Hop Head Hat, this was created for the Bistro's (our local beer pub) Double IPA festival. This was most probably the highest attended festival so far. See the Bistro's been around for over ten years, and they have some of the best beers imported from all over the US, mostly the west coast. And their festivals can draw quite a few hundred patrons into the tiny East Bay pub, it's a mad house. And don't even think about peeing anytime soon, those lines are always filled w/ men... whom I give a stern lecturing on the ample benefits of being a man in a beer festival, and rarely, but sometimes some man or other will leave the line to be attended by the women as it should be, and go use a public tree.
Yes, sorry about the TMI, but it's true.
And yes it was fantastic being able to try beer after double hoppiness beer, and thankfully being friends w/ many a beer poorer, well you may get the gist of the situation my poor head was in that night.
So there it is in the out and out. I am admitting to being a Purl and Hurl'er. A drunken knitter. An offbeat knitstress with needles that fly through the drunken air. Don't get me wrong, I drink beer, and mostly only beer. Once in awhile I will imbibe in the tequila or occasional scotch, but it's always hoppy uber sweet and loverly hoppy beer for me. From this love for beer and drinking in public, I began a group of other women like myself, and now every Thursday evening @ 7ish, for the last year steady, I meet up w/ the Bonnie Beer Bitches in good ol' downtown at the Bst Bistro.
Well although I know I ramble and write many a run on sentence, it feels good to air my dirty laundry. Gosh I may just like this bloggy-thing.
Cheers and Happy Knitting all.
PS remind me to tell you about the Boy's crazy idea for our containers?! wtf. Thank goodness he's got a cute butt.

hear-ye hear-ye!

Welcome to the Gypsy Junk Knits, just the place to find Hairy Fishnets and Pear Pimples. Well perhaps on the right day.
Admittedly this is my first blog, so we'll see how it goes from delurking to post-arama.
To begin, I am a knitter. A devout knitter.
And a bit of an artist. Photography generally, but i still do the other strangey bits from time to time. I suppose this is where I would generally post a photo, but we'll get to that later. Perhaps even a gallery of images when I get around to it.
For now that is it. It's rather late and well the Double IPA fest this afternoon has kicked my butt. I will post a pict of the Hop Head hat in due time. Huh, hemp and mohair...