Friday, April 27, 2007

wherein I blame the Boy

Yes, I am not accepting blame on this one. I can not currently get my picts to download from the printer to the computer, I know strange way to go about it, but it's true. The Hacker Boy has played and fiddled with something, if not the roommates puppy, hmmm. Oh also there was no internet connection so dunno what's going on. So we'll see when oh when I can post these picts, and perhaps I'll add some from down south, and the vintage motorcycle races. Oh fun.
So, til we meet again.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Time to start knitting for Faire

Long time no talk, sorry about the huge interlude, gosh. I've been busy spring cleaning, since the roommate is still in the desert. But things are finally getting done. And we got a new coffee table.! That's cool, because it's long and I can put a plate on it, or my feet and the whole thing doesn't shift. It's delightful.

Spontaneous trip down to Willow Springs this weekend. The boy and I are going down to the AHRMA Vintage races out there in the Palm Desert area. We went last year, but didn't get to witness too much of the races due to the boy being in race school, this time we're just going to watch from the sidelines. :( Oh well racing isn't exactly a cheap sport, but watching sure can be.
Hope the weather holds. Maybe the boy will let me drive the Miata...doubt it.

On the other hand though, at least I can cast on for the stitch diva sweater I've been hankering for so long. You know, this one but in grey's and purples using diakeito Rococo color 110. It's so soft and so lovely, hopefully it won't pool, and hopefully it'll work well enough with the gauge from the Tilli Thomas that I'm using for the lace bits.

I also made reservations for the Valhalla Renaissance Faire up in Tahoe come June. Can't wait. Some of my lady friends and I went 2 years ago, before it changed hands, and it was really rad. This time it looks promising. Best part is there is no driving after faire. We can just stumble home to our tents! Oh I love faire. I may even post picts of me and my friends all dressed, we'll see. We are a bit of a ragmatag group of gypsies, pirates, peasants, and an Irishman. I personally am more into the gypsy side of the Faire, or rag~lady may just be a better description. But when you've attended for over 15 years, the costumes seem to go in flurries, and constantly change. One year something will strike as a wonderful idea, then the next it'll be something else. Last year I finally got a new skirt. The first new skirt in about oh 11 years. And yes was it ever necessary. This year, I really want to knit a sunhat, I can already imagine it, brown hemp in a sport weight, in a Parson's style (big brim w/ a fitted top, and a wire rim.) Perhaps I should work on making that happen before I cast on for the sweater, since Valhalla starts in June. I've also come to the realization that I could really use a shopping bag, something big and strapped over my shoulder across my chest in fair isle. That would be most glorious, yes, most glorious. (Family Guy~mocking Winona Ryder's acting skills in Little Women) The hat I attempted to knit last year never really panned out. It was supposed to be a flower where the petals lifted up and out, with again a wire brim, and a top that peaked like an elf's cap. I may still make that some day.... . .. .if only I had all the time in the world and some design geniuses intellect.

Ta for now. Oh the picts i have to show you. Yeah it's that good, and it involves turkey's on the neighbor's front lawn.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A week full of oddities

I won't speak of the travesty in Virginia, that's been covered by the media enough.
Moving on, it's been a week of oddities in the fun I've had at night. At home of all places.
It's nice to be able to do things like plant succulents, or make an intricate dinner, but to do these things night after night, how fun.
So last night, I decided on a few interesting recipes for the Boy's Mediecal potlock (yes how cute is his new work). Decided on making "green" cheese, which is just fresh cheese. It was rather easy, just 2 quarts of milk, simmered to 195 f, take off the fire and add 1/4 c vinegar, strain thru a cheese cloth, let sit for an hour (yeah not 2) and add cream until you get a texture you like, add salt, and we added pepper. Wrapped it back in the cheese cloth, and left in the fridge over night. Tres semple. And to think the boys have a wonderful basement and we could make our own cheese all the time, I admit I am a bit intrigued by this idea. Really I could make my own cheddar, or brie, or what eva. The possibilities are endless.
Nextly we also made a port marinated tri tip with loads of organic garlic from our friends farm in Oregon, and lemme tell ya a little somethin' here, oh my, I was flabbergasted at just how tasty this meat was. The boy was BBQ'ing that while I simmered the milk for the cheese.
Lastly last night, we also made Dyshcefull of Snowe, which is Strawberries in Snowe. Did I mention these were drunken berries in an orange water whipped cream, again, pure heaven.
And tres semple once more. Take strawberries, 2 pints, I used 4 and altered the recipe as I felt like it. A cup (or 3 plus a little port) of red wine, add some sugar 1/2 c. or to taste, cinnamon, and ground ginger. Marinate the berries for about an hour, top with a whipped cream of sorts using a pint of heavy cream, some sugar to taste, and 8 egg whites. Whip together until stiff then if you dare, add some orange blossom water. The orange water should have been rose water, but I could only find the orange (still delightful and delicate) beat in the flavor, and top the berries in the snowe. Consume and melt into your lovers arms. *evidently I have a deficiency when it comes to shoveling berries into the boys mouth~sorry doll, I'll try harder or you can just feed yourself next time.*
So you can see it has been a bit eventful, but even then, the night before, I made stuffed acorn squash. Yes for the first time. And I stuffed them and some peppers with the left over game hens and stuffing and beets. Again it was rather yummy.
Tonight you ask, well don't. It's the Beer Bitch meetup, so I generally only get to eat late and crap foodies, or just plain crap foodies. Unless the boy surprises me and makes dinner. Oh dear if you're reading this.....
I believe last time I wrote I was still working on Mo's mitts, well those are finally off the needles, and Dice, the cutest hobbetess, is no longer going into the desert, so I don't yet need to make her mitts. So, on the needles tonight I suppose will be finishing off the first sleeve and heading onto the other. Gosh I'm nearly finished!
After the sweater sleeves, well I don't know. Ah perhaps I will work on the log cabin blanket. I really should try and draw up a schematic of this thing, as a guide, otherwise I can procrastinate all I like. I admit it's been a bit quiet here lately in the knitting realm, but that's cool. Not all life is knitting, just a bunch of it.
I should have saved this pict of the boy for any sort of blackmail situation, but it's been a bit dry around here lately pict wise, so here ya go, enjoy. And yes the ginormous whiskers are gone now, and the summer goatee is here, woohooo!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Where in which I say nothing really at all.

Well not much to say. As you may have noted. I'm still working on Mo's mittlett, yes for the 3rd time, each of them have been frogged and reworked in any number of differing ways. Suppose I'll finish them tonight. She and her boyfriend are heading into the desert w/ some mighty unpredictable weather on the front. From the 70's to snow? Wha...
So a bunch of the hippy friends are all heading to the HavaSupai Indian reservation, while the boy and I stay here and hold down the fort. Which means that I also need to make another pair of mitts for one of the other gals going. (She's a cute little Hobbet-ess.) Dice is the other deserving gal, the hobbitess if you will. She's a shy on the midget size, with the tiniest of hands. I have small hands and her's are seemingly half my size. Go figure. You should have seen her, last year, at Renn Faire. All dressed as a hobbit, complete w/ the fern leaf broach, and get this, FUR on her FEET! I shit you not. I could have died laughing, well from that and the elf tipped ears she had donned. Kapische. She's cool, I have *obviously* nothing better to do, and Dice and Mo are getting mittletts.
Onto the sweater and news there within, I've begun a sleeve. No thanks to the pattern. When they say cast off 9, they mean cast off 9 on each side. WTF . I do swear that some patterns would try to drive me batty were it not for my mum's wisdom. Thanks mummy.
Third and final item today, Brussel Sprouts. There it's out and in the open. I love me some brussel sprouts. Not ordinary boiled, or steamed ones. No they must be roasted, and either cut in halves so that each half can get all crunchy and yummy, or scored on the bottom if they're smaller.
Roasted Brussels
heat oven to 350
cut and wash any quantity of brussel sprouts, score the bottoms if smaller (make an X)
drizzle w/ olive oil,
throw in some whole garlic cloves (peels off of course)
and roast on a pan for about 30 minutes.
They should be brown and crispy, and still green in places.
These can also be cooked at 400 degree Fahrenheit for crunchier brussel sprouts.
This can also be done with beets, just slice them into rounds like a tomato, and add Rosemary, some basil and a little bit of honey, and or balsamic.
We paired both the beets and brussel sprouts last night with the yummiest Cornish game hens and some stuffing and gravy. Oh how yummy it all was, and there are left overs for tonight's dinner.
The topper was the strawberries in cream for desert.
And if you think we eat like this every night, Dream ON. For some reason the boy had a hankering for Corny Game Hens, and I some how pulled it off.
And thank you , thank you, I also got some succulents replanted. They are doing well and hopefully off into a great growing season.
Tonight I should be planting my seeds. Some wildflowers, and perhaps some veggies. Maybe a pumpkin or two. I realize I'm late to the seed planting party, living in the bay and all, but the last two years I planted with my lady friends, and it was always way too early for our weather. Well I'm adapting. And we'll see how these ones come out this year.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

We've adopted!!!

and it's a Sudsbuddy. Ain't he pretty. We got the dark granite one. I think I may name him Pliny. Yes that's a good name, or maybe Stone, after the brewery. Oh I never told you my Stone story.
Ok off on a tangent, here we go...
About a year ago, the boys sent me on a beer finding mission, so I went to our local liquor store where we generally get our beer, and after a little hymming and hawing, I finally decided on a 6 pack of good ol' Stone IPA. Nothing out of the ordinary, and upon looking through the glass doors at the pack, I noticed they were coming with some sort of freeby also. Well who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth. So I reached in and grabbed that sixer. Looked and looked, and yes, looked again. It wasn't a freeby bracelet, or anything odd like that, NO!
You'll never guess what it was, keep guessing, no way, not even near.
It was a lizard! Yes, a black and yellow baked little lizard. Poor fella he was doing a belly flop into one of the bottle holders and his tail was up and around the handle to the six pack. I couldn't believe it. Neither could the guy at the check out, he wouldn't even touch the pack of Stone. He was truly terrorized, while I dreamt of "waking the sleeping guy up" yeah ok, and keeping him and calling him Stoney.
So I brought the sixer home, showed the boys and ran to get my camera. Well when I got back the boys had thrown my new pet over the railing of the back deck into the morning glory, and thus Stoney was never more.
Of course he was dead, but who knows he could have been frozen from the beer cooler, and those darn boys. Uggh they never listen. That would have been a fabulous pict that we could laugh at and send into the brewery, and, and...
So Stone it is. Maybe Stone-bert, we'll see when he gets here. Yeah for next week.

ps I've now correctly hooked up my comments, so perhaps I can write back to any emails, sorry if I've missed any otherwise, I'm still a newby blogger babe.
cheers and happy knitting.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cause Fry's Sucks Dong!

The kegerator. Was a flop. Well at least the one from Fry's Electronics was. Talk about damaged goods. The boy and I went out to Fry's last night, all giddy and trepidations. Purchased the Haier (even after reading all the problems about it). Brought it home. Open it. Exclaimed "We can't accept this." Showed the boy the damaged press board top (obviously from faulty shipping). And packaged it back up, threw it into the truck and proceeded back to Fry's (or Poo-heads of Damaged Goods). Gave the piece of machinery back to Fry's, moped, and drove off to Walmart, a block away. We had no luck there, and proceeded onto well it would have been target until I remembered that Best Buy offered the kegerator also. We arrived there 10 minutes before 9 (closing time) and were greated by an actually friendly and helpful young man, pointed to the Dandy kegerator and asked how much. $50 less than the Haier. HAH! Not bad, so it seems as though we're going to go pick one up in a neighboring Best Buy (the other only had the floor model) and left satisfied and actually happy.
After all is said and done, I can truly say that I do indeed HATE FRY'S. They suck huge donkey dode, and like it!
So after all this, I had no knitting time, and plenty of spontaneity induced stress. Eh gads.
So not exactly sure if I'm going to go with that model, but still looking into it.
Decisions Decisions

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Look what finally came in the Mail!

It's the Jan/Feb 2007 issue of Natural Home. Yes, the very one that the Boy's Godparents "Young Lovers' Knot" throw is in, and yes, the one where I supplied the picture! And the very same one which found itself as a pressie to my newly married best friend (well September newlywed.) Go ahead, click on the picture to make it larger, and check out that gorgeous weaving pattern Sandra used in creating the throw. I love her work, and her goats, Oh My. Their mohair yarn is so heavenly and so soft. In case you're wondering angora goats make what they call mohair. But Sandy doesn't spin that tiny little crap you'll find from Colinette or anything, lo she makes a nice meaty spin, with her kidd roving. And all other sorts of handspun. Then she generally weaves the pieces into something special, and warm and comfortable. Mary's lucky she actually got this throw, I was thinking of keeping it for my own, but I was promised one in the future ~if it ever comes to that ;o) And incase you can actually see the price, I have to admit I didn't pay that. Sandy was generous even though that's how she makes her living, and one of the only way she makes it.

Well I just tried to click on the picture, but I'll have to shoot this on my camera. Later tonight.

I'm a Joiner

well I suppose I am now, at least. I joined Nikko's Red Scarf Project, to knit a red scarf for orphan college students, can we say Share the Love. *I really do love making things for groups, or a good cause. My last deed was actually for the Travelling Jewish theatre in San Fran, they did a wonderful production of The Devil on All Sides. About war torn Bosnia, and the meaning of family and warmth, and the changing of tides in a crazy world. Yeh I made the backdrop for them by dying and stitching numerous knitted and crocheted items into walls for the family home. Strange but true.*
So this time, when Marie wrote asking for aid in her son's home schooling project, go check out how cool Nikko is here, and here, I couldn't say no. What a generous and knitterly young man he is. Yes I did say knitterly, I believe he's been knitting for about a year and a half, or longer ~and get this he's 8! Ya go little man. So the Bonnie Beer Bitches and I will be donating a few scarves by December. Or hopefully sooner. Scarves are so easy, why not make a few.

So on another front, the hives are getting closer to being finished with, I hope. *fingers crossed* Still no idea what caused these ones. And yes I am prone to hives, ever since Art school, and all the photo chemicals. I suppose they have pre-disposed me to having them in the future from here on out, but eh gads talk about itchy itchy scratchy scratchy.

Knitting wise the Boy and I went to Uncommon Threads in Los Gatos this weekend, to pick up the balls they had "put aside" for me. Well thankfully there were some on the shelves. But ogh the color isn't anywhere near the correct dye lot. I suppose next time Rowan suggests getting 8 balls, in stead of getting 9, I shall get 11, just for shits and giggles. I really don't care, all I want to do is get this sweater done and now that I have enough for the sleeves and button band, I should have something to show of it soon. That is if I get around to blocking and sewing it together. I'm sure I will though. Just takes time.

Oh get this, the boy and I are making our first big purchase together. We're getting a Kegerator. Yes for kegs of beer! Woohoo, today a kegerator, tomorrow a dishwasher. Oh how a girl can dream. Clean dishes, not done by me, clean counters, clean kitchen. Oh how I can dream... and what's better than having a kegerator shipped to you, picking it up yourself. Oh how perfect, good thing I drive a truck.
Cheers, on the needles tonight, Mo's last Mittlett, and the Boy's Knucks. Get this he has the audacity to want the holes in between the fingers sen back up, humph. He wants alpaca and the Knucks finished up for him too! Guess it's ok, since they've been that way since January. hehehehhe

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

It's a cold and cloudy day, with a chance for rain here. I awoke to a screaming shoulder and yet again a bout of hives. (just on my torso) I'm sure it's a fine day, but I feel 30. It's mainly the shoulder. Feels like I've been lifting a keg all night with it. But I'm done whining.
So Thursday my Knit Happens order finally got in. Wanna see?
It's NORO! I love Noro yarns. They're so pretty, but some of these colors are a little wild. I suppose the ones on the end aren't as noticeable. But they remind me of Florida and some wild ass fish that might swim out that way. So currently two of those skeins are in the process of becoming what I believe to be the 11th pair of mittletts. I'll show picts later, but wow 11 pairs of Marney's Del Mar Mitts is a little neat.
Other in progress works are the Gothic Spire socks by Cookie, I'm doing mine in Jojoland yarn, not the Louet Gems suggested, of course I haven't started the cabling yet, but not a bad start. For a second start. I like working on my first sock, the needles are tiny and there's a lot to think about, but it's something new.

How about a little more of the Knit Happens order... Yeah there's a lot of Rowan there. So I'm also tempting my hand at improvisational knitting, as an alternative to the Log Cabin blanket. Go check out YoYo Knits on the sidebar, she's rather fantastically cool with her tutorials and her flare for knit goods. I've learned that I don't exactly know which side is right or wrong on a garter stitch yet. Don't fret I'll get it soon enough though. I'm not so sure about the oranges and the reds for my blanket, but the lilac color is just what I was hoping for, that with the black, and the tope/beige color. I don't know, but I am stoked. To imagine a queen sized blanket in about a years time, all mine, and all by my hand. That's kind of cool.

And I believe there is one last pict, the Lorna's Laces Bullfrogs and Butterflies, it's rather nice but I have no idea what to use it for. I suppose I'll find something.
So that's it, informative but a lack luster post, sorry I'm just too itchy to really care right now.
Have a lovely day, and Happy Easter.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Back from Holiday-ing

Jeesh, you know you're old when your computer at work automatically increases the size of the font to *large* on you when you get back from a rather lovely holiday.
But it seems to have righted itself this morning, thank goodness. I nearly thought I was going senile there for a moment.
All the wonkiness aside, we had a fantastic jaunt down south to Pizza Port Brewing in Carlsbad, and Stone over in Escondido. Oh my goodness, Stone is a sight to behold. The 3 acre beer garden was all quarried stone, from the area. The steel work was hand done, and artfully at that. But to top it off, the foodies and beer selection were out of this world. Certainly a five star in my book. Unfortunately we were only there for lunch, and had 2 dogs that were not allowed inside. Poo :( But I did get my replacement hat (that was stolen at one of our houseparties in October) and a bunch of cool digs for the boy and I.
I have to admit, I did not take one single picture. It's just my thing. Sometimes I don't like to spoil a good thing by sitting behind a camera lens. I know, total Art school crap, but whateva.
Just know that North county San Diego is da bomb. And the Miata, drives like a dream. Not that the boy has yet to allow/teach me to drive it...yeh I can't really drive a stick, but I can ride a motorcycle...yeh, ummm it's all about opportunity. But I have driven a few random sticks in my time, haheh. Yes, bad Bonnie, bad Bonnie.
Ah, great news on the sweater front, both sides are done, and off the needles! Now that just leaves blocking, and seaming, and getting similar dye lots to match for the sleeves. But fear not, Uncommon Threads has set aside 3 balls for me, all I have to do is get there. Mind you, I don't live anywhere near there and most days they close around 5:30. So looks like I have a field trip to do this Saturday, not Sunday, because they aren't open. Eehgad.
So perhaps I'll get some picts of something soon enough. I know how boring. No looky-loos here.
Oh, almost forgot, I made a Mason-Dixon warshrag, the octagonal one, on the way down south. And had to use it. The Motel 6 we were at was so cheap, for a room for 4 there were only towels enough for 2. But it was neat, and useful, and more comfortable than the stranded warshrag from the same book.
Cheers for now.