Friday, August 31, 2007


Ze Ringoli Tam is over and done with. Ze zind zu cute!
I finished the tam last night at the beer bitch meetup, and am rather fond of it. It's a little loose at the ribbing, which probably should have been done on some 3's in stead of the 5's I used. But not too shabby for a hat that I thought would be too small anywho. I did forget to do a row of bobbles, but it's not really noticeable.
Next up, well I'm not to certain. There's a blanket I'm drooling over, which I may have the yarn to make up, depending on a friend's spinning, and my great balls of yarn cooperating. (I gave a friend some great big balls of Alaskan wool, no idea what kind, and she's going to try and spin it finer for me. Only thing is it's a bit difficult to work with and well it's a little like spinning cotton, short drafts and all. I'm crossing my fingers.)
And well the chevron scarf, I could use a stash enhancement for...I did hear of a sale going on over in Saratoga, but then I'd have to spend money. Perhaps I'll drag the husbeast that way for a short weekend getaway. It would be lovely to go out to the coast, and maybe even Santa Cruz, or Half Moon Bay.
All I know is that we have the landlord coming over for an inspection on the 14th of next month, and there's a bit of work to be done on the house before he steps inside. Like hiding the fact that there is a dog and a cat living in the home; or the plaster that fell off the ceiling back from the roomy's 30th Halloween Party. (I loathe lath and plaster!-can't even decorate anything properly) Then there's the plaster from behind the bathroom door knob that was knocked off. Or how about the black puddle of water on the basement floor from all my dish washing. And well we may need to disguise the compost bin we pilfered from a vacated neighbors. Actually it was from 2 neighbors before. The floors could use some more spot cleaning, and well our bedroom is in shambles, as well as the blue room, and the spare parts to computers room. In fact all of these rooms are laden with crafts and tools and just all matter of art making decay.
On a happy and not my having to clean front, some how the husbeast is slowly saving parts of my computer. I can't believe this week. It's been hectic and stressful, and well just kind of uggh.
Even at work it's been horrid, from having the plumbers out 3 separate times, turns out there was a sponge in the toidey bowl, dunno how it got there...
We lost 2 of our phone lines for a day, that was my doing! Mental note, next time I'm throwing things in the closet, be careful of the phone jacks. Ah crap.
It's just been ick. But I believe things may be looking up, after all it's Friday, and there's a 3 day weekend at my finger tips.
cheers and until then

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Here's to Burning the Man Early!

Early in the morning on Tuesday, some anarchist set fire to the man. Yes that big wooden structure that has been habitually placed in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada for the last what 15 years has finally succumbed to the wills of anarchy. Now this strikes me as funny thinking about all the desert goers sitting there going 'Hey they started without me!' And desperately putting on their burn night costuming and running out to the center to watch the Man go up in flames. All done without the pomp and circumstance that has always brought on the ceremony, you know, the fire dancers, the doves, the parading about...well all these things really do make it all an affair to be apart of, but the fireworks? A little over kill isn't it guys.

The boys and I were discussing this last night as I made an honorary dinner in light of the early burning. There was discussion and debate guessing that the true anarchists (yes there are a few that may still attend) have finally begun to take the burn back and place it into the hands of the real revelers. Evidently there has been rumor that a few Green companies have been allowed into the fest this year. With the introduction of more and more companies, whether they be green or the 'evil' kind it's still against the gist of the festival. Lo how the man behind the curtain must be rolling in his silken sheets, fat off the cash that thousands dish out to have their time 'to be me' with so many others taking that time with them. I know these points are a little disjointed but they were actually snippets from our conversations.

So it seems that they are going to rebuild the structure of the Man, before Saturday gets here, since there was too much damage to have him just hanging around, but burning the Man twice? Does that take something out of the meaning or I wonder if that makes the goers more eager to enjoy the act of the burn... not really sure. I think if I were there in the desert I would be a little ticked, and well trying to do everything in my power to reek havoc on the companies that had been allowed to infiltrate. Even if that means chaos, and destruction. After all, "a passion for destruction is also a creative passion." (90's movie Slacker, the old anarchist to the young guy. Gahd I lurv Texas and their quirkiness)
In honor of old anarchists and young alike out there, I give you my recipe for my mandatory pre-Burn of the Man dinner:
Tuna Melts
bread-any kind will do. Bagels, or rolls or anything nice sized and substantial, just make sure that the side without any crust in is the outside of the sandwich. So if it's a bagel, it's a backyards sandwich then!
Tuna-of course
anything that goes from the kitchen.

Now since this is about the last dinner that you will be eating on the Playa, or off as it may be, it's time to use up as much of your leftovers and whatever you haven't delved into yet. And also a must to invite your neighbors over for some also. This is a communal dinner and generally comes out just huge and too much for one or two people alone.
Here goes.
Take a bowl, add the tuna take what ever's on hand for ingredients, personally I prefer things like Salsa, avocado, last night I used artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, onions, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and some mayo -for me the less the better-. Mix everything.
In a frying pan, add a couple of tbsp of butter, let melt then place bread in the pan, add just enough cheese so it'll melt and help stick everything together. Add a butt load of the tuna mixture. Top off with more cheese, and place the other piece of bread on the sandwich. Keep checking the bottom half of the bread to make sure it doesn't burn, and when it's just right take all the sandwiches out of the frying pan and add a couple more tbsp. of butter for the other side. Now add back in the tuna melts, but of course fry the other side.
And enjoy. A nice big beer helps get it all down, but with all that butter it really doesn't need much help going down. And lo this is really one of the meals that I refer to being a heart attack waiting to happen.

Last night I knit, perhaps I shouldn't have because well the night before we blew the keg that was on tap, the Hop Rod Rye and well we put on Pliny the Elder... which happens to be another double IPA, which is about an 8.9% or so. Needless to say I screwed up and lord knows what I did to the poor little Riboli hat, but there's a few stitches off.
Cheers and here's to knitting under the influence!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hairy Fish Nuts you say!

So this is what I've been up to. I don't know how I came about Desiknitter's hat, but it's cute. The Rangoli tam is relatively easy to knit up. Perhaps it was on punk rock knitters...well anywho I followed the previous knitters advise and stuck to the chart, as it seems there may be some flaw in the written pattern. So far so good though. I'm using Inca Alpaca in a nice lavender, but I did the ribbing for the band in green, so it's kind of like a flower or something. Maybe I should have stuck with one color, but whateva! I chose the alpaca because for the life of me I couldn't get gauge with a worsted weight, and the alpaca is a DK in the least.
Guess what came in today, guess....ok it's the Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Yeah for used books on Amazon. There are some really cute baby goodies..not that they're needed yet but someday they may come in handy. After all my best friend did just buy her first home, and well you know what that means. Little ones to knit for! No pressure from here though.
But next onto the Chevron scarf thingie. Or a small clapotis for the mum.
On the mini top hat front I've been a total slacker, but may have a little free time come this weekend. I stole, um erh, well, borrowed a little frog from my mum. I am uncertain that it is the right size and dimension necessary for the mini topper frog and snail combo. But I conjectured to myself the other day that if the molded product doesn't look right, that I can take it and needle felt it to give the dimension and look that I think it may need.
Then while watching Monty Python's Flying Circus the other night, PBS can soo rock some times, they had a sketch with the Ministry of Silly Walks on, I believe I have a theory for the husbeasts work costume. And he can wear his new top hat (a real bought one) to boot! But the other idea I had for a costume for me was the phrase 'Swampwood Sweetheart.' Which is actually my mum's newest little dogs kennel name. She's an imported Russel Terrier from Australia. Much akin to a Jack Russel, but shorter and longer and much much less terrier like (you know overly hyper and active and jumpy and not to be trusted w/ kids kind of terrier). So back to the swampwood sweatheart. The hat of course with the little frog/snail combo on a lily pad surrounded by sugar skull beads, and swampy appendatures, like moss and mosquitoes and the like. Then the costume would of course follow suit. Perhaps I need an alligator's skull to complete the whole ambiance. I've seen knitted alligators. The whole thing would be like swamp creature meets Elvira, who has just clubbed a dying willow tree. I don't know, but also maybe I'm just talking out of my ass. I tend to do that sometimes. I liken it to the curse of the artists overly active mind. But gosh I could wear my bodice again. That always makes for a great costume.
Pear Pimples for Hairy Fish Nuts. Seems that the husbeast is Pear Pimples and I am Hairy Fish nuts. Perhaps that could be the premise to a great set of costumes. I wouldn't even know where to begin though.
Cheers til later.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Well thank goodness for holidays

I can't wait 'til this weekend. We have no plans, except maybe straitening up a bit. And if the hippies (our friends) go camping somewhere new we may go but it seems more likely that not, due to still down computers. But this weekend ushers in the September which means that it's time for the 6 week Ren Faire. Which I've already mentioned, I am a sucker for dressing up in period (or quasi period) faire garb. And this year I am going to try and drag the husbeast along, and even better, his little brother. Only problem is I have no men's shirts for faire, so I must try and scrounge something together for the boys. One of my girlfriends is now able to take her son, and just how cute is that going to be. The little guy all in garb and all. Way too prosh.
Currently I am working on a hat, it's cute, and kind of a tam.
I have worked in the ends to the Sprout Cardi, and it looks much better, and now I have no worries over ever getting caught in a Manhattan cab with my little nummie holder on. ;^) It just needs a good blocking and a new button band. Yeh I never noticed that the two sides were off by 2 rows, but who knows maybe it's not that noticeable...yeah right.
This weekend we went to the last of the weddings for this year, as far as I know of that is. They were both lovely, but they should have eloped, in my best opinion.
Gosh I can't wait for Faire, perhaps we should camp there for the weekend of Sept. 15-16th and meet up with my friends fun it is to camp and crawl back from faire.
ETA on the computers, well still dead, but the husbeast found all my photo files! Even my RAW images. Still without the fun stuff, but whateva.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I. Am. Calm. Cool. and Collected.

Just a little something that I kept repeating to myself yesterday. See the night before was rough. Waking up at 3:30 in the morning kinda rough looking for the husbeast rough. He wasn't out gallivanting, he was at the computer, trying as quickly as he may to stop all my files on my pretty little G5 Mac from being deleted. I am a bit sad, but not overly forlorn any longer. Well it's a hacker virus rewritten kernel thing that I don't think I should go into detail about. I mean who knows who's watching now. I just feel a bit violated still. Needless to say there are now 4 dead computers and a few of computer savvy peeps working overtime, (go friends and family go!).
The thing that is a little more pissy is that unless there is a large financial loss, there is no agency in the United States to help individuals who have been compromised by a crime of technology. I understand that it is a newer crime what with the onset of internet this and internets that, but the police won't even come out and take a report on the situation, nor the FBI open a file for us (yes I called the FBI). This may very well be a local job, just as much as it may be International. We're not exactly sure yet. So needless to say, there will be yet another moratorium on the picts scene. And I had so many previous FO's to start posting about! Agggh. Luckily the house is laden with old computers so we may not even need to run right out and get the latest in technology, but in the meantime I can assure you the husbeasts energy is not going to be focused upon setting up a new system as he will be focusing on the old one for a bit.
So last night when I was thinking to myself, the phrases cool, calm, and collected; it dawned on me that what a change in the state of being that my mind is now in. See back in my early 20's I had a lover that mentioned that women were 3 C's, and being the doting gal that I was I tending to believe him. Well also I did abide by them more so I should say. The three C's he likened to women are; Coy, Cunning, and Conniving. All of which I surely was, but it was a defensive mode that I had gotten into. One that helped to protect my heart. I realize how I've changed in that I am striving to be a strong and not weepy woman for the love of my husband. Now I envision the 3 C's to pertain to; Calm, Cool, and Collected. What an epiphany. I no longer have to protect my heart, I have a family, I have the love of my life there in thick and thin. I must be strong for him, and for myself.
So in light of all this terrible crap that has occurred in such a harsh way I am actually able to smile and have a light heart today, because I am not alone in this crap. And I don't have to be weak, and look out for #1. There is no #1 in a marriage, this is a partnership and together we will surf through it.
I know what a sap, but it's all true. I love my husbeast and the life that we are making together. And I hat hackers that destroy and rewrite computers that aren't even theirs. (Some people suck donkey balls!)
Cheers, and here's to knitting in the nude.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I Confess everything

I confess I have one true hatred when it comes to my handknits. It's the act of finishing. I hate with a passion to finish and tuck my ends in. I have actually worn my Sprout cardigan twice now with all the strings hanging. If only I had kids, I would put them to the job, but alas, time is a bugger. That's my confession, so heart wrenching, isn't it. Well not really, but I am terrible when it comes to this matter.
On the knitting front, well it's been a bit slow. I did start and finish the next day, a simple ribbed red scard for the Red Scarf project, you know the one the donates to non-adopted orphans that are going off to college. It's rather fantastic and almost ready for the big ol' send off. My deadline was moved from Dec. to Sept. but if curious, I'm sure anyone could still find some later dates if you feel the desire to donate something small and red...that sounds bad, but I believe you get the jist. Go check out the sidebar for details. (Look under Nikko's Red Scarf Project.)
I have finally broken down and ordered the Last Minute Gifts, I must make a chevron scarf now. I have all this sock yarn, but I feel as though I just can't even be bothered to make socks. I'm more a hands and neck kinda gal, or the occassional sweater. But socks they're so tiny, and all the patterns I have are Cookie A.'s and they're heavily cabled. Well as it is I just can't seem to be bothered. Perhaps some monkey's are in order.
So there it is I've admitted to having nothing on the needles, and that I refuse to weave in ends, but thankfully that is all for the dirty laundry, well today.
This weekend, the 2nd and last freakin' wedding to attend. Why oh why don't these people just elope! I found it much easier, and maybe even less embarrassing.
And also I'm going to try and head over to the fabulous bead shop in Niles and grab some more brass goodies before they are all gone, as it is they were new items in the shop. On the same agenda, I'm going to bring little mini top hat, I'm in a showey mood. Which in past circumstances (while still in Art School) I would be prepping for the desert, well not now. But I do beg the question, what exactly do I miss. I mean it's not like I did all that much of anything while I was even there. Perhaps it's the slightest sense of belonging. And a smidge of seeing old friends. You really do run into the strangest people in the strangest of places.

Friday, August 17, 2007

just cause

How to Mini Toppers II

I blame this obsession with making mini top hats, partly on Lady Linoleum, over at Monster Crochet, and partly on my love for costumery (yes I believe that is a made up word, it's ok though..). Back quite some time ago she had created a crocheted mini top hat, but it was crocheted. Well since I don't crochet and since I was attempting to be a rendition of the "GreenFairy" (Absinthe) for the roomy's 30th Halloween Birthday party, I wanted to go all out. And since the height of the Absinthe and Impressionism and Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts movement was all around the turn of the century, I knew I had to make one of my own devices. Knitted it would not stand up. And felting would take too long, so I turned to the textiles and went to town.
Lets start with the materials:
gauze like fabric or something light weight,
copper wire about a 20 weight or something a bit heavier than used for beading,
matte varnish and a gel medium mixed together
a paint brush
button thread for sewing paired with a contrasting light weight yarn,
a leather needle,
t-pins to hold things in place
a jar to stabilize drying
soldering iron (optional but more sturdy)
a hair dryer
permanent marker (or anything to make marks with)
Xacto blade

Start with a diameter that comes close to the lip on a pint glass (just for good measurement and consistency.) You will need 2 lengths of copper wire relatively this size. One for the top of the hat, and the other for base of the hat. When I say base I don't mean the brim, that is a third piece of wire altogether. The brim should be a round of copper wire that is about an inch and a half larger all the way round than the top of the hat.

Make an oval like shape of the smallest of the copper wire and this will be the top most of the hat. I like to use a soldering iron on the copper to close the ends together. (not really necessary though~but kind of fun) The soldering iron used was actually a portable one that uses gas. Imagine the possibilities.
Once the wire is cool, cover the wire with the fabric of choice, and fold under. This needs to be glued together using our medium and varnish mixture. I generally apply all glue to the undersides and less visible areas of the hat.

Still with me...

Now you have the top of the hat, next you want to make the middle bit, the part that looks like a stove pipe.
This is where it gets tricky.
Cut about 6 inches of fabric, in the diameter of the top of the hat.
Take the fabric and fold it in half. In the fold of the fabric, the second round of wire is going to nestle. But before you put the wire in, the fold needs to have glue applied, or glue should be applied to the second copper round. Also glue should be applied to one of the edges as this will become a seam (I glue the edge that will sit on top of the other edge)
There should be fabric that overlaps. That's ok this will be the back seam of the hat.
Pin the back in place once you've gotten it to sit straight and neat. (It may take awhile)
I like to glue before I stitch things together.
So grab you jar or bottle that is just slightly smaller than the middle section of the hat. This is used to keep the piece stable while gluing. I like to use what's on hand, so here we have some Hop Rod Rye, from Bear Republic.
I work a section at a time, gluing and then drying with the hair dryer. It's quicker this way and keeps a more even form than letting it air dry. Go all the way around.
Now that things are relatively dry, stitch up the back seam to the middle section, going from bottom up. Leave about an inch unstitched. Do not cut thread.
Next you will need to fold the fabric at the top of the middle section. This will later stabilize and close that section to the top piece already made.
Fold the fabric down to the height you think may be appropriate for your hat. For me I like a topper with a middle section that is about 2.5"-3" tall.
Next place the top piece onto for your hole your about to close up. The fabric that was just folded down now needs to be glued to the top piece. This should be done on the inside of the topper, and just give it a generous amount of glue and take a hair dryer to it. You will find this to be rather stable, but just in case stitch both pieces together.
Stitch the top and middle sections together starting with the seam you left off at.
Once all the way around, you are now ready to attach the bottom ring to the middle and top rings.
The bottom ring is the largest ring of copper.
First cover the bottom ring in fabric. This one is done a little more differently than the top in that it's more like a diaper . I gave up photographing at this point because I was covered in glue.

Place ring on fabric. Glue around ring.
Fold fabric to top of ring,
Fold other side of fabric over this. There are now 3 layers of fabric all touching.
Glue an edge down, this is your bottom edge and will not be seen.
The remainder of the fabric should be pulled and folded around the ring so as it is not seen, but covers all areas evenly. Glue all layers into place.
Blow dry.
Turn over and place the middle and top sections onto the ring that comprises the brim of your hat. The placement of the middle bit should be slightly back so there is just a little more brim in the front of the hat.
Turn all these pieces over and with a marker, note where you want the middle ring to sit.
Next draw an X in the circle you just outlined.
Using the xacto blade cut your X, and if need be a few more line to get those edges to fold in.
If your hat is more gauze like you may want to cut the points down to half their size otherwise they will be seen.
Like the top of the hat being attached to the middle; the bottom of the hat will now be attached to the middle.
Glue the part of the bottom of the hat that was made with the X to the inside of the middle section of your hat.
Blow dry.
Once dry, stitch the bottom and the middle of the hat together as done before.
Now relax, this is a little easier as a two day process, as all the stitching is rather hard on the hands, and it is a bit complex.
Embellish your little mini top hat in ribbons and such fair. You may opt to cover your seams with ribbon or trim as this does a fine job of hiding those stitches (as would matching thread, but where's the fun in that.)
The brass on my hat was found in a nice bead store, out in Niles Canyon, Kiowa Rose .
That's it.
Now onto the frog and snail topper...
oh and please feel free to contact me if there are any questions as I only assume there could be.
Cheers and here's to having picts again!

Mini toppers part I

It's been awhile. But here we go. Picts, of my little pumpkin protector. He's rather good, even though it's August and there hasn't been a flower yet, I still believe we may have a very late growing season here in Eastbania. I actually got him because of his lust for his mushrooms. It's just too endearing. Oh and look you can see a little bit of our grass. Yeah that's just about all of the grass we've grown. It's for the pleasure of the roommate's pupper really though.Last I spoke of mini toppers, and the next one I shall make *fingers crossed* but before I move on, I must show off this latest one. Sorry no picts from the after reception party with this little bugger on. But let me tell you it was another amazing feat to get my hair up and under that thing. Originally I had wanted to put a comb inside the hat for easier application, but I forgot...So a knitting needle it is, again. It suits though. And for those not wanting to imagine, look me, in my little purple topper. Of course this is where I apologize for the cruddy bathroom mirror pict, but what's a desperate girl supposed to do. I seem to have the most difficult time photographing myself and my projects, and well the husbeast just doesn't get my good side. We'll have to work on that one. This is worn actually with a little bit bigger hair, I did my best in a hurry with the boys looking on, wondering just what is she up to now. Of course the husbeast knows and knows better than to ask, but the poor roommate was horribly confused.
I'm actually going to turn this into a 2 part post, reason being, I want to show you some of my process for making a hat. It's a bit detailed and there are a few picts.
P.S. this is my way of expressing my need and desire for an artistic community without driving out to the Black Rock Desert. Don't get me wrong I was a fan of going out there. More on that some other day.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well Hello There

Ahhhh, the sanity is calming ~down that is. The sanity is calming indeed. But I don't think I need to be telling you all that now do I.

Our reception was wonderful, and I had such a great time, but it was a lot of work. My body has relatively stopped aching, and my house and my mum's is getting put back to normal rather slowly. My brother and his wife have left, as of Sun. evening, and my sister and her family have left as of this morning. The piles of left over food have been eaten or thrown out, and many left overs are in the freezer. Thank goodness for blenders, or all that fruit would have been a true waste. And 3 kegs, what were we thinking? We finished the first keg Sunday evening, mind you the after party was Sat. Well the Hop Rod Rye by Bear Republic has been tapped and the kegerator is happily chugging away. Just one keg after that...ah double IPA's what's a body to do, but to go into liver failure. HA. I've been pacing myself and inviting peeps over, plenty. The great thing is that we can count on quite a few people to help us out. Thank goodness.

So if you really want to know, Sprout is well, ok. I say that trepedatiously, because it's not fantastic. But it's off the needles. For the most part. But it's just probably going to need to be fixed a bit. I didn't finish the neck shaping correctly. Perhaps I should just become a milliner (hat maker) and buy sweaters from here on out.

Currently there is nothing on the needles, but the Red Scarf Project is due soon, so I should cast on for a scarf. After all the other Beer Bitches are already half way through theirs. And then I was also just reminded that Halloween is coming. And even though I'm not sure if we'll go up to my brothers in Portland for his annual party, or stay here and go to one of our friend's house...well either way a new hat must be made. One of difficulty, one that requires shaping, or maybe some needle felting. Then the question that every artist hopefully comes up with "Are my mad skills good enough?" I mean how does one go about making a shaped frog hat with a snail sitting on it's head in the size of one of my mini top hats?

See that little guy, I've posted him before. He's my muse for the next hat. My thought process leans towards using a mold to get the shape of the creature down. So that would be a statuette of a frog sitting, that I could mold some green gauze over. I would need to use a stiffening agent, generally matte varnish and some gel medium. For the eyes, I could use some of the plastic eyes I have, there's only about 500 of them. And then for le piece de resistance, a needle felted snail, feelers and all. I believe a brim would be fantastic. Ahh epiphany! I have just the right size of frog to use. And a little embroidery could bring the piece to life. I believe I can see the fabrication now...
Ok sorry I was stuck in me head there for a second.
See this Saturday I was asked by a long time friend and mentor where I've been going with my art lately and I must admit there really hasn't been any for a looooong time. But it's got me to thinking about how we come up with our ideas and for whom we make our art and what is supposed to be done with it when it has been fabricated. I mean I could go about making more and more hats and just really focus on the art and the fabrication of said pieces but does that make them art. And if it does what do I do with them. What would I do with them. Show them in galleries, sell them and make some money. That's always been a bit of what holds me up. Where does one go with it now....
Well that's what I am going to have to really work on. Just because I have an office job doesn't mean I have to give in and give up. Just means I can buy more supplies, right.

Ok enough introspection. Can I tell you a secret.
shhh it's kinda cool. And I really am not meaning to brag or talk up myself, but my husband really is the sweetest thing. He registered us at Sears. Yeah right great, well it get's better. He registered us for something I've been pining over learning for what like 5 years now. We are now the proud owners of a welder. I'm beaming and at the same time trying not to crack a smile, that's not easy you know. A his and her's welder. I feel silly. And a bit worried that it won't hold the fascination over me that it does right now once I get into playing with it. But the possibilities are really endless in the things that I could make. I believe I will begin with a mushroom seat. We have a round spool previously used for cables in the backyard that could use some new chairs. The empty kegs just aren't cutting it. So there you have it. The husbeast and I have a new toy. At least one of us can already weld. And at least one of us is rarin' to learn.
Cheers all and today, let's just say Happy Creating what eva' it is that you create.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Warning, incessant reception babble ahead:
I still have all my hair (until I get it cut tomorrow).
And things are still falling into place.
Granted we only have a tentative menu, but that's okay because that's the kind of people we are. Hence our elopement to Carson City back in April. I still say eloping was way better than going to the vintage motorcycle races in Willow Springs. But I do miss the smell of the race fuel. And obviously I didn't get my fill of motorcycles this weekend as the Husbeast did by going down to the Triumph rally in Cambria. How cute is he though, he took my little Kawi W650, and reported back that she handled like a little trooper and he was able to keep pace with the guys in the front of the pack. That requires a general speed of 100 mph. Ah that must have been a blast. Darn, I erased the picts that my brother sent me. Oh well some other time. But she's so cute and looks like a little vintage triumph, even though she was manufactured in 2000. (Far safer by my book than an old bike anyday.) See that wasn't so bad, now was it.
Onto the hap making process:
While the husbeast was off cavorting with the old farts down south, I should have cleaned, but I felt it was a bit unfair for me to clean while he and the roomy were off having fun, soooo...
I made a new hat. It's gorgeous! Not like the little mini green top hat, I went beyond that one. It's still a mini topper, but done with a color changing silk, matte in texture with a bit of flowers and swirls in pattern embroidered on. So neat (I heart Poppy fabric). The embellishments are where it really started to sparkle. I picked up a brass art nouveau piece of metal from a local bead shop in Niles, stitched it onto a side, and put some ribbon around the base of the topper. The ribbon is crumpled and held on with mother of pearl buttons, my homage to the Pearly Queen, and the White Stripes. There is an albino peacock feather with some nice green feathers on the opposing side to the brass "broach" like piece. And more but tiny ribbon on the top of the topper, where the other seam was visible. The back is finished with a white flower rose on a bed of the purple ribbon. It's done. All I need to do is go and grab a hair comb to hold it in place onto of my pile of hair. And yes ladies it is important that you pile your hair in a somewhat Victorian fashion, other wise the hat just looks like a tiny hat on your head.
I still don't have my photoshop up, but i now have the gimp installed, yes he comes with his own straps and everything...j/k. The gimp is a free software that acts the same as Photoshop, but is not as user friendly. I miss my photoshop, it's just so much easier...oh well I lament.
What I was trying to get at is that I will, yes last promise because this hat needs to be seen, will have a photo posted pronto. Reception does take precedence right now though. So after this Saturday I am all yours!
On the knitting front, I believe Sprout may be able to be finished up this week, but my time is beginning to become constrained. BUT it matches so freakin' well. I must finish it. Button band be damned.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Way past groggy

I'm just pooped. I'm sleeping in tomorrow.
So I replaced one house guest with another, and well hopefully the friend from China will stay at his respective house tonight, because I need my me time. Love having them there, but they stay up so late, and I work in the morning. Just not fair. Oh well, it's still great to see them both. Did I mention my realllly good friend is here from China with his wife and kid until the 14th. Oh well he is, and then in a year's time he'll be coming back home to Eastbania to stay! Yeah our kids can grow up together when the husbeast and I start having them. Now that's cute.
The Sprout Cardigan is just about done. I'm getting closer and closer to finishing up, and it's refreshing to be able to K2tog, or SSK and have just that many fewer stitches on the needles. And boy is that puppy getting heavy. I could only imagine a full size sweater with an aran weight yarn. Yowsa.
Tonight's the Beer Bitch meetup, and then my head will hit the pillow, or even better I'll just fall asleep on the couch until the husbeast tells me to go to bed and I grumble rumble at him and head off to wash my face and fall into the sheets. Ahhh I can already imagine my soft squishable pillow all curled up underneath my cheek. Eeeieie I can't wait to go to bed. (How old I am, how old I am...)
One of these days I get back to my computer, I really do have a few silly shots to show off for ya all.
cheers and til then, happy knitting.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

off and running

Ok, so I am busy, I have 50 million things running through my mind right now, but I am remembering to breathe.
The house guest leaves tonight, and then things will be a little more normal. Love my little actress friend, but she's still a little untimely in her visit.
I haven't found the time to finish or start a new hat, nor plant my huge split leaf philadndren trunk from my mum.
But I have found the time to go shopping. And the favors are done, the table decorations are ready (aside from the flowers).
A few more things nee d to happen this weekend, then I cross my fingers and hope that it doesn't rain on the 11th. Evidentally there is a chance of rain on friday the 10th, but the weather forecasts are only 10 days. Agh the agony of one night's wait! But listen to me I'm being melodramatic. I swear if I wasn't already wed, there would be serious thought about all these precedings. No wonder no one wants to have a HUGE wedding nowadays. It's a lot of effort. (well I imagine it would be.)
So onto the topic of knitting. There has been knitting now that Potter is done with. The cables are finally coming along on Sprout, albeit it's taking longer thatn it should have due to because I keep futzing up. I don't know what happened all I know is that all of a sudden it was all in the wrong place. So I ripped, three times down to different places, and finally started from nearly scratch. I hope it fits, but since it's such an easy cardigan, I'm not that worried. I think it's going to be cute. I don't know, we'll see.
Ahhhh, breathe, rain...