Monday, August 3, 2009

Been Awhile

Hello again,

it's been ages, and yet...

I don't miss this little blog.

Sorry but it's true.
Life is considerably busy with the little guy
Ian (6mo) with Great Grandpapa Macdonald 7/09
I lurvs the drool.
So as I was saying this blog has been replaced by the ever invasive Facebook. But who knows I may indeed find time again to contribute to the ol' blog. Sorry to keep anyone hanging, as I know I have. Very sorry indeedy.
But on a good note I have begun my first quilt, for the little guy of course.
Stay golden pony boy stay golden.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Still Preggers

Tomorrow is my son's due date. I'm rather excited and eager to meet this little guy that's been growing in me for the past 10 months. I have a sinking feeling though that he's going to be a little late, maybe not that much but a few days, we'll see.
So that's where my mind is at, as well as the husbeasts~ he's been rather cute demanding that the little baby come out. But you know what happens then, we'd actually have to name the little guy. Frightening.
On the knitting front I've been knitting mice still for a little baby mobile it's pretty cute and the mice are nearly done. But the rest of the mobile still needs attention.
I've contemplated millinery styles and what I could make next, since I missed the Edwardian Ball this past weekend, poo! Of course that would require a trip to the city for some delightful fabric shopping, so maybe after the little guy is here... or such. No promises.
So that' s where everything sits at, still waiting.
Sorry to have put a few people on hold, but my focus is a bit awry at this point in the game. Soon though soon. Thanks for the patience.
Cheers and happy wintering.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ok ok ok!

Since I made a comment on my friends page and I'm already logged on, HI All!
Me and the little guy growing me are into the final leg of our journey together, and eek I'm uber excited to meet him, but at the same time still loving having him here with me. I suppose I'm a bit selfish, the husbeast keeps begging him to come out so he can meet him, well that and he keeps asking him to bounce on my bladder. Gotta love a good man with a sense of humor, just wait til he has to change poopy diapers, vengeance will be mine, muhuahhhauuh.

So in these past 3 months, I've mostly been incubating, spending gobs of money on baby crap, a new car with more than 2 seats! I *puffy heart* my new 09 Subaru Forester. I've spent lots of time with good family and friends, learned some basics to Belly Dancing. And lost my 82 year old grandmum (she had dementia for about 7 or so years and was ready to move on). Then a few weeks later my beloved Haze (11 y.o. pitbull) passed away after some major surgery but thankfully he didn't have to suffer through the terrible cancer that was discovered that was about to start ravaging his body. Honestly I suspected the cancer, but not the untimely passing.

I've done little crafting, I knit the cutest turtle w/ a removable shell, part of a sweater that I'm not sure I like, part of a glove, and am currently starting on a mouse mobile for the babies crib. I made blueberry jam, white peach jam, and lemon curd for the seasonal pressies to friends and family. The sugar cookies were all right, but the Russian teacakes were a flop w/ too much butter and I just didn't have the energy to correct my mistake, and dumped the batter a week after making it.

Here I am biding my time until a few weeks from now I am a mother with a squeaky little boy in my arms. Not sure what else there is to tell, as I'm a little rough around the edges from not writing for such a long time.

Next time it is then.