Friday, September 28, 2007

Ahh the sweet sweet sounds

I love my little concertina. She is beautiful, and shiny, and full of pep. Sorry no picts, but she has a red varnish, and green bellows with a floral print in between them. The handles are a little big, but I have a leather punch that can adjust that easily enough.
Last night was neat, it was a little mini adventure for me. Going into the city, gahd it's been soooooooooo long since I've been there. And Union Square, what a place, all those shops. Now if only I had money to play with! The young was cordial enough, and a rather strange boy obviously, but harmless and rather gracious.
I scampered away with my little concertina in my hand bag (yes it's a magic stretchy hand bag) and BART'd home. BART is our local train system like a subway but less all emcompassing.
Well I raced downtown to the Beer Bitch meetup and lo and behold there were still knitters about.
I did get some knitting in. I've made another tam hat, and finished it this morning. But I dare say it's anything worth photographing. Perhaps I can trade it for something this weekend at fairs...we'll see about that.
I got a little playing in last night on the concertina, much to the horror of the roomy's dog, and then some whist waiting for the plumber this morning. But that's it a little here and a little there. I am certainly not a virtuoso, but I still smile when I play and that's why I got it.
Next time, I promise pictures and mayhaps even a proper name, Moana just doesn't suit.
Cheers and happy whatevering this weekend.
Off to Faire I go, yet once again!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bad Big Brother

or is it Bad Little Blogging Sister... well either way, Ravelry is no longer something I can do at work, due to an Access Restriction. That's where the bad little me comes into play. So I suppose I should start using my Mac at home again here soon, shouldn't I. It's just no fun sitting at home on a stupid computer when that's allllll I've done all day long already. Oh well. I'm not even that much of a neat freak to be that blown away be Ravelry anywho... *walks away pouting!*

So on a good note, I'm off to the city tonight to meet this mysterious seller of concertina's to pick mine up. (Don't worry we're meeting in public, and out in the open, and I've given my best bud all of his info.) I'm thinking of naming her Moana. Rather apropos for the things I'll be doing to her this weekend. God help my camping neighbors. And hopefully I can successfully sneak back into faire, and bug all the goober workers over there with Moana. It's already devising into a rather strange weekend. But the details would give me a bad reputation, and well who wants that out in the open. Nothing bad of course, just dirty laundry that ya'll aren't privy to.

Good news, I'm a swapping fool, but that's all I will say, so as not to jinx my own creative bloom. But eehgahds the ideas swirling in my head tend to make me dizzy and longfull for the things I can't get to as of yet. Damn working hours and stores' open hours, and crap and stuff and poo!

I'll be late to knitting with the Beer Bitches tonight, perhaps I should tell someone, hmm I'll try.

Just a short and sweet one today ta for now.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm rolling........rolling I tell you

Shall we talk of desires today. They're a strong thing and well I'm not able to contain mine sometimes. And I've been dreaming of such a thing for soo very long now, at least two years. I've yearned since I stepped foot into the Cotati Accordian Festival and was just blown away by the fantastical tunes of the little guys. Well I broke today and searched on craigslist, and well there was one, it's an Hohner Anglo Concertina with 20 buttons. Red with green floral bellows. I've emailed the guy selling it, and he's accepted my offer of $80 and a bottle of wine. How fantastic is that! I'm just about to burst out of my skin on this here.

So in celebration of my little concertina, I give you horrible cell phone picts of the hat I made this weekend...and please pardon the hoooorible picts, but heh what's a girl gonna do.
Lord, who knew I was such a goth princess. Normally I am not, but it's for All Hallows Eve, who can resist such temptations. And yes, the bells does a little tinkle. The skeleton dude needs better attachment for sure.
Ohhh I nearly forgot. Last night after a little trip downtown after work, we came back home and it turns out the husbeast had a little too much imbibe. Thankfully I was driving, but he comes into the living room where the roommate and I are chatting away, and the beasty announces "I just fell backwards off the railing onto the grass, and landed on my feet!" I know I know, I couldn't believe it. But he's perfectly fine today, and not even a scratch. But oh my that could have been horrible, and we wouldn't have even known where he was for the longest of times. I still can't believe it he fell over the railing! and landed perfect. Of course I did have enough forethought to ask him if he threw his hands up as would a gymnast, cause you never know if there will be a slew of judges looking on waiting to give a perfect 10 score out. No, seriously that was my exact reasoning.
I don't know what's happening to me, maybe it's the impending full moon, or just the comfort of being married, but I feel as though I am getting stranger and stranger in my old age. I am not complaining, but perfectly happy with just as much. I do pity our poor children to be, they're going to be weird little ones, and horribly awkward and geeky. Poor fellas.
Anon and cheers biotches.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Monday!

Ahhh, what a lovely and somewhat relaxing weekend. It rained, I saw one lightening strike, and now it's blue skies and much warmer. Just so strange the difference of 2 days makes here in East Bania.
I have 0 knitting content to speak of. The Hemlock blanket sits on hold, the Chevron Scarf sits around, and the Tam hat is waiting for me to create some sort of lace pattern in the color change. All horribly boring, needless to say.
So what I'm so happy over is the change in the season. The beauty of the season as the colors change, or the smells take on a new and effervescent tone. Autumn may very well be my most pleasant time of the season. Well that and Spring, both birth and renewal.
I'm also stoked over next's another Faire trip, and this time we're camping. Thanks to the roommates quickness. There's nothing quite like camping at Faire, sneaking into the after parties even though we're outsiders. But really since I already know a few of the faire staff, and I've worked yeeearrs ago, and I constantly get confused for a participant does that make me an outsider? I don't think so.
And thirdly the most ecstatic reason for the season, well I was good/bored while waiting for the husbeasty to wake up Sat. (it was a very long wait) I began what is starting to look like my ideal Swampwood Sweatheart mini top hat. This one is a bit more mad hatter-esque.
You may remember my previous hats were all made with a glue, varnish base which was rather unreliable when trying to get everything taught. In lieu of the glue I headed for the needle and thread this time, and am rather stoked on the outcome. The process was far more clean, but a bit more lengthy. Which really isn't such an offset, as the piece looks much better than the others.
The fabric is black sheer, with embroidered flowers. This hat stands far taller with a wider top than any of the others. The construction was the same as all the others, but with a ton of pinning, and well, less fabric. I left the edges turned out and raw, but close to the seams. And for blocking I grabbed a can of starch. Boy what a difference. I did starch the middle band before sewing it to the top and brim, then restarched and blocked it last night. I blocked it a bit square! Well the two sides are square as the front and back remain a bit rounded.
I used a deep maroon silk ribbon as a band, layered with some black trim with little bits of pale pink. It's still a bit of a work in progress but I'm ahead of the game, for once. The coup de gras is what makes this hat sheer brilliance. I took one of the skeleton beads from faire, it's about an inch and a half tall and used a bunch of copper wire and beads and made a cradle for him. The cradle is a cross between a tree and a swing. This all is attached to a small piece of driftwood, and sewn to the hat. A couple of other skeleton cards sit on the other side of the brim. And well I'm still trying to create a few more things for it.
But oh my golly! I'm rather stoked over the whole affair, but am out of wire, so kinda bummed as I can't start another one yet. I have some red silk in line, just in case one looks better over the other in effect for the costuming. The idea for the red silk is flames and the devil.
So we were in a hurry out of the house this morning (yeah for carpooling) and the light was just perfect. I should have taken a pict, but well I'll try tonight.
You'll see.
I may just have to add millinery to my blog name ;^)
cheers and happy falling (get it autumn)! Gahd I kill me!
I know there's a PS to this blog entry, but I keep forgetting what it is......Zut!
I got it, it's a movie. I viewed this diddy on Friday whilst waiting for the septic guy to come and suck all our old poo away. It was the most fascinating and unforgettable, and brilliant and entertaining, and dream inspiring feat I've viewed in years, bar none. The MirrorMask, by Neil Gaiman, and Dave McKean (who's art I fell in love with back in art school). Also Jim Henson Company has helped in producing this. If you have a chance, do rent this. Oh also there are accordians! I love accordians. It's my favorite muscial instrument. I've even been toying with the idea of getting a concertina, and taking lessons.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yarrr, soo it be that day again!

Ev'ry yarr 'bout this time te comes rrright rroun' again. Hide yer women, tether yer chil'ren tis' an invasion of the pirrates!

So this pirate walks into a bar, an' he 'as a steerin' wheel hangin' on his pants, thee beertender turns to 'em "Hey you have a steering wheel hanging from you junk there"
The Pirate turns to the beertender, "Yar know, it's drriving me nuts, yar!"

What's a pirate's favorite pair of socks?
~~~arrrrgyle's of course

How much does corn cost a pirate?
~~~~A buck an ear (buccaneer)

The Hemlock blanket, she be loungin' around waitin' for more yarrrrrn. But I'm onto the second chart as of now, aan' she be flyin' on the needles. Dunno why all the problems on the hemlock ring, almost seems like a bunch of ninnies runnin' rampent ove' thar. Makin' extra work out of nothin' an such.
In the mean time I have cast another tam on the needles. One that may actually fit on me 'ead properly! We'll see if I have enough yarrrrn! May needle to beg, borrow, and steal from other thingses.
I've gone bored over the Chevron scarf. It's al'ight, but borin' and the back in just kinda...borin'
so it sits on the coffee table it's three little balls staring up at me, as I ignore them for somethin' a little more spicy.
It seems the husbeasty and I shall be spending All Hallow's Eve up at my brothers, he's near Portland. Now onto the costume making. I'm leaning towards the most creative costume. Let's see if I can get at that one tharrr.
cheers ya lily livered land lovers, til thar be morrre, anon!

Monday, September 17, 2007

obligatory boobage!

I'm the "small" set in the middle in blue. If you look real hard you can see my hands still knitting!

Sorry, but it was actually more tame than the other pict of me and my other friend and one of the glass thingies that was in the um back room that she had in ahhh her bodice, that I was in no way insinuating doing anything nasty towards with my mouth agape, or anything of that manner and stuff, like she said!........ . . . . and without much further ado, the one day Tam hat, please pardon my shiny worker-bee nosicle.

Ahhh, just right

It's Monday, the scent of autumn does fill the air, seeping into my pores, begging me to let it take over. I love the autumn. Not that we have very many season's over here in EastBania, but still there is just that slight difference when it come around.
Yesterday was fabulous even better than Saturday. Both days I made my way out to the Nor Cal Ren Faire. Thank goodness for weekend passes, $35, is a great deal. I gnashed on gyro's both days and broke down on sun. and had a Sin on a Stick (frozen cheesecake dipped in chocolate and skewered. Couldn't quite finish it either.)
Many old faces were seen, and I did what I had set out to do. I made a female friend. Not quite as easy as one would think it to be, she was cool, and best definable as the pirate lass with the peg leg. (Yes a real one.) In past years I have set off and found a new boy or an old one to run off with and create havoc. Since I'm married now, it was time to switch things around a bit. Don't get me wrong I never cheated on my man, there were times when we were separated, or times when the romping was with a harmless friend. All in good sport for certain.
Saturday Faire was with the hippies, the crowd was large and rather overwhelming at times. The heat was a bit intense as well. As usual I used a woven scarf on my head whetted, this did famously, until about the second time I rung it out and my hands turned green. On the third wetting they were decidedly blue. I liked the contrast and it made me feel like an artist again. Quelle suprise!
Sunday although I was beat from all the rompings with the hippies I ventured back again with a few other hippies thrown in for good measure and this time my stitching lady friends and their respective families to boot. The going was slow, or perhaps better said to be at the pace of the snail. Some of us made 2 rounds to the faire, others got a few more than that in. I actually made it around about 3-4 times. But the best part was the hat. The night before I decided that I must make a hat or something. It was my gimmick, and it worked. I began a quick and easy tam that morning in the car, walked and knit on it for the better part of the day (when there wasn't drink or food in my hand) and finished it in the car on the ride home. I knit it out of Manos de Uruguay.
The Tam came out soooooooo soft I'm in love with it. Of course it's adorable but I feel it's a bit too big on the band. I want one that's tighter. I even went down a needle size. Go figure.
At faire there was finally a group of ladies selling roving and hand died yarns, so I snagged a skein in a multiple purple colorway, and love it. One of my lady friends indulged in the roving. Very nice.
I also broke down and indulged, majorly in some rather fancy pants. They're a bit like Harem pants but there is a band of elastic at the knee, and then a little more fabric, then a peacock lace edging with fringe that hangs to my mid-shin. Oh and they're a shiny striped periwinkle! Gorgeous. Now off with my tattered underskirt. The holes in that poor thing. I've never worn anything that tore so bad in a 24 hour period. Every time I would go to the lu, riiip, or walk, tearrr, ahh it was horrid.
I picked up a few skeleton beads, little guys that hang on to a string, and may be just the perfect accoutrement to a new hat...the frog and snail may have to be placed on hold until I can get the molding aspect of hats down. There was much inspiration at Faire this weekend. Unfortunately I wasn't inspired to spin yarn, or dye, or card. I was only inspired by the hat makers. What to do... I may just need to intern, volunteer, or work for one of the artisans at the next upcoming show. You know the one at Dickens. I believe she may be able to give me some insight. I admit I love hats. All hats, well of course some others better, but that's just preferential to style. Now onto felting!
Did I ever mention how lovely the Schaeffer Anne yarn is that I won from Spinnity? It's delightful and gorgeous, and earth tones and yummy sock weight. And the darn thing is just huge!
I totally have a pict from this weekend, but bloggers being a booger, so I will try again later.

Friday, September 14, 2007

gurgle blap gurggle grug.

what to say what to say...
well The Bonnie Beer Bitch meetup was a little disappointing last night, only 2 of us and well knitting was rather sparse, but there was some. I love working on the Hemlock Blanket, it's detail oriented and I've seen all those wonderful FO's so I'm like droolin' over here I'm telling you. Last night I did frog a few rows, my stitch count was off and I just wasn't getting the lace. I finally understood what was going on as soon as I had all the stitch markers in place, and the correct # of stitches between all. So as of this morning I am at that critical add on pattern part where the feather and fan starts, have yet to start it, am a little leery to, ah who cares I'll end up doing some later tonight I do believe. I've also begun the 3rd skein of the respun B.C. wool. It's only 53.5 yards, so it's going to go a little quicker.
I like having a good friend who is improving her spinning, and doing as much with crap I find for her. Perhaps I should find some nice roving as a pressie...or a yardage counter...or a ball winder. Eghads the possibilities are endless.
Work is slow, like dead slow. I can't wait to find out if my hippy friends were all able to change their Ren Faire date to Sun. as well. That would be most excellent. Then we could always arrange to camp there for next time and take the guess work out of all of this am I going 1 day, or 2 days...agggh.
The home inspection went well. The leak in the basement shall finally be fixed (yea for no more black mold!), the septic tanks will be cleaned, and the ants will be sprayed! That means the garbage and recycling came come back into the house before the cold weather hits. What a novel concept.
Cheers and happy whateva'ing this weekend.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hey, how's bout's a titles heres...

Are you still a Rockin' Girl Blogger if you don't know how to edit HTML? edit: hey, not HTML, just a stolen picture, well glad I finally figured that one out....

But seriously I generally Rock out with my Caulk out. Who doesn't love a little tile work! Ha, I kill me, well I certain someone may try now at least. Enough with the corn...
So last night on my walk w/ my lady friends, I was again reminded that I had previously referred to my boobs as the Enormoids from the Deep, well the friend that was so tauntingly reminding me of such tales just had it coming to her. So I named her's litteler than mine but not too shabby. Nah not really, they will actually forever be known as Hairy Fluffer Knuts. *squinches nose in retaliatory angst and cunningness!* I just wanted to get that out and in the open, in case I ever forget what I had renamed then to. Of course we were preparing for the big event this weekend, oh god I hope she doesn't slap me in public when she reads this. Thankfully she is blogless, and I will of course keep her nameless, ya know to protect the innocent and all.

What a dilemma, weld with the husbeast, or go to Faire 2 days in a row, with the monetary aid of the oh so generous husbeast. I may have to do the Faire thang. But repayment for such kindness, and him watching over my doggles, Haze, 2 days in a row. Hmmmmmm, what to do what to do.
The Hemlock Lap Blanket comes along well. Still not onto the additional chart, but am eagerly awaiting it. I have also received the third installment of the respun wool, woohoo.
As to which knitting shall accompany me this weekend, not sure, but I believe the Chevron scarf may travel the best as it is a smaller acticle.

and again in the immortal words of the creepy kid from Six String Samurai:
Madame Fury, good to be girl, Knit Sonya, Spindelicious, Nocturnal Knitter
yo peeps, like always, I will not be commenting on your blogses, so feel free to run with it. Get it tag, run... !
damn I'm outa here.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Onto something new.

When I first spied this little diddy over at Brooklyntweed, ~hello why have I never come across him before?~I nearly peed myself! Scroll down until you see his Hemlock Ring Blanket. Isn't it just to die for. So I cast on. Not right away, because I was waiting to hear from one of my lady friends to whom I had given some really bulky Alaskan yarn to respin. Well she came back with 2 skeins of this really rad respun wool. It's a tri-color gray in a worsted weight. Just the perfect size for the must have blanket. Both skeins were about 65yards, and there are still 8 more to come. Which is good because I've gone through the first one and am just starting the second. Yeah for tiny skeins which make me think I've done way more than I really have. The wool was purchased last June when my mum and I took a cruise up to Alaska with the company she represents. I bought it in Victoria B.C. in a tourist shop of all places. I remember each enormous ball was about $7 American. They wool was relatively loosely spun, so I took a chance, and Erin the Magic Finger Spinner that she is came back with such a lovely product. I love how all three colors have softened all the tones, and now keep the eye moving. The texture at first is rather rough, but every now and again this rad and weird sensation of silk seeps in. I believe it's much softer when knitted up also. I'm one happy camper here.

That's just a sneak peak of the inside. But all I want to do is curl up in a comfy chair and knit away. Kind of like calgon, take me away, but all, hemlock take me away... There is a knitalong set up for this pattern, and it seems like it may get a bit more confusing when I get to line 40 something or other, which is about 10+ rows off. So far smooth sailing. And it also has just the right amount of lace work. Not too much to drive me batty, and just enough to keep me focused.

This weekend ushers in the Renaissance Faire in our area, NorcAl, biotch. I missed the opening days, but I rarely ever go on opening weekend. This weekend though promises to be filled full of Fairing Frolicks. Maybe even twice the goodness, if the pocket book holds out. Not too sure on that front though. Saturday I am fo' sure going with the hippies, who could resist when the roommate drives, and I can drink a butt load, and have a day to recoup. There should be about 10 us going from Eastbania, and we're meeting up with 2 more from further south. Soooo it'll be a doozie. The theme is Pirate Invasion, which is fun, but I don't really fulfill that particular style. Close enough, gypsy, pirate, rapscallion, whateva. The costume is ready to go. This year I am on the lookout for a green long skirt, maybe a new clay jug (for sneaking in wine), 2 more bottles of the Perfumed Dragon's Baltic Amber for me smelly parts (did I mention I rarely use deodorant~all that aluminium and everything - no I'm not a hipppy!-), what else, what else, hmmm. Well that's all I can think of right now without having gone yet.

All this talk about Ren Faire actually brings me to this, I kind of want to start going to or even working at Dicken's Faire. It's held at the Cow Palace in South San Fran, I've been once and was rather well entertained. There were dancers, singers, and just tons and tons of great and NEW things to do there. Also a bunch of new people. And the costumes are rather more ornate. Which is a problem in that it's harder to get a group gathered in such expensive garb. Well shoot I've been doing Ren faire for over 15 years, and I've always been a bit more peasantry than royalty or nobility. It's a stretch going from one style to another. I think if I were to start going to Dicken's I could drag the husbeast along much easier than to Ren Faire. I don't know why but he hates Faire. Which is a huge bummer for me. I believe what I'm trying to say here is that I'm trying to find a happy medium for the two of us to come to when it comes to the odd bits of entertainment.

Babbling done, cheers and here's to happy hemlocking!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Post # 80 and a ravelry invite!

Jeesh what a busy day.
So it seems that the weird weather that I thought was to be thunder storms is actually the convergence of two surrounding big fires that's making the skies all ethereal looking and sending pink light all around. Last night's sunset was firey, to the extent that I took about 100 picts. Soon my lovelies, soon. The computer is being slowly pieced back together.

If you're on ravelry you can find me under GypsyJunk. Neat site, but unfortunately it's been consuming my work time. I must pace myself...

Last night I knit not a stitch, I just sat around and slowly got over my triple shot espresso and claritan (sp?) overdose. Dang gotta remember not to do that again.

cheers til later

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

well then

I actually entered and won a contest, fancy that. I guessed how many books on knitting that Spinnity had in her collection. Well I was about 20 off and go figure that woman has 171 books on knitting. But her prowess with the needles really shows the education from all those books.

Neat-o banditto.

This incoming yarny bits certainly would be perfect for a second chevron scarf, as I think the first shall become a holiday pressie for the new mum-in-law. But a second, hmmm well maybe I could keep something for myself (like that'll happen with the coming holidays!)

The scarf progresses a bit, last night I got fed up with separating the plies from each other while on the needles, as well it didn't really work. So I broke the yarn and separated them while watching Eureka. I love that sci-fi channel, such great shows, and such horrid B movies on the weekend.

As I was sitting on the couch knitting on the Chevron scarf, the husbeast turns to me, and asks if I wasn't just knitting something for him. As in his requested pair of fingerless gloves, or his double sided scarf. My reply was a bit rude, but true, I told him, no I was making a scarf for his mum, and that he was just too picky. But now I think I should start working on his gloves, not that he doesn't already have a pair, that just needs the finger holes closed up. And not that he doesn't already have a scarf in Fair Isle that reads Triumph across the neck with a set of iron crosses on the ends. Both items of knitwear being done in Alpaca only, as he refuses to wear anything else! But I'm actually rather honored that he likes my knits so well, that I think I will make him that double knitted scarf for Christmas...another Triumph or Thruxton down the middle with something on the ends. I don't know. But I do know that there wouldn't be a any surprise, just because he is so picky, I insist upon his collaboration in these matters.

You'll have to excuse my writing today, as I've just downed my typical 3 shots of espresso, but on top of the 12 hour Claritan, I feel a bit off sorts. In fact my limbs are a little numb and I just feel totally weird.

I think we may have thunder storms tonight, or soon. It's just muggy and warm and overcast, but rather warm. I love thunder and lightening. They're a real treat in over here in Eastbania. Like maybe once every other year we'll have thunder and lightening. And no where near as dramatic as in the desert, but it'll certainly do.

I'm done,

cheers, and happy knitting

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

ahhhh holidays

What a novel notion having 3 days off. I only left the house once on Saturday, otherwise that we stayed put, and it was just lovely. We did have people over for a BBQ, you know all the peeps that didn't go camping. It was fun and a bit boring, but all in all it was rather impromptu. And in most ways I must say we have some rather kookie friends. Nothing was ready in time, all the food came in more like a 7 course meal action. But once that was over with, out came the instruments. I hope our neighbors left, but I really don't think they did.

We all shared instruments, and let me just be the first to say I haven't played a true piece of music since 5th grade back when I played the cello. The husbeast and I dug out or roomy's trombone, and harmonica, and someones left behind and broken (but fixed by hubs) drum peddle, and an electric guitar. One of the friends brought a very nice acoustic. Then I was bad...I went and dug out my child's accordion. Really it's more of a squeeze box w/ 2 cords. But lemme tell's real fun to play on New Year's Eve at our local camping spot, and even better in their toidies. (bathrooms another words).

So there we are, sitting around our little bonfire, shooting shots of Casadores, each person playing a bit of this instrument, and then passing it along to the next person, and so on and so on, until we had each played everything we wanted to. It was fun! It was silly, it was cacophony! Let's just say I really can't hold a tune on a trombone, nor a harmonica (sometimes) and well the accordion no one can hold a tune but it's cute and makes hideous noise.

But that acoustic guitar. Oh my! I would almost go out and buy one for myself if they weren't so darn costly. I haven't played a guitar with such gusto and conviction as I did on Sat. I really enjoyed the sounds and the way that they just rolled off of the cords and out of the body. What fun!!!!

What a night, awkward and just weird. Much akin to most of our gatherings.

On the knitting front I dug through my stash and came across some sock yarn and another mystery yarn. The sock yarn is Jojoland, and the mystery stuff is 2 ply that I am currently unplying as I go along. So there's the green stripe and the blue stripe that are from the mystery yarn. Oh yeah, I'm using these things to make the Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Yeah for crappy cell phone picts!
Cheers all and Happy knitting.