Monday, July 14, 2008

So Long, Hello Again

It's been real lovely not blogging, I must say a break from time to time certainly is a good thing, like a mini vacation, but without actually going anywhere.
Thanks to the neighbors generous white peach tree branch, I've currently picked and blanched enough peaches for 4 batches of jam. The first two I made as a double batch and got 6.5 jars of White Peach Jam w/ Lavender, and honey instead of sugar. The first .5 jar is empty and wow, it was a soft textured jam, sweet and creamy, with just the loveliest hint of lavender on the taste buds. I would normally have used my own lavender, but I had recently picked up some real nice cuttings from our local Trader Joe's and the aroma really carried through. The husbeast, without trying it, has already declared yuck on the prospect of lavender in jam, so all the more for me and my lady friends. There are still a few more peaches to make but they shall be either hand pies, or the husbeasts grammies peach pie. Yum.
The knitting is on hiatus while the summer months wear on, but soon things shall be made.
On the hat class scene, Lynn McMasters, gave a rather informational hat class on making wire frame hats at Lacis this Saturday. I enjoyed myself and the company of the other ladies while working away on my little Victorian Bonnet. It has yet to be finished as I've been hand stitching 1/4" straw braid to the little frame. Her examples were really wonderful and inspiring, but the teaching a little unprepared, which was actually quite all right by me. But now I must admit I want the other pattern from the class on how to construct wire frame Edwardian hats, think really big brimmed.
Speaking of holidays, the husbeast and I are debating where we should take our first vacation in pretty much 2 years. The possibilities are endless, there's the AZ/NM desert, Zion/Bryce Canyon, Virginia (family), WA/Canada. The choices are just so wonderful, and who knows we'll probably only have 2 weeks. Oh where to go, what to do. We'll see.
Ta for now, and eventually I'll have picts of the adorable swap that made it to my door, you'll see just how cute the little Jenny Julep doll is. Then one day I must post about the little hats still sitting in my house, currently in the closet!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What's New Pussy Cat,

Whoa Whoa Whoaaaaa.
Our pussycat, the enormous Franky aka the Puma has a friend, this friend's name is Buddy Boy. Buddy Boy likes to wake me up at 5, 6, or 7 in the morning and mewh to Franky to either have permission to come in, or for Franky to join him outside. And then he usually saunters through our house from the Puma's window and I've even caught the little bugger eating Frank's foodies. So rude! and so strange. We honestly thought Buddy Boy was a girl for the longest time, 'til I got hold of his collar and figured his name out. Sheesh, I suppose every one needs friends, but come on 5 in the morning, that's just not cool. Thank goodness for squirt bottles, they're my friend...

This last weekend a couple of our friends married, it was a quaint wedding at another friend's home in the hills above where we used to live. A couple days before I pulled my millinery self back together and made a little fascinator for myself to wear. I went with green silks, and earth toned feathers, brown-white-and green/black. Then I topped it off with 3 little blue cornflowers from my garden and a few blue bonnets. And threw on some lovely antique lavender veiling. Aside from the fact that if I bent over the fascinator would fall off, I couldn't even tell I was wearing it. I must say also it was nice to be one of the only women wearing a hat. I felt like I had a complete outfit on, and I actually felt more like a lady because of it. What a *fascinating* concept in space and time travel...wait that's the book I'm reading, silly Douglas Adams.

The blanket slowly grows I knit more rows on that third border a couple of nights ago, still not quite ready to cast off. I believe I will take someone else's advice and single chain around the outside of the blanket to keep it where it should be.

This weekend dawns the fourth of July and believe it or not, we once again have nothing to do. We toyed w/ the idea of making a jaunt out of town, but instead I believe we'll be BBQ'ing w/ friends if they'll come over. And then this weekend I'm jamming. I love jamming and I haven't jammed successfully in quite a few years. Up on the board is raspberry jam w/ my mummy, then Saturday I'm making white peach avec lavendula for the first time in years. See I recently discovered that a branch coming over our fence from a neighbors is actually from a happy and very healthy peach tree. White peach that is. I think I may hand them a jar since they are so wonderful for growing so many lovely fruit trees. Maybe they'll offer me some of their plums, yum. They also have a choyote squash that seems to invade every summer too. Those squash get real big if you let them go, and are real good otherwise.

On the pict behalf there are plenty to be coming especially of the cute little fascinator, I just have to nudge my way onto the computer. The husbeast has been updating and making his website, so I'm like a little intruder to his island when I try to get on it, I swear I'm not just being lazy, honest.
cheers til then.