Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Half way through the soup

Well here we are and it's already Wed., trash night. For us at least.
Our old roommate has run off with all the hippy kids into the desert to the Havasupai Indian Res. and let's just say his little dog (from my mum's puppies litter) is now fixed. Of course it was with his permission, but it had to be done. She's 2, not really able to be bred (too hyper active) and hopefully this will just calm her down a bit. She really is a little sweet love muffin though.
I'm currently trying to figure out the appropriate way to attach all my log cabin squares, and yes iphoto is still not working properly. Let's just say there's been stress, but not bad stress, just things that are getting done and a pile of things that still need getting done. But that's all a sidetrack. The squares are lovely and at least 2 of them are already attached. The trick is making them all match in their attached-ness.
On the hat front, well there is now a mini mini yellow polka dot gateau sitting on my coffee table waiting for it's accoutrement. There was also a second blue and brown mini mini made that is just adorable, and made as an optional hat if the husbeasts co-worker may prefer that piece. It's a little taller than the other mini mini top hats (3"), but just as adorable. She's a tall gal also so this she could also pull off. The bowler still waits for me to hand felt some pieces on for the actual hat part. But every time I think about doing it either there's no internet connection, or I talk myself into it being too much work so I sit down with something that is easier hand sewn together. Which is unfortunate because the form is just adorable. (SLACKER!)~that's me.
So there you have it, not much going on. This last Saturday though we were invited out to the husbeast bosses 3rd vacation home, out in the middle of nowhere, near Angels Camp (frog jumping capital of the world). The home itself was amazing. There are 2 dorms that sleep 32 people, a main house where the kitchen is, and then a pool, and hot tub, a pond, a creek and 250 acres of nothing but hills. The houses are formed of rammed earth that was quarried on site, self sustained with a well, and solar panels. Simple yet refined. Breath taking just looking out over the hills to the setting sun and the valley beyond. Most people stayed the night, but we had puppies that we were watching that we had to get back to. I could certainly go there for a knitting retreat any day.
Still sorry there are no picts. So sad with all the things I've been up to also. Well soon. Isn't that normally my story. Yes the BFA photo student is late with her picts again!
Cheers til then.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Still waiting.

This time it's not Leopard that's updating, it's the latest version of iPhoto. It's been updating since Monday. What's that old saying about the cobblers kids not having shoes...?
I've certainly been keeping myself delightfully busy lately. There's polka dots, and diamonds, and stripes, and another plaid, and a bowler all sitting waiting patiently as I get to hand sewing then into their particular forms. Nothing too exciting just a slew of mini mini toppers which hadn't been made since last August. They're fun and a little quicker, but they stay put much easier and being so small any accoutrement just perks them up real cute.
I finished Son of a Witch last night, a bit disappointed, but not too dreadfully since it was still a decent read. I like sequels. There I've said it. The cat's out of the bag.
Not much else too say, just some good juju being sent to the bff w/ a few extra woes today. Love ya!.

Cheers. Til then.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Why yes

I've been horribly absent lately, haven't I? For shame on me.
I have a ton of excuses though, which ones would you like?
Let's just settle on the second book, Son of a Witch, has been a jolly read and is nearly done with. Damn I just got it Friday too. Oh well, still plenty of fun in this cold cold weather. What like 50's?
Last night I did finally photograph all that I've been working on, but the beast of a husband has updated my computer w/ Leopard and well all my picts are currently being backed up in it's fabulous Time Machine backup system. It's real cool to look at all black-hole like with icons in tabs and just really nouveau. He's crossing his fingers that this will totally rock our Mac. Did I just say our, oh how terrible of me. It's mine but his fingers are so deep in it he might as well be ________ it. I'll leave that one up to the reader. So many great options.
So sadly to say you must wait for the lovely Noro Log Cabin picts, and the loverly mini mini top hats I just finished up. The one in plaid is just to die for and of course it is sporting some lovely red cap mushrooms.
I've been real busy making things, and will soon enough let in on the rest of the tidbits.
Til then I should keep my mouth buttoned shut though.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Like Monday, but not.

It's Tax day, and the husbeast and I have had ours done for quite some time, woo hoo! Not to boast or anything, they're only taxes. But this is one of the first times that both he and I have had them done before midnight. So yeah for planning ahead.
I was thinking of telling of a silly tale of way back when or of this other time at this club, but I don't think either of them are really that appropriate, so I shall leave you without either amusing anecdote for today, but perhaps some other time. Gee how many commas can one put in one little sentence anywho?
Again no little picts to my little post. But I do have it on good word that the last log cabin square, ze is nearly done. Hence no picts of that one. I believe I'm getting a little sad, nearing the end of the blankie. But alas there is still all that boring border. Maybe I'll spice it all up and make a seed stitch border. How I love the seed stitch. We shall see how it looks with the garter stitch of the log cabin.
The latest hat still vexes me. It's impossible to make square fabric shape small and round without altering it somehow. So felting it seems shall be my friend, but I have yet to. The roving I got from Spunky is devine, and I believe the BFL will work as a good little felcher, um felter, and the color is ok with the fabric. I just have to make the time to do it. Blagh.
Yes, as you can so justly tell I am full of blaghdom. Not that life isn't full of interesting things. I'm just not into it today. I believe it's because all I do is promise picts, yet never procure them. Maybe I'll use the husbeasts point and shoot.
On other news, hey My hair is getting real long, and subsiquently real big.
And I finished 2 books in 1 week, a rarity for me. The first was the second book to Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, > the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. A rather delightful book. When I went searching throughout the house for the third book in the trilogy (of which there are 4 books) I couldn't find it. So Wah. I stole Wicked from my bff, by Gregory Mcguire... one of those lovely books that turns the story on the childhood fables. It was a little steamy, and a little political, but a great read. I really enjoyed his last book, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, and am eager to find some of his other books at my local used book shop.
So yeah, it's Tuesday, almost time to go home, and well I'm stoked.
Have a great evening or such as you can.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

And Still with More Boring

Yes, that's right step up, step up, get your Boring right here ladies and ladettes. Let me fill you and spin your ears with the mostest of the dullest speaches on the little-being that is nothing. Muhuhuhuh aahah
Or I could just tell you that I'm on the 9999999th log cabin square. That's right the last square should be done this week. How's that for neat-o. Then I shall show picts, granted if the computer is finally available. (the ITbeast is running some sort of long scan or something~ I swear he just does this so he has nothing better to do at night than work on his Vanagon ~I'm onto him!)
Last I spoke of a delightful miniature mini topper hat, well I set to work with what I had on hand, and low and behold it's a whimsical delight. There are buttons, and feathers (of course), and a cute little dried seed pods form some silly tree over here where I work. I still really dig this hat, and it's ability to stay put. Not like any of the others that are bigger and heavier. Speaking of which I still haven't finished the Butcher to show and tell about either. Pauvre moi! I am so silly.
Speaking of silly 2 bobbins have been spun, I'm still not the fastest but not too shabby. Next to learn to ply! Woohoo.
The mystery purple starred flower was found out by my bff, and well I forgot what it is! Hah how's that for silly. Well anywho I shall show those little surprises as well. Especially now that all my freesia are dying and the Iris's are getting closer to blooming. My Love in a Mist marbles are growing as are the purple Thistle, and the sunflowers, bachelor buttons, Japanese Lanterns, Texas Blue Bonnets. Now if only I could finally finish up the back yard and get all those seeds planted. At least the majority of the rocks are moved. Which allowed me to notice that one of the canalillies is infested with little black aphid like bugs, and white spider bugses. I think a few lady bugs may be helpful in the yard.
Well it's freezing cold on the island today, like 50 or something! (Yeah we don't get much snow in these parts.)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shhh, don't tell.

I just purchased 4oz of grey top alpaca, 4oz of black, 4oz of brown/grey, 4oz BFL in a Dark brown, and some vibrantly blue painted corriedale roving from Spunky! I have yet to ever purchase her roving, but her sock yarns have always been rather prosh. And really who can pass up $1.35 for an oz of BFL? It's like crack I tell ya. These are my brothers pressie to me for my birthday. Thanks big brother! I love being told I can only spend birthday money on yarn and yarny things. Now onto ordering a new axel for the wheel. I do admit that the alpaca was purchased with the husbeast in mind. He loves that stuff. And he keeps asking me if I'll make him a hat. Where in I entirely blame his mum for all of her years of economizing the household with hand knit homespun. I really don't know how I could have ever lucked out so much.
The BBQ was fun, with lots of campfire time. I love sitting with my friends around a campfire, telling stories and updating what's going on in everyoneslives. The husbeasts horseradish crusted beef roast came out delightful, and I loved that I could make another red velvet cake (of course only allowed to be eaten outside.) I did get picts of the "design" but I'm waiting for the ok from the husbeast to down load them into the computer. (IT stuff)
So last time I mentioned that I was on the 6th square of the log cabin, that was a lie, I was really on the 7th. And currently I am half way through with the 8th. Which means one more, then I can show them to ya. And then piece them together. I'm real anxious, I think the FIL will really like it. It's bold and bright, and warm and hopefully it'll be nice and big. YEAH!
The latest mini mini topper is pretty much done, but I'm still waiting to get over to Britex to choose the right trim. The one on there now is a lovely pink and grey silk but it's a bit flimsy.
Honestly though, inspiration is a bit dry right now. Although I have been struggling with making a bowler frame, it just requires a little more attention. Soon though soon.
I think that's it for now. Hopefully next time there will be picts.