Thursday, March 29, 2007

In where I gloat and gleam

Please on my behalf enjoy your day, make good fun of it, and mock those around you whom choose to be "normal". Yeah we all know we're the normals ones, and they're all just bleamin' mad! mahmammhmhmhmmmmhhhhhhh
Hello all you boys and girls.
I'd like to take you to the inside world.
Its quite an irregular place to be.
But never fear you're safe with me.
Well, maybe
(Frizzle Fry, Primus)
reminds me of the Anti-Pop CD release, way-o-back in what, '99? Gosh has it really been that long since I ditched school at SFSU, and walked from BART to the Warehouse on Columbus and something.. What a rad day. Primus playing for free, Les lookin' like freakin' Castro. That was a wild day.
Rather a meek remembrance compared to today! Hah it's my BIRFDAY!!!!
Ok, I'm not freakin' out but I am rather stoked. I'm 30. I seriously have never felt my age, perhaps that's why I'm still so perky after all these years. Or the morphine..j/k none of that crap-o-la here.
So on knitting news, I got my email from Knit Happens today. Yep that's right. 8 lbs. 6 oz. is soon to be mine. Ah the yarny-ness of it all. The Noro, the Rowan, oh goodness! Oh yeah the Lorna's Laces too, can't forget that impulsive one there. EEEhhhh.
About last night, LOVED it. Seriously what good fun. Although my right shoulder would have me believe differently. I really got a kick out of the class, and oodles of free roving to try my hand at. Goal for this week is to try all those freebie's and see if I can spin them up. I must admit, I make a great art yarn. Hmm not quite the goal of the class, but for an hour and a half of spindley goodness, not too shabby, huh? My friend though, ooh she is so skilled, I must remember she has tried her hand at this thing, even if it was just a little. But her example was rather even. No I'm not jealous, I merely have something to strive towards.
Tonight is another Beer Bitch Meetup, downtown, and I'm bringing Raspberry Pink Lemonade cupcakes. They're rather yummy, if only a little too sweet. And I'm bringing down some of the best scone's I've yet to make w/ Mary's and mine first batch of Lemon Curd, from our own lemons to boot. Black currant w/ lemon zest from my delightful Cheeseboard Collective book. It's a local shop, all Berkeley-a-fied, and well established and just fabulous, and co-owned. I love google. I love my KitchenAid Mixer (I love my mummy!).
Cheers all and have a loverly day, and beautious weekend.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Where I Protest like a Princess

I want my yarn. I want it now. You may say jealous much, and I may say, YES!
I just read someone else got their yarn, from Knit Happens. I have yet to even received an email that it's on the way, unless it's been sent to my other email address...
Whateva. I just feel bad for my nice mailman, all that yarn. Poor fella'.
So I am super excited. Tonight is the drop spindle class over at Purlescence. Eeehhh! Yes, another birthday gift to myself. But I feel that continued education is a wonderful gift to one's self, no? Hence all 3 of the Vogue Stitionary books, and the Holiday Knits book. The yarn is merely for the practice.
Since leaving Art School, I feel this pull in me to keep the art alive, even if it is through a new medium for me. See I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. But as fate would have it, I don't have the heart for commercial photo work, so my abstractions are sitting on the side lines. My connections are getting stale and who knows if I'll ever be able to hang anything in a gallery again. This may be where the newer medium of fiber steps in. And where this medium can actually be more of a lucrative commodity than photography ever could be for me. In all honesty I am looking towards the future. I'm reflecting on my relationships and my work ethics, and turning 30! and wondering where I am to go from here. It's nice to nearly be an adult ;).
If I had a studio and unlimited funds, what would be prudent, photo or fiber. How about photo induced fiber. I've always had the desire to combine photography with other mediums, just the sheer stillness of a picture leaves me empty at times. (Or depending on the artist.) I think it has something to do with the readymade quality of most photographs today, what with the digital images and their in home readyness. Come on, every schmoe on the block can be a "photographer" now. I seem to be leaning towards the photographer as artist concept. (Yes my school was rather artist based, not commercial-which is hard to find in Eastbania.)
Some day I will show some of my works to anyone looking on here. Some of the slide collages printed on watercolor paper, or the cyanotypes. Oh how I love the cyanotypes, all that blue, it just drives me batty. Soon. But not yet. fiber and photo, photo and fiber............something will come to mind.
Cheers ladies and all others.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I love photographing tiny things

There's just this je ne se qua, about taking pictures of tiny things. I can totally see why and how there is such a movement in the photo world to make your own tiny scenes, albeit out of models or jello~yes jello. Go figure (ah I crack me up with the puns).
These new little stitch markers from Good to be Girl are once again, rather prosh. Don't get me wrong, I was a bit um... not sure, about them when I first saw them, but the novelty of bagels and lox just somehow reminded me of my best friend, Mary. So I was sold on the idea of the bagels and lox markers. Do you see the attention to detail on those things, that one that is in focus is definitely my favorite. It has this slight translucent quality to it's lox which looks like salmon. Seriously mini salmon patties. I'm just awed at the itty-bitty quality. One of the bagels even looks toasted on the bottom. I know I'm being overly infatuated, but it seems to be akin to my slightly obsessive nature when it comes to one of a kind items.
Moving on, I've been knitting on the Rowan sweater again, and wouldn't you know, I had to tear out about 26 rows at the arm decrease, again. See the thing is I first thought I read the pattern wrong and now I found out it was all correct, but I'm a ninny. So it's been ripped twice, and hopefully no more ripping, because if I don't finish this first sweater, I may scream. It's just soooooo close, but I keep futzing it all up. From here on out, I swear to be more attentive, I want to finish it, and see if it even fits for crying out loud. Then I can move onto the stitch diva simple knitted bodice. I have all the yarn, Daikeito, from when I was working at the yarn shop. Made from the lovely Daikeito wool, I believe this may be a perfect sweater for under my motorcycle jacket. Although that lace work may make it way colder than I'm needing, we'll see. I could always make their other sweater, Sahara, but that one looks a little too fitted for my unfittable middle range. If you know what I mean.
Well I must be off to clean up, and hopefully make it out to the olde yarn shop to get 2 balls of the rowan yarn to finish off the sleeves on the rowan sweater. Just in case, don'cha know.

Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm Soooooooo Bad

errata: turns out, seems as though it was alll the fault of The Yo Yo Knits.

No seriously. I am realllly, realllllllly baaaad.
I just couldn't help myself. And well the new credit card is getting it's wearwithall.
I can't believe how guilty, but still tickled pink I feel. I mean in the long run I'm saving money, but purchasingTHAT MUCH yarn all at once is a bit scary. I've never bought 60 balls/hanks of yarn all in one shot. But seriously I'm not to blame. I first saw this great discount at Furious Knits, then over at Punk Rock Knitters!.
I swear I was just going to look, then I saw they had Lorna's Laces, so I got some Bullfrogs and butterflies, in Black Watch. Then came Noro, and well I absolutely can not, just can't resist the silk garden, and I ended up getting 2 of a bunch of colors. But seriously, $5.27 for Noro! Oh my gosh! That's 7 pairs of mitts and slipps, and I may make a pair for myself. WooHoo!
So I've been hankering (pun intended) for a log cabin blanket for our bed, or for laying around under in the living room. And since we have a queen size mattress I figured I should get as many balls of Rowan Handknit Cotton as I could in order to make it. Hence the 43 balls of extra yarny bits. But I love the colors I picked: black, turkish plum, another shade of purple>Decadent, Rosso which is an orange red, tope, flame, and well another shade of purple Diana>indigo. All that DK weight cotton to be our log cabin blankey! I can't wait. I believe I'll take lead from Nona and do the cabin a little free formed styling, just my kinda goodness, and in squares just large enough to transport downtown with me. But goodness I could also make like 3 sweaters with that much cotton. Eesh. I wonder how long this is going to take me. Gosh maybe a year. We'll see. I believe they ship tomorrow, and how nice is it to have an order with free shipping. Yes free. That's rad, not to mention the 50% off that I saved on all my purchases.
So what I'm trying to say is, if you're looking for an excellent deal, Go, GO NOW. If not just keep sitting there. It's ok to let the world pass you by. Just make sure you wipe the drool from your chin when you see me jumping up and down w/ my cashe. That is if there's anyone out there, actually reading this thing, besides the Boy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Is Sprung!

I've been changing things about. Hope it's not too blaringly bright, but it's the first day of Spring, so I think I'm redeemed, in that light at least.
What a difference a day makes, yesterday it was raining and a bit chilly, and today it's really beautiful. Not as warm as the weekend had been, but nice nonetheless.
So last night, the Boy told me it was rude to surprise poor Charity down there in Hollywoodland, with a huge grouping of her favorite people. But I disagree on the basis that I really want to knock her socks off with wow! The alter point, his side of the story, was that she's such a busy person that she should certainly be notified to make sure she has the appropriate time off. Which I suppose is the only reason I would think of spilling the beans to her, but not until push comes to shove and she tries to claim that she doesn't have the time. Well I suppose I just answered my own dilemma through logic in writing, but I'm still right! Hah shows him (just kidding-there really is no power struggle.)

So on my never ending quest for the perfect pair of shoes, I went downtown the other evening after work, and fell in love with my *new* second pair of Keens. They're a once local shoe company, now based out of Oregon. I love my new shoes. I just adore them. First they're cute little Mary Jane's (yes they are my preferred shoe), they're leather (i suppose) all black, with a bit of white stitchery on the top, going over the top of my foot, little floral cut outs. And the comfort, oh my goodness, from the start I was in awe of the ease with which my foot walked in them. Even now i find a little bounce in my step, unlike my current love, my Dansko's. Aren't they all just cute and everything. Yes to me they are actually prosh.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Little Mitts and Slipps

I have actual, factual knitting picts to show. And, ... tada, I'm done w/ my class. Just need to study a little now. Must make such an effort! Perhaps I'll study at work. Might as well.

Speaking of work, my co-worker seemed to be tickled pink over her pressies, the mittletts and the slippers. I already mentioned the Sweet Mary Jane slipper. Well they were difficult to figure out, but the pattern turned out to be rather well written, unlike what I wrote earlier on them (I was frustrated). Definitely worth the $5ish I paid. Like I mentioned before, these were done in Noro~Silk Garden, which may I say I absolutely adore. It's soft and supple, a little thick and a little thin, but the color variegation's are what cease to delight my natural sensibilities. The looped Provisional cast on was a huge challenge, but after a quick tutorial and then just sitting w/ the pattern, it came, and it was kind of comfortable (the being able to breathe again~yes i do forget to breathe when I'm concentrating sometimes). Almost as challenging, was trying to remember to crochet. HA! That was scary, it's been over a year since I last really crocheted. I admit to liking it a bit, but that's because I find it makes a wonderful accent to the edging of most good ol' knitting. Don't get me wrong, I still prefer the look of knit to that of crochet.
Did I mention, Happy St. Patrick's Day, to me Irish friends and family, and even the Scottish beau and his~ownen. I got to wear my lovely little green mini topper-hat again. Love it...gonna marry it...gonna have little mini-baby-topper-hats. Ok, I'm done there.
Back to the knits-o-plenty. Also finished in the course was the 13th? pair of Del Mar Mits, but as I've adopted to calling them, Mittletts. The difference between day and night, the color. But alas, I was being lazy. In my most humble defense it's been a rough two weeks, w/ a holiday thrown in. Eesh. That's what I'll leave it open to.

I believe I may have mentioned this before, but I'm saying it again. I'm totally stoked, I signed up for one of the last spots in the beginning Drop Spindle class over at Purlescense. And...I'm not going alone, one of the other Bitches is going w/ me. Seems she got the very last spot, woohoo. You should see her little boy, he just turned one, and soo cute.

So that's on the 28th. My birthday, yes the big 3-0, is on the 29th which is a Bonnie Beer Bitch knitting night~maybe I'll bring a cake, or cupcakes. Hmmm what does one make for their own b-day. ..... oh I could use my new KitchenAid mixer from x-mas! Perhaps it is time for another Red Velvet, I could make a bomb. But when will I be able to find the time. eh gads. the. pressure. Just kidding. I'm getting all giddy over my b-day again.

Oh and still on my birthday note, it seems as though there very well may be about 9 of us trekking down to Carlsbad Pizza Port, and Stone brewing here. Oh my gosh, I was not expecting that many. The logistics are a bit boggling. I mean how do you make sure that all 9 of us are even in the same motel 8, and that we all have a ride. But I am awed mostly at the willingness of my friends to all travel from our Oaklandish area down past LA. That's a good 8 hours driving time. Seriously how sweet is that. Don't get me wrong, one of the guys going also has a birthday on the 29th, but he's already had his 40th, and I believe this is his 41st. A really rad musician, and crane mechanic? Yeah that's a crazy scary job. Oh i can't wait to see how Stone Brewing has remodeled (or rather constructed) their lovely diner. When the boy and I were last there, it was still under construction. Oh, and another thing, I can't wait to surprise one of the loveliest little fairies I've ever know. Charity. Yes she looks like a little fairy. She's been down south for a good year and a half now, actress girl!, and it's jsut been awhile. Gosh wait til she sees us all down there. I've only told her it was the boy, me, and the roommate so far. I going to try and keep it a secret from her, that there's going to be a few more of us than she's expecting. You know why can't the words just do little excited happy dances on the page when I'm uber stoked about something? I believe that needs to be added as a new blogger feature. Anyone, anyone.

I'll see about getting picts of all the new books I've purchased here soon. Love used amazon books! And of course when they get here I'll show you the new stitch markers from Good to be Girl. Bagels and lox...{swoon and LOL}.

ta til then.

Friday, March 16, 2007


Well that's my way of say I can't get a decent pict of the mitletts. So that means you'll have to wait until the boy or someone gives me a hand to take a proper shot.
Still have class, Code and Ethics today, in an uncomfortable room, w/ way tooo many people and not enough air conditioning. Yes I did say air conditioning, it's in the 70's and 80's this weekend. And expected to rain on Monday. I love March. It's my favorite month fo' sure.
Tomorrow's St. Patrick's day. I have my last class until 5ish, then perhaps we're going out to the city to celebrate but in all honesty I bet we end up downtown. I know I would prefer that over trekking through the city all drunken like. At least I get to wear my mini topper again. I love that hat so much. I really enjoy being able to change the embellishments on it.
but I must go for now. Anon.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Obligatory Hat

isn't it just the cutest thing. I would so love to make a mini topper (like the other one), but in the form of a frog and then put a little needle felted snail on top, just liek that. I do have the glass eyes to make it happen. All I need is a frog's form to mold the gauze over. You know just thinking about it, I believe it's actually possible. I just need to learn how to needle felt. Not that I haven't seen it done, and could totally pick up the process...

Oh, this would be sooo perfect for next Dicken's Faire. A little victorian, a little whimsy!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Still in Class

That's right, still doing the late night class thing, but it's almost over!
In the mean time I have been knitting, but sadly still no picts. So far I'm done w/ one slipper and one matching mitlett, over halfway done w/ the other mitlett, and just need to finish off the strap to the other slipper. And let me just say, they are soooo darling. The cutest slippers (well really cute when you have tiny feet like I do) and the mitts to match! Oh you'll see.
I just can't wait until I get to make my own pair of Mary Jane's.
I just signed up for a class to learn to use my little drop spindle. Yeah for birthday pressies to myself. They truly are the best. I figure it beats dropping the $500 for a foldable spinning wheel I've been eyeing for the last 6 or more months. Especially when the Boys mum keeps offering her old one from the 60's to me. I don't know.
In other news, the boy, after doing copious amounts of homework, he went and bought his first car! It's absolutely adorable (I suppose I shouldn't say adorable, it's macho and manly, and a roadster). He got a 07 Mazda Miata MX5, the sport version. So you see how terribly strange this is for me. For the past four years we've been together, he's always ridden a Triumph motorcycle. In fact, his first license was for a motorcycle only, which is rather rare. And now he drives. Ahhh he's getting oooo-llll-ddddddd. In fact I believe I spotted his balls laying around on the couch this morning while he was still in bed. Ok maybe not but it's a long standing joke among us since we're both passing the point of oldness.
So I believe I was about to tell you that we're heading down to Pizza Port in Carlsbad, and the new Stone Brewing! Yeah for roadtrips in hot little cars! Did I mention I turn 30 on the 29th.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Anything but working

It's so dead here in the office, and it's Friday, and it's kinda muggy here on the Island, and. I . Just. Don't. Want. To. Work.
There I said it, it's out in the open.
I do have class tonight though, until 10, eesh! But this is almost the end of week 1 and with just one more to go. Then I take my test, get licensed, and then I get to be a productive specimen in the office. That is, instead of the first to reach for the phones, and direct the calls appropriately, girl that I am currently. Hmmm, did someone say responsibility. Yeah I suppose that's what one has to do when one is trying to buy a house (w/ no real money). But you don't need that detail do you.

So I've put down the twisted cuff to Cookie's sock, and am anticipating ripping it to start over on size 0's to make it the right fit.
But lo' I've come out of the darkness and into the light of a wonderful new slipper! Yeah for slippers for co-workers b-day's! It's from My Best Friend's A Dork. Yes, they're the Sweet Mary Jane's, which are sooo cute in the Noro colorway I'm using. (Must take picts to show later) After struggling w/ the Provisional Cast On method using the loops, well 'it got bet'er'
and I'm already going into the instep. Not too bad since the pattern is a little mysterious and does need a bit deciphering. I've been knitting it between class breaks! Does get me a few strange looks from the other students, but F@*! 'em if they can't take a joke, right!...
PS did I even mention I love knitting in public. Yes just adore it.
So after class last night I went downtown to meet up w/ the other Bitches, for our purl and hurl evening,albeit a little late, and a rather fantastic rockabilly band was playing. The Pendletons. Well I would point to them, but Big Brother won't let me onto myspace from work. Poo poo..
Just know they were truly delightful.
Woohoo just half an hour to go.
Ta for now!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Just knitting babble

I feel as if I'm in a bit of a funk right now. I mean I have a pair of socks on the needles, and well the cuff seems rather stretchy, and since it's worked from the top down I don't want to go all this way, on size 1's, and then ripp ripp ripp-it. Also I don't get the measurements for the pattern. I have tiny feet, but by the standards of the pattern they're not even on the chart. I may just bring these issues up to one of the ladies over at Article Pract tonight when I go to get some more Noro for a pair of slippers for my co-workers b-day, here in a week.
Second thing I have going on is the Meathead pattern, aka my skunk hat. So I ripped it all out and started knitting it flat instead of in the round as I was doing. Since in the round I was just wasting yarn by stranding the colors together. Don't know what I was thinking. So now it's flat and I'm not sure if the skunk stripes are going to be resting on the back of the hat...
Thirdly there's the rosette sweater from Rowan. It's my first sweater and has been around since June or July, mind you it's now March. This sweater has been many a grief and many many a ripping. Which is just so uncool. I mean I've literally ripped about a foot total so far, it's rather discouraging. I am atleast up to the arm shaping on both sides of the front (button up) and the back is finished, but there's also that fear "do I have enough yarn" and the answer is actually probably "NO!" Jeesh, what' s a girl gonna do?
Dunno, maybe making the co-workers slippers (she lives in an old Victorian) that'll get me over the hump of the ho-hum crap-a-dap's going on in my knitting life.

Did I mention I am also going to school for the next week and a half here. I also met a girl in the class who's boss took I believe 1st place in the AHRMA vintage 500 Premier last year at Miller MotorWay, up in Utah. Mind you the boy and I were up there for the same vintage races. So the class is a bit redeeming in it's cool factor of students and teacher (he's British!)
Ah well at least it's off my chest now.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Trudging On and Actual Fiber Content

Sorry so quiet for so long, it's just been busy and before you know, it's the weekend. Honestly though the thought off typing this past week seems laborious after all the typing I've been doing at the real job. And a bit painful, but enough of my wristy woes I bet you want to see my fiber porn doncha now...
Without much further ado, fiber...This is the beginning of the Meathead hat from Stitch Marker.these balls are the Jojoland from Stitches. And yes I am begining one of Cookie's socks w/ the purple. And my first sock ever! I am sooo unsatisfied w/ bloggers layout, and this inability of mine to get the text next to the picts where I want it. But just know this is all for the picts now, enjoy...
Terra is one of the green and blues, this was from Purlescence a few weeks ago, check out the depth in the closeup shot, yawsa. And now last but not least, the angora skeins by Malabrigo in bright green and blue