Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Onto the 14th

I am currently working on perhaps the 14th or 16th pair of mittletts. Really though all they are is filler~bunny. I know that when I can't make what's in my mind I can aimlessly knit mittletts. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there with an addiction to just one pattern. I've perfected the pattern to my own suits. Adding stitches or subtracting, depending on the recipients hands, changing the length and or the cuff pattern. The possiblities are endless.
I did take picts last night, and will maybe post them...
On the gocco front, my opinion of the seller has most certainly changed. She is now the Queen of McFlakersons. Wherein she would offer goodies to be sent with my late shipments, then the goodies never showed up..!?. Um, okay. Thanks for making me wait 3 weeks for some freakin' ink lady. Gosh glad I went over to Berkeley and grabbed 16 tubes of color you don't offer on your site.
But that's cool. I have ink, I have gocco'ed. And I believe I may have even confused a friend when I made her sit down and draw for her dinner the other night. When I took her drawing and did the little tutorial with her, she just sat there quietly as I kept stamping more and more and even more of her pretty little drawing. I can't say she was drunk. She doesn't drink beer, and we had nothing other than that to offer. She just had the oddest expression on her face.
Suppose you're wondering where the picts of the inked images are huh, well I suppose I could be diligent enough tonight to shoot them and perhaps even if I'm motivated to, I'll post them... how's that for cool.
I have to tell you though I'm not much of a drawer, so I've traced all the things I've done so far. If only we had a working laser printer.
Hope all enjoyed the looong weekend, the husbeast and I planted and rototilled, and dug ditches. But the backyard is really starting to shape up, what with all the new sage and salvia, butterfly bushes, honey suckle, passion vine, ferns, lilies, poppies, and whatever else we planted. I can't wait until I can put my seedlings in the ground. Yeah those were begun this weekend also. A little late, but not bad for flowers nonetheless.
Last night the mum in law had us come by, so we got to drop off her mum's day pressie, of a Blood Peach tree. We exchanged the tree for a dish washer, of all things. It's so pretty and clean that it makes the oven it's next to look really ugly and dingy. I offered to spray paint the oven for the boys, but they would have nothing to do with it...hehehehhhheee.
Currently the best friend, Mary, is still in Ireland, having what I assume to be a grand ol' time. I'm watching her pooches, in exchange for an Irish cap ~she also keeps threatening yarn, but whateva'. That's cool too.
Cheers til then.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

That was rather strange

So last night, was very odd. As I've mentioned we kind of live in the wild. There's turkeys, and wild pigs, deer and raccoons (during the day), plethora of wild cats, and foxes. All these animals even though there's a major state university just up the hill from us, and a bustling ghetto down the hill from us. All this said it's a quiet neighborhood filled with empty and abandoned state owned houses. There's only 2 neighbors on the court and everyone is pretty rad.
What I'm getting at is that last night as I was going into one of our back rooms, with the lights still off. The roommate's dog was sniffing at something that I thought was apart of my Renaissance Faire costume, I saw fur. I turned on the light and was confused, at first. Before me lay a tiny wire hair creature I totally thought was a rat, it was all balled up and had a rat's tail. After further exploration I finally realized it was a baby opossum. The strangest of things. It must have wandered in through one of the open windows, lord knows when and the dog was rolling it around.
I thought the poor bugger was dead, but I saw an eyeball looking at me. So I had the roommate run and get me a towel from the kitchen, and I scooped him up. After roaming around the living room looking for some shoes, I took him outside and placed him in the old neighbors yard.
Unfortunately I forgot to look for him this morning, so I really hope the little buggers alright. He was small enough to fit in the pal of my hands.
I held a baby opossum in my hands, how totally prosh is that. He popped his head up once while in my hands and was all, what's going on!
I still can't believe it. The husbeast he believes he may have come in the night before and was in the kitchen late at night, scurrying around. Seriously too cute though. I wish there had been a picture taken so you could see his little nosicle, and all those little teeth. ;)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a few obligatories

So I was over at Article Pract the other day, picking up the Habu stainless steel/wool spools to make my floppy brim hat with, (I won't mention how that's not going) when I was drawn to a needle case that was absolutely adorable, with it's little lilies of the valley print. So I splurged, and now I can't even find who made this cutie. I do know that it was handmade in San Francisco. It really is perfect for all my needles and the notions. The gals over there really are nice, and rather hip.

My inks are on their way! Woohoo. In the mean time the husbeast and I are going over to an art supply store tonight to pick up some extra inks, and hopefully some silver for the invites. Another one of the perks of living in Eastbania is that there are a good number of artist supply stores.
Isn't it pretty, look how it just wants to stamp something. It's just waiting to be abused. Ahh it's killing me.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I like getting up early

This was taken a few weeks ago when the computer was on a bit of a fritz. But gosh the sky was just so brilliant. And the color quality is rather similar to what you *hopefully* see. I swear the sky was like a watercolor. All murky and dreamy. What you can't see is that we have a rather decent view of the bay from the hill. Also behind the stupid Eucalyptus tree is actually the San Francisco skyline, but we can't really see it that well, again that darn tree.

I'm liking this moving in thing. It's taking forever though, perhaps that's because I move like 5 boxes at a time. Slowly though, it's piecing all together. Very daunting. I can't imagine what I would do if the place didn't have 4 rooms. 3 of which the husbeast and I occupy with our crap.

I have to admit though, I'm multi~tasking, so if my words seem wonky, that's because I'm working, and making reception to do lists, and writing. Eeeh! We finally decided on a reception date, Aug. 11. But we're holding it at my mum's house. It's a rather nice place, but needs a lot of yard work, and everything else...

I'm excited. Currently the husbeast is en route to my office from his with sushi! on the segway. Yes the company has 3 segways. Neat things they are, I just hope the arse-holio coppers on the island don't pull him over. mmmm sushi good.

Oh that's right did I skim right by the pict of the turkeys doin' it. Doin' it and doin' it and doin' it right. Mmmmhum yeah right. You like how they're just looking at me all "excuse us~we're um, busy...can we help you." Funny thing is, they just stayed there as I took numerous pictures. Freakin' weird birds. They deserve it though, if only you knew the raucous they make night and day. I've even caught the buggers pecking at the neighbors vehicle. And let's not mention their propensity for motorcycles. They like to stand there, or even come after ya. Cheeky beaks.

So onto knitting news, the stash is being organized, and it's a bit bigger than I thought it was. Last night I was filling some wonderful book cases a girlfriend had given me Sun. The shelves are adjustable, which is great for books and bags of yarn, but when I lifted my old hard suitcase I queried why oh why could it be so heavy, looked inside and low and behold there's more yarn. I have yarn coming out of so many crevices I had no idea. And here I am all knitterly blocked.
Tonight I must begin a second pair of mittlets for the best friend who's going to Ireland with some other friends and her hubby. The first pair, well one was lost, so they're necessary, and I really don't mind. It's just that I have to give up more of my lovely yarn. Just kidding. I may love Noro Silk Garden, but I can totally afford to hand out a lovely matching pair. After all she has to help me plan my reception. hhehehhehhhhehheehhehhmhumhmmmmhuuuuhe.

On the Gocco front, I realized that I neglected to say where I got mine from, it was out of Florida, go here: I really like the gal, Judy, but through a series of Unfortunate events, I still have no ink, and still have no idea when it will get here. So I have the machine, I have paper, I have screens, but just the ink... So she's super nice, and super apologetic, and at the same time there was a family issue she was attending to in Canada, so I can give her that much. I suppose a note in the last shipping explaining where the ink was would have been the appropriate thing to do, or an email. That's the only thing I don't like. Or a response to my email...
I'm just eager though.

PS I don't seem to be able to email people back when they leave a comment, so please note that I'm not being rude. I will make an effort to comment back anything on your own blog, if that is what needs to happen.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I think I'm blushing...

well I suppose if I have an audience to this here page, then perhaps I should be a little more diligent in helping to maintain the commuKNITy. But I'm lazzzy, and I'm whining......
okay I'm done but seriously, I did blush when I noticed I was tagged for a meme. Which I find a little redonculous since I can't even say the word meme, is there an e sound on the end? Dunno...
But all the way from the Furious Knits:
a Meme. My first meme. And yes I doo feel like a virgin.

Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog. Here are my facts:
unfortunately I'm going to be a coward and not leave a comment on the blogs, but I know I should.

1. I once made a *knitted* wall for the San Francisco Travelling Jewish Theatre doing a outstanding play called the Devil on all Sides. It was actually the back wall to the house and a side wall with a door. The play was rather fantastic, the lead actress learned to knit for the part, but it was a rather heart wrenching story about family and love and life in war torn Bosnia.

2. I am a brat. An actual military brat born and raised on Treasure Island. Yes there is a real Treasure Island, in middle of the Bay Bridge between Sf and Oaktown. I grew up drawing pictures of the bridge with a boat and a mermaid floating in the water, and seagulls over head. I loved that chalkboard.

3. When I was a kid in elementary I used to do the school plays; I was the a chimney sweep in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mrs. Augustus Gloop in Willy Wonka, and the Baroness in Mary Poppins. I gave up acting in the 6th grade for some reason unknown to me.

4. I went to three different colleges, in 8.5 years. First was Sonoma State, man do they ever smoke 'em up there, that was the first year. Then I moved back home and went to SFSU, for 4.5 years, without ever declaring a major (a. they did suck donkey dode, and b. what a mess my life was). Through the excellent recommendation of my fav prof. at SFSU I got into CCAC, that's the California College of the Arts and Crafts. They removed the Crafts and now they're CCA- also the California Culinary Academy's acronym. Oh were we ever mad! But I finally graduated with a BFA (fine arts) in Photography. Unfortunately my school focused on the artist side of the degree, and I hate commercial photo, so I now work in an office.

5. I work for my mum. We have a great relationship. I generally have always hated authority, and will throw their crap back in their faces if they give me a hard time or mistreat my co-workers. My current co-worker has known me since I was 7. So in other words, my mum is my saving grace when it comes to employment. I'm also her third kid to work in the office. Maybe I've always just had crappy bosses, over bearing she bitches and small sour man terds...

6. My very first tattoo (there are 4 of them now) I never told my mum about. Actually the husbeast told my mum about a month ago when she finally saw a flash of it on my side. It's a morphing butterfly with a red inked wing on one side and the other side of the wings are a Celtic knot. Yeah , I just couldn't ever tell her. Kind of like how I had to have the husbeast call her to tell her we had just eloped. I called his family in fair trade. Can you imagine though having a tattoo that you never told your mum about for 12 years! Oh that just reads and sounds soooooo awful. But at the same time I can't help just to giggle. And yes it is on the side of my ribs, easy enough to hide, non.

7. Lastly but not lest, one thing, one thing. Got it, actually it came in the mail monday, and I'm currently waiting on the inks so I haven't mentioned it, but ready for it, I purchased a PG11 Gocco machine. Yes, I did say Gocco. Got your attention now. I've wanted one since one of my photo class mates did some crazy ass shit on hers in Alternative Processes class. But I was way too broke, and then they discontinued them. But my years of patience has panned out and I currently hold the latest and slightly better designed print Gocco in my hot little hands. Once I get the inks in, I'll be doing some playing around, and also be making my receptions announcements. And then we'll see how successful I am at graphic designs. But honestly my entire art school mantra was always to be able to incorporate textile and photo, and verse visa. I do believe I hugged it when it came in from Japan, and then I cut out the packing slip and kept it in the box.
Did I mention I hoard things? I'm just horrid in that respect.

And onto the other laddettes out there if you're reading this and in the infamous words of the weird kid in Six String Samurai "TAaG YOuuUR ItT!"
Inside a black Apple, Boogie Knits, Bitter Betty, Good to Be Girl~Amy, Amanda Button (Pandora's Button Box), January One, The Nocturnal Knit Witch, and Alyson ~you Yo-Yo
cheers all, and happy knitting. Tonight off to the Bonnie Beer Bitch meetup! Woohoo drunkin' knitting here I come. Woe is me the day we start trying to have kids, but til then it's the good life for me.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sooo super buzzy

Like a bee baby.
Totally (yes I am from East Bania and yes we still say totally and HELLA) buzzy like a bee.
I'm attempting to plan the 2 receptions, the family style brunch and the friend style kegger at the house. At least they are invite only. None of those mysterious guests at my par-tay biotch.
It's myyy wedding reception.
I've attempted knitting, but still not getting very far. The hat had 192 stitches in an all over faggot lace, but I didn't like the way the stitches were all leaning to the left. So I frogged it last night, and am currently reswatching. This time I'm just going to do some sort of feather and fan with knit stitches in between.
I haven't even fixed the mittletts for the x-mas reworking. Sorry friend. I just need to make a new pair in my spare time. Honestly I wasn't expecting to have to rework the mittletts at the time they were dropped in my lap, but I'll get to them.
I've been moving. That's the main reason I've been so absent. I've been moving 30 years worth of crap. I have books, lots of books. Most of which have already been moved, but the heavy photo books are still waiting. The problem is that I have no idea where to put all of them. I suppose I'll find just the place, but gosh it's not easy.
At least the kitchen is starting to look a lot better. The addition of my violet hutch, and the blue desk have really made a difference. I should take picts, but I've been lazy. And perhaps a little doubting of showing where I've moved into. It's a bit of a dive, not exactly the boys fault ~though they don't help the problem much ;) ~ but the house being rented is state owned and was taken through eminent domain 40 years ago. Needless to say the landlord hasn't done much for the property for a rather long time. The carpets are a mess, there's got to be termites, and it's not been painted in at least 15 years, and the back porch really shouldn't be walked on unless you're an 18.6 lbs. cat or a 14 lbs. dog. But it's getting better. And I may just take the picts of the kitchen. We'll see.
I know I'm babbling on, but there are still no picts, soon my pretties, soon.
I'll make an effort tonight to post goodies I've received, and oddities I've photoed.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Soo close

you could nearly smell the pictures they were just that close to being posted.
But alas again my poor computer had to/still is updating Adobe. And probably will be for who knows how long. Pooh! This started last night after the Darling husband :o) fixed the internet connection, and the printer's connection so I could both post and upload images. I dropped an image into photoshop, and Blammo~it went Adobe insisted upon updating. Well this time it's actually Adobe's fault. But still, pooh!

So in recognition of not being able to post any picts, yet again,
Here, take this:
a quasi bad camera phone pict, woohoo!
But what is this you may inquire, well lemme tell ya. You may or may not remember this post where in I had to go and track down 3 balls of a particular Rowan Cotton Glace, because I thought I had used all the ones I had purchased for the still unfinished sweater. Notice there are 4 in the same color, and then there are actually 2 more. One pretending to be a nearly finished sleeve. Hmmm seems they were hiding in the other half of my stash over at my mum's house, fornicating with her unused balls from her already finished sweater. Eesh how awful am I...
We'll see how far along the *update* is when I get home tonight. It hadn't visibly moved in 12 hours, so we'll just see, shall we.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

In a Whirl of Tuley Fog and Fancies

Silly name for a silly time in my life.
Guess what, I'm still married. Not that I would question other wise, it's just a joke my friend Mary was playing on me. "psst, psst hey you, guess what, you're a bride."~ahh she's sooo cute!
Tonight's a Bonnie Beer Bitch meet up, and I get to tell the majority of the ladies, and possibly one guy! that we eloped. I initially thought I would bring down a set of cupcakes that needed to be arranged into the words "We Eloped" before they could devour said cupcakes. But alas we really don't need all that sugar, and I've been busy being twitter-pated to even care to do any superfluous baking.
Last night the husbeast and I finally figured out where we would like to honeymoon. Some of the choices were: New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, pony carting in Ireland, Japan, motorcycling through China (and visiting a longtime friend ~hi Damon! and family), which are all really big time events with BIG time money. The money isn't really a prob, not like we're rich (only in name now!) but it's the experience, and time off.
So are you ready...
we've decided to rent a Eurovan/Westfalia! And drive from Eastbania where we live, stop in the middle of Oregon and visit the Angora goat farm his Godparents run, yes MOHAIR laddettes and laddies. Then stop off at my brother on the border of Oregon and Washington, then venture up to my uncle's in the Puget Sound, then hit Victoria for my lost Irishman's cap. Then taking a ferry or driving to Alaska. This is a rather long trip to be planned over 2 or 3 weeks. And in all honesty it's a continuation of the same trip we first took some four years ago when we first met and said, hey let's go on a road trip.
I feel like such a hippy. I swear I'm not. He may be. But I still protest that I'm a Bohemian, and a little bit of a gypsy.
But gosh how fun. I love a good long road trip.
cheers and here's to some mighty happy knitting.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Announcements, announcements, announcements...

Oh, aren't they horrid, just awful I tell ya. Can you tell just how off the sizes are? Yes literally inches. And let's not discuss the gauge. It's as if I changed needles it's sooo off on the second one. But these have come back into my hot little hands, after sitting around since the Christmas Knit exchange the Bonnie Beer Bitches and I had. I nearly groveled to the poor recipient when I got them back. Oh are you just now noticing my signature, the ends not being woven in, I think I need to direly work on that fact. But honestly after making 10 pairs of these things in less than 2 months, I was pooed. And I admit, they were the last desperate pair.

So I'll actually be knitting soon, once I get over my initial shock from the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, I had planned to knit, and knit, and knit. But as fate would have it I knit nil. No, it wasn't as if I had forgotten my knitting to go down to the races at Willow Springs. Not one bit. The fact of the matter, and the title of the post just stems from the Boy. Again, this is where I blame the boy again. But I suppose instead this time he's no longer the boy.
The reason you ask, well.......

still there? Here it is...

We eloped!!!!!!!

Ok really I was kidnapped, made to think I was going to the vintage motorcycle races, and once we were merging onto the freeway,

He says to me: I love you. We're not going to Willow Springs.

Me: Thank goodness. I thought as much, well at least I hoped we weren't.

He: We're eloping.

Me: dead silence that makes the boy nervous as we're nearly merging into a big rig. Finally he turns to look at me. Evidently I was about five shades of tickled pink, one of which must have been purple, because he keeps saying I was just so.

So I believe I giggled. Then full out laughed, and well let's just say I have yet to really stop grinning.

Through all the excitement the story spilled from his lips, as to how his plans over the last week were nearly foiled by so many different elements. Firstly my Greek buddy from Davis calling, where he and I made plans to go see the Red Elvis' play in the city on Sat. and he and his lady friend staying with us in our house. Supposedly the boy was jumping up and down mad that I was making those plans. But he trudged on and we still headed out to the "races" and I called the friend back, ate crow, and left a key under the mat. There were other instances, like me trying my best to not go, any time I could. But it happened. We got married.

I still have a hard time believing he finally asked, not only asked, but rather demanded. I do love him so, and now he is no longer the Boy, but no I believe Husbeast will be appropriate. It's that ginormous winter beard he boasts, and the big burly biker demeanor.

So it seems I am in the opposite boat as many of the other knit bloggers out there that are now preparing for their weddings. I now have to plan a reception. And I must insist that eloping (a 3rd generation fact of the husbeasts family, now!), is the best thing we ever have done. I would never want to be bothered with the head aches and hassles of a big wedding. And alllll that planning, oh no thanks. I won't miss that, nor the tens of thousands of dollars that could be put to such a better use, like a down payment on a house. But I'm stoked, don't get me wrong. I've just been witness to the hell it is to plan your own wedding, and I'm not that kinda gal.

Did I mention, I'm a bride!!!! eheeeeeehhee

No one knew. Well, his new boss caught him looking at rings on line, so he knew. But No One Knew. Oh, I lament on how sweet he really is. (well at least right now I do. But it's something to keep in mind. That feeling of something new.)

There it is. Saturday April 28, 2007 @ 2:22pm I was married to the love of my life, Graeme, in Carson City, Nevada, by the justice of the peace, at the same courthouse his mum and dad were married at nearly 33 years ago. I could only hope for such a long lived relationship with my husbeast.

Now comes the really hard part, how/where/when do we have this reception?