Friday, June 29, 2007


Well then, I was productive this morning.
Not only did I hang my little clay birdhouse, but I also took pictures of the cutest little yellow finches out my living room window. First the blue jay appeared, but was shortly followed by the finches and let's just say it's a good thing I don't clean that window often, because it was eating the bugs out of the spider webs.
I would say it was a lovely morning.
It took 3 laundry loads to get it done. The cloche hat is felted and lookin' cute, a little funny smelling though. It's currently drying on the wighead. I can't wait to take picts and post (well when I can at least.)
Tomorrow my BFF and mum and I are going over to the Dry Garden in Oaklandish to pick up succulents for my mum's garden. With the impending drought, it's nice to start planning ahead. The Dry Garden is a local and odd place. You can find all sorts of strange succulents and desert plants there. It's practically in Bezerkeley, right on the edge of the city, and it's closest neighbor is a backyard accessories store. Where 3 ton statues of Buddha's head sit out front, and just a matter of neat things. I'm looking out for a birdbath, or even some nice wind chimes, as is my BFF Mar-mar (aka Mary).
Yeah! I love plants and nesting!
Cheers and have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Well then...

Much better, and I promise, no more little nonsensical rants here for at least another few months.
Now that's over, shall we move on then.
Last night we finished laying the flagstone around 9 and it was 9:30 when we got home, so unfortunately there was no felting, and well since tonight is the Beer Bitch Meetup, there probably won't be any felting going on then either. But tomorrow morning, well that's a shu' in.
I am really curious as to what it's going to turn out like, I'm aiming for something just like the picture, but alas you probably don't even know what that is since I've never shown it either, bad bad photoless blog.
Good news on the computer front though, the Linux *other* machine is nearly fixed. I'm not sure what it's used for, but I believe it may become a new router? Wow I really do leave this all up to the husbeasty. I am putty in his hands, feel me. Smoosh me onto a comic of Mother Goose and Grimm, do it, do it.
Thankfully it's Thursday. Even though it's turning out to be a rather busy weekend, I can't wait.
So it turns out that possibly one of the main reason's I was in such a poo poo mood yesterday is because I've been experiencing massive tooth pain from cavities. Mind you I've gone 30 years without a permanent cavity. And now that I'm 30, there are 2 cavities, I believe they are relatively in the same area, but one's on top and the other is on the bottom. I admit I'm a big baby when it comes to my teeth, I liked having good teeth. Now they're not good teeth. They're very misbehaving little buggers. So I'm getting through this. I may need to have them taken care of, but I'll ride it out just to make sure it's really the cavities bothering me and not just some fly by night mystery mouth pain. Those happen, you know they do.
Amazing how moods go from one day to the next. Perhaps it was the physical labor. It makes all the impurities just sweat right on out.
I suppose tonight I need to find a new something to knit up. In all honesty I should try to finish the rambeling rose by Rowan sweater. It's just that I've never seamed anything big, and I don't want it to look like crap but I'm making excuses and I shouold just do it. So I guess I will...
Cheers and here's to the Sunnyside.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Keep on, Keepin' On

Well it's summer, it's windy, and it's not really all that warm.
Currently I'm trying to get a proper registration for the invites, but am getting rather tired of the whole affair. I also want them to look all cool and retro and rad, but am finding the creation process without my photoshop a little more disappointing. I want my computer back, and I want it the way it was. This is truly driving me batty. But I'm whining, which is rather unbecoming of a lady.
Last night while waiting for the husbeat to pick me up from work (yeah we carpool) and I actually finished knitting on the hat, and later that night I knit the 2 flowers that will go on the brim. Tonight, after laying more of the stone patio at my mums I'll work on felting the cloche hat, and let it dry. That should only really take 5 days, right.....
Also tonight I need to work on the flea problem. I'll start with the diatinascious (sp?) earth. And a little lemon water for the poor flea bag of a husbeast. For some reason, he is one of those people that will be bitten by ANY bug that is around. He must have really good blood!
Oh, and this weekend, I'm going to head over to Marin to look at some gals destashing alpaca. For $3 off of craigslist, I don't know if I can resist. It's from Peruvian Wonders, perhaps not top of the line, but I'll investigate that when I get there. And she has newer books to. It's a bit of a drive, but will fall into my Sunday morning errands, and I get to knit in public in Marin. Cool, something new.

pre warning-I'm about to get all boring and ranty and uber nostalgic snarky here.
Stay continued for a general better mood in the days to follow

deleted for my own sense of self satisfaction

Monday, June 25, 2007

A hat and some cake too

Actual knitting to report, it' s a hat. It's to be a felted hat, it's from Felt It! In particular, a rather fetching cloche hat with a really cute brim.I suppose I'll see if it felts and fits. The green is mystery wool, perchance from the riche~sheeshei LYS, not exactly in my area. And the grey is Cascade 220. Unfortunately I don't have any ball bands from the green mystery wool, but it's sooo yummy and lovely I couldn't pass up making a hat from it's 2 balls. (hehehe) It must have some sort of alpaca or angora in it because there are a few wild hairs that stick out from time to time, and well as I said it's just a delight to touch.

Hmmm blogger's auto double lining the posts again...


Yesterday was kind of fun around here. We began the day by helping my mum to create a flagstone patio for the reception and when I say we, I mean myself but more so the roommate!, created this awesome gorgeous stone patio. The rock is Three Rivers tumbled stone and there are little bits of green and red and black, and I'm showing my uber goober side when it comes to stones, ahghgk. I kill me.

The only reason I wasn't able to help as much as I would like is that my mum and I had a cake tasting date. And boy was that ever rad. The bakery is in Oaklandish, and just fabulous, not over the top riche~sheshei, but just right, as we walked in off the street in our dirty ass work clothes. I'm so delighted, I got the cake I was hankering over. It's a square two tier cake with butter cream frosting, yeah not much into the hard frosting crap. And there's three dimensional cherry blossom on the tiers. I'm so stoked, the flavors, yes each layer is different, are for the bottom, chocolate with a chocolate mouse with whole raspberries rolled in (that's for the husbeasty). The top layer of the cake is a cream cheese pound cake with lemon, and when I say lemon, it's totally all Lemon, and that's with strawberries, and more of my tastes. As to the colors of the cake, well I really want periwinkle blossoms, I love periwinkle. And for the base it should be a greenish or blueish color, with the brown from the cherry blossom branches. I'm rather leaning towards a nice lime green, with a darker green piping around the bases of the cake.

I'm so tickled over the fact that I don't have to make the cake, you don't even know. Woohoooooo. A big huge thanks go to my mum, for the cake. I was totally going to make one when she piped in that she wanted a traditional cake. That's probably better then the Persimmon Pudding with hard sauce that would have been our cake otherwise. Have I ever mentioned that we're not exactly normal people. This is where I may need to point that out. Perhaps I'm normal, but well the husbeasty he's a little different in certain aspects, like food. But I will totally save your ears for another day.

I guess that's it for now...

cheers and happy knitting then

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In lieu of work, I give you

absolutely nothing!
It comes in this completely non-existent box with this gorgeous non existent bow. Look how lovely that is lads and ladettes.
No really I still have no computer capable of picts, and well little knitting, except that rotten mittlett. I should go into business selling those fuckers. *Damn did you see that she just swore ~damn*
Not even a gocco print to share, how rotten is that.
I am getting rather closer to just the right font and size for the reception invites though. And this weekend my mum and I go to pick out the cake. Note to self get the likes and dislikes of the husbeast. And on another note, my best friend is trying to throw my an after bachelorette party. Cute, but not really sure what I want to go and do. The opportunities are endless, I mean we could go for a yarning tour of the city, or get trashed in the city and have to take BART, and try to hold my pee all the way back, or we could just have a silly fest over at the house and watch oodles of really bad movies. Ah I don't know. Perhaps a nice dinner out somewhere would be a novel notion...I'm stumped, thank goodness I don't really have to plan this thing, right.
You know what! I just got the new Felt It book by Maggie Pace, it was reviewed on Whipup! and I just couldn't not get it. After all it was $3.79! Wow. It's cute, like way cute, with way cute patterns. As it just came today, I don't know if the patterns are all cool and well written, but we'll see. Well I would point to it, but that would put the link under my amazon account , and well that's just not smart. But know it's coo'. I also received the Simple Sewing book by Lotta Jansdotter. Another great find. All I need now is a sewing machine, and I'm golden.
That's all I have. I'm a little hyper and well totally avoiding work, but I must apply myself, I must.
Cheers and Happy knitting

Thursday, June 14, 2007


blogger hates me, still.
Oh poo!

again with the posting, eghhhh

I supppose I see why all the talk about blogger. it just seems to eat my posts unless I post again. Or am I merely impatient?

Words, Words, Pictures, Words

Since my computer is on the fritz from the evil hacker, (the husbeast is diligently working on this ~thanks baella) I assume anyone out there must be getting bored of just words, words, words. So here I do present in lieu of words, PICTURES!
These are of a weaver woman in the Galapagos Islands, (I do believe). Taken by my co-workers daughter about a year ago. Here you have silk worms growing on what looks to be a paddle from a cactus.

Ahh some good ol' back strap weaving. I believe the back strap itself is hand woven.
Also check out the back wall, are those llamas? How cute are they.
Well tonight's the Beer Bitch Meetup, I get to show off the results from the Faire hat, and figure out what's on the real needles next, you know no more mittletts...even though there is one on the dpn's as we speak. It's actually whispering to me from my handbag here on the floor, oh yoo hoo~oh you who~come knit my instead of blogging or working...yes I'm a bad employee.
Lately I've been hankering to start making a new handbag, perhaps solely for knitting goods, as if the 1960's makeup case isn't enough. I have some lovely handles that are burning a hole in my stash, with little strawberries of color. But they're square, so there's no over the shoulder business in that bit. On the same note, I have 2 silver coin purse closures, a bejeweled larger clasp closure, clear handles with a slight scallop, and a sporran/antique clasp closure. Now why haven't I been making and felting more handbags? I think maybe because I don't want to waste the yarn, or I'm lazy. There really isn't any good excuse.
Perhaps I should make a resolution now. I will make a felted handbag, and I will use the cute handles in my stash, as a reward to myself for finally following through with this plan I will purchase a needle felting tool. That way I can embellish the handbag in swirls and flowers or little lady birds. Yes that's it by Jove. Now to only stick to my guns.
Cheers and go wish the Yarn Harlot a happy birfday, cause she works her little buns off for the recognition that we knitters deserve.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

First of the Years Faire

Well I suppose it would suffice to say that Valhalla Faire was fairly ok.
Yes, just a meager ok. The weather was lovely, and the company was well kept, even though the husbeast was granted stay at home (not his cuppa). I believe I was let down by the inadequacy of some of the vendors. My belief is that any Renaissance Pleaseaure Faire should be solely craftsmen and artisans, not hawkers with Chinese goods still in plastic bags. Major disappointment in that respects. I may go back next year but I don't believe I would be soo enthusiastic.
I did get a few goodies, but alas without a home computer, the descriptions do little justice.
But do know that one day I may photo my cute new little clay bird house, and the matching mug, not the incense nor the hand made soap, but I may show off my cute little hat that I finally finished, Sat. morning just in time to wear it all day at Faire. It's actually cute, and has had more than one life.
On the way back I stopped in Placerville at Empress, which I liken to a gypsy store, and the husbeast refers to as a Buddhist store, so you get the picture. I picked up a lovely throw. One of those Indian block prints that are just huge. We currently have 2 celtic ones on the walls in 2 different rooms (fabulous when the walls are lathe and plaster-uck!). This new one though I hope will adorn the buffet table at our upcoming Wedding Reception. It's kind of a gingham print also, just kind of strange.
While walking around Faire I began a new mittlett, this one still being done in the Noro Silk Garden, but it starts out in a brilliant green. Yum. I don't know if anyone else saw the new Knitty, but that tank top sweater thing in the Silk Garden looks rather rad. Note to self, Noro tends to grow when not knitted at an appropriate tension. And grow it will do my pretties.
Oh yeah, I did participate in the World Wide Knit in Public day, hope others did in their own way also.
cheers and happy week.

Friday, June 8, 2007

is this thing on man!

hey man, where are my posts, man...

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I had thought I may get off easy

What with this eloping thing that the husbeast and I participated in, but as it so happens, I am getting a bit knee deep in the party planning thing. Food, cake, decorating, fixing up my mums house ~or advising her at least ;) , fixing up my new abode ~and it's garden (heaven!), invites, and save the dates and more invites, and kegs of beer procuring. The list does go on and on, as I'm sure you could fathom. All in all I can genuinely same I'm glad there's someone else here to help me do all this.
If I sound as though I'm complaining, please do not take it to be. It's more of a mental list that runs through my head on a daily basis. I suppose the more I write it out the more important and real it actually becomes. Today I've spent a decent amount of the time registering for crap. Things that will fill the domicile and maybe even make me pull my hair out due to their abundance. But upgrading is not such a bad thing.
Speaking of upgrading, here's a great story:
2 nights ago the husbeast and I brought my old mattress over to the house, now we don't need it ourselves, but a few years ago, yes years, the husbeast was looking for the cat and discovered the roommates bed to be a lumpy old rock. Seriously deceiving piece of fabric and bedding. So fast forward to present day and the mattress now in place of the old futon piece of dookie...
It's around 11:30 pm and the roomy gets up, goes to the lu and doesn't come out. Literally it's 20 minutes later and we're wondering if wonder boy is dead or what. I send the husbeast to investigate and he opens the door to said roomy laying (nearly nude) on the grodie bathroom floor, on his side with his hands together under his cheek. Ahh how cute, he preferred the nasty-ass bathroom floor to a proper mattress. eeeheh.!
It was just a rather random thing though. Come to find out it was a mixture of little to no dinner, too many pints from the house keg (Lagunitas Maximus), and a sensation of vertigo. This being from the mattress resting 2.5 feet in the air as opposed to his general 1 foot off the floor. This perhaps has now been rectified as the offending futon now rests in the living room.
On knitting news the 16th or 17th pair of mittletts with rather long cuffs are nearly finished! Woohoo. They will go back to their respective owner tonight, at the Beer Bitch Meetup.
This weekend is the Tahoe Valhalla Renaissance Faire, can't wait I'm getting giddy...
I'm traveling up there, possibly by myself or with one of the guys' girlfriends in tow. And carting all the gear, which tends to be the duty of the person with a truck (namely me). My costume is all accounted for, and pictures will be taken just as proof of true gypsy Faire garb. And perhaps of a newly knit/reworked hat.
Oh for my own pleaseure, a list of my costume, as a means of entertaining and perhaps a tad bit of bragging~hey this is a costume that has taken 16 years to piece together.
Lets start at the feet and work up shall we then:
shoes~duh, but the new Keen mary janes will be perfect.
Green Stockings-knee high
Maroon Skirt
Multi-colored and Indian block print wrap as Under Skirt
Green Gauze over *skirt* with braided belt
on said belt, 2 wolves tails. Both blonde and black in color (sorry I believe in fur caught wild)
2nd Belt, leather.
on said belt, deer spine (hanging from scarf -found objects), fox head pouch, clay mug and holder, flask with scotch
Shirt-old indigo colored triangle gauze with flowered embroidery
Bodice-half bodice in traveller style, adorned with a Fischer tail and a Mink's tail, found snake skin agate, Scottish Heather Broach, and a rabbit fur rose.
On the shoulders, depending on the weather is either the Nigerian scarf, or the Scottish wrap.
On the head, depending on weather again, another Nigerian scarf, or the new hat.
Other stuff, my Chinese sun umbrella, and my lotus flower felt handbag.
I believe that may be all.
EEEEEHhhh Faire.
I wait all year to Faire, and now I get to go to the one in Tahoe and Casa De Fruita, choice!
On a secondary note, I will not apologize for loving fur, and neither will I explain myself. It's my choice, but that's the beauty of where we live, CHOICE. I have an option and an opinion and I'm willing to use them.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

On being Impaled

An ode to the stick,
to the needle that did prick,
the pinky of my toe,
oh so nearly thru the webbing it did go.
Perhaps that makes me a
Ninny Needler,
or a Needled Ninny,
I am not so sure.
It is fine, if you are dying to know,
but there is now a hole underneath my pinky toe.
A size seven DPN!~just so you know.
Darn that stupid bed, that needed to be made that night,
and darn that stupid needle that gave me such a fright.
A needle, I thought, may not be such a welcome sight
night after night.
Oh what a fright
oh what a night,
but not even a tingle of pain,
did make me wain.
For there was none making me fain.

Friday, June 1, 2007

My internets is down, man.

Not only is it down at the house, but my little G4 Mac has an STD virus. Stupid wireless. Stupid Hacker. Stupid phone # left on my hard drive that even confused the techy Husbeast.
So until that one is up and running properly (hopefully w/ all my software!) the picts will have to hold off.
Uh, I went into Bezerkeley this morning, in an ill fated attempts to find the perfect 8 gauge earrings. Instead I came away with some delightful children's books, which I absolutely adore. One is Sleeping Beauty, and then a Cinderella both with fantastic silhouette's as pictures. Why yes Gocco prints are what I initially thought. Then also a copy of Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. And for the husbeast 2 Boy Scout adventure books.
I don't believe I ever mentioned how we met. If you're interested, we originally met when we were 17. It was at the Boy Scout Winter Awareness Weekend that was held at my high school, and at which my Girl Scout troop 1222, was teaching at. I was in charge of the clothing section and as a demonstration on how to keep warm we had a volunteer put on my green panty hose. Well that volunteer was my future husband.
I briefly remember standing in the courtyard with my other Girl Scouts and talking to the Boy Scouts, and there he was standing on the other side of the circle from me. All skinny and uber dorky and gangely, with a super huge nose. But he was rather cute and shy.
He says he remembers my ass best. Thanks doll. I still contest he has my 18 year old ass. (it's sooo cute, it is)
Well needless to say even though I tried to see him again, I didn't. That's until almost 5 years ago. We were both sitting down town and I was doing a cryptogram when I was totally stumped and I asked the guy next to me if he thought the answer looked right. (it wasn't in case you were wondering)
And then a few days later one of the local bums was saying some realllllly rude things to me and about my gender and this same guy stood up and defended my honor. I went home that night and told my mom I met the nicest guy, and told her the story.
We started dating shortly a mutual friend's birthday. That was about December 18th. 10 days after we met we took a road trip up north to see particular family members. That was a time.
ahhhhhh. Gush....
To think that we originally met when we were 17, and didn't meet again for another 7 or so years. I think it' s rather cute, and endearing.