Monday, October 6, 2008

I knew it!

Don't you just love October. The smell of Autumn cascading down on us, the slightly muggy air, the stir of all Hallow's Eve in the blood. It's just lovely.
This weekend I made my first wreath for the front door. I love it, all orange, green, and purple w/ peacock feathers, and dried flowers. It's wonderous. I should capture an image of it, even if on my cell phone. Yeah fall.
I also broke down, and since I had some extra time before work on Friday I went to discount fabric in Berkeley. Well they didn't have the bubble gauze I was previously told was gone (go figure), but they did have the most wonderous brown striped fabric. Of course it's the same design as all my other hats have been but this brown is like hot chocolate in color w/ a dark brown trim and highlights. I paired it with a chocolatey pink, yes it does exist, and took my time sewing up a new mini top hat. Just in time for Halloween, it still needs a comb to hold it in place and some accoutrement, maybe a pink veil, and some skeletons, or such. It certainly did take longer than it has before, but I still have all the steps down, and I'm stoked. Wait til you see how precious and chocolate cherry it is. Not really cherry, but it just reminds me of the Sees chocolate cherries . Mmmm, chocolate cherries.
Annnnnnnd last but not least,
the husbeast and I went to a 3D ultrasound place Saturday and got to see some wonderful images of the leggy little one. It was so cute, he was sitting w/ his legs bent up and an arm around his leg, while holding onto the umbilical cord. And yes I did say he. ;) It's a boy. That's all the husbeast has uttered since then. So sweet. Now onto picking a name that isn't Hamish... ugh, please no. I was starting to think a little boy, he's just so big in there, and really low lying, which I suppose is a god send at this point since I don't get heart burn so terrible yet. But yeah it's a boy!
This Saturday brings on the last weekend for the Ren Faire here in NorCal. I'll be heading out that way with the hippies (our other friends), and enjoying the sights and sounds til Dicken's Faire rolls around in December.
In case any one was wondering, the California Zephyr train is so rad! Total vintage throwback to the 50's with it's streamline silver cars, solariums (upper decks are glass covered). The husbeast enjoyed the Baggage car best where the 2 wide doors were open and a railing protects one from falling out. It was old and bumpy and loud, he was like a kid in a candy store, all excited and standing watching the farms and mountains roll past. I highly suggest train trips, well if you can ride on a train that's not specifically Amtrak.

hmmm now to only devise a way to make an edible haunted graveyard for the husbeasts dessert contest at work... rice crispies molded into the shape of a tree w/ corn flake gooey bark. oh the possibilities. I love his work, they're so rad.

Monday, September 22, 2008

All Right.

Where does one start up again, well 2 weeks or 3 have gone by again. Another round of Thank You's to some lovely ladies for their well wishes. Thanks!
I've been working, well I had been working on my February Lady Sweater 'til I hit a segment of idiocy one evening and all of a sudden I was working Row 1 where I should have been working Row 2. And mind you it was something that I started doing after like 8 stitches. Eeps how'd that happen? But I brought it today and I should be tinking back while waiting for the husbeast to get off of work. I really like this sweater so far, it's easy to follow and thanks to a bit of Raveling the mystery of the eyelet spacing was uncovered via one fabulous link for balanced and unbalanced stitch decreases. But please don't ask me, Ravely is verboten at my work. Stupid men beings!
Aside from sometimes working on the sweater I've still been incubating, and well Whetherby is getting big. At our 20 ultra sound the little one seemed to have fallen asleep with it's back turned to the screen and little ankles crossed. So if it's a girl at least the husbeast can be happy that she won't be a little tramp ;) I still haven't decided whether or not to get a 3-D done, I'm enjoying this torment of not knowing until Whetherby is with us in the world. I mean it wasn't until what the late 80's or so when U/S became regular use that women started knowing ahead of time what their little one's would be. Why should we be so privileged, but on the flip side it makes preparations just that much easier.
So no hats for me for awhile, I'm a little bored with my fabric selections and really need to go into the city to expand on what I have. And still get rid of all those other ones I've been hording. Seriously what the hell am I supposed to do with that many mini toppers?
I did have a chance to look at one of our local hatters wears while at Renn Faire this Sunday, and she was only caring one or two. Of course they aren't really period for Ren Faire, so I'm curious what Dickens will be like or if they're losing fashion. Oh and yes Ren Faire was grand, and wonderous and lovely. So many friends makes for such interesting romps around the grounds. And I shouldn't have been worried about being tired and a puss, turns out I think my BFF was more tired then I (all the beer and rum she had, hhehehe). When I got home it was to an adorable husbeast who missed me, he woke up from his nap on the couch, and instantly assaulted my boobies for 5 minutes. The act of which I still have diverging emotions of adoration at his cuteness, and contempt for his one track mind. All of which may have just been a little too TMI, but eh, what a ya gonna do about it.
Note to self Tums are not food, and thusly should not be eaten as much...
I did neglect to tell of my latest forays into the strange, I'm taking Belly Dancing. There it's out. I began last week with a couple of girl friends, and well aside from being rather difficult coordination wise, it is rather enjoyable being out of the house doing something active for a change. The instructor is rather fast paced, and my mind is a completely jumbled mess since Whetherby, but I think it will start to sink in with repetition. I must give some mad props to some of those ladies out there who have been doing this for such a while now *cough Amanda cough* it's kinda ball-sey getting up there and doing it, and then taking to the stage otherwise (dancing or no) still rad.
So there it is. All is still well, we are happy and healthy and looking forward to the future.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is anybody home...

Well all this time I've just had so many posts to tell so much, but have let it all slide by the wayside just because. To this I suppose I must apologize, but at this point it may just be to myself. That's ok, because it's just a blog, right.
So last time we left off I was about to run down to LA and pick up a puppy for my mum, well that has happened, and Delilah is the cutest and sweetest thing around. Again another pup from Australia, a cousin to another of my mum's dogs and the girls are so cute together, they literally have the same spots in the same spots.
Aside from picking up the puppy we headed down to Stone Brewing and watched Monty Python's meaning of Life in the beer garden, which the husbeast thoroughly enjoyed...just walking up to the outside bar and grabbing beer and then going back to his chair. Every time we're down in the San Diego area we each remark on how much we love the area and would love to move down there. But alas we are still here in the Bay. Not that I could ever complain, aside from the price of everything. And get this, they had cheap gas. Buying cheap gas that was under $4 was like a luxury, something to be giggled over.
But in all honesty even though so much time has passed it seems that nothing new has really been done. Whetherby still grows strong and tomorrow will be 19 weeks. On the 12th we get to have our big ultra sound to see the organs and make sure the little one is whole, and a girl or boy.
The log cabin blanket was finished at the end of July and one day I promise to take it over to my FIL, I was hoping I could do it with a little note stating that it's to be snuggled with his grand son/daughter. Hopefully by the 12th our danged Indian Summer will have taken a little hiatus.
I also finished a hat which is kind of cute, but honestly it's just enormous and i believe I may just take it all out and reknit it smaller.
The best thing about it being September is that Ren Faire starts next week, wait this weekend and goes until Oct. 12th. I can't wait. So far my loyal faire friends and I are planning on going the 21st, and well I may just have to squeeze in something in October and maybe one other. This year will certainly be different, as it is I'm already starting to show, but come another 3 weeks and well I believe I may just about be huge. I truly hope it won't be terribly hot weather.

I just got a phone call, from one of my bestest oldest timey friends, Damo ~and get this he's back from China ~for good!!!!! And he brought his lovely wife and son. Tonight we go over to his parents house for a BBQ. I can't wait to tell his his son's going to have a playmate. EEeeeeeeeE! Uncle Damo.... ahhh.

Well looks like September is a rather fantastic month already and it's just the second.
Here's too the rest of month! And I will try my darnedest to be a bit more diligent on the blogging.
Anon til then.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


The Log Cabin blanket is off the needles and has been for a few days. There are still a few ends that need tucking in and a good hand washing is in order, but I can't believe it, the dang thing is done. The husbeast adores it, and wants one for us now. I wish I had even a crappy camera phone pict to show, perhaps tonight I'll try.
Oh by the by, thanks for all the well wishes on Whetherby. It means a lot. Speaking of babies, my bff and I went by another friends house last night and her little 10 day old is just sooo cute. He's so tiny, and I'm going to have one of those soon! Wow finally after all these years, I just can't wait to be a mom. But oh my is there ever so much I just don't know about. Thank goodness I have my friends and my mom and mom-in law all so close.
I've started a pinwheel blanket for Whetherby, it's blue so either I have to do a cute purple edging, or a green one. We'll see come mid-September when I have my next ultra sound.
Other wise that this weekend I'm doggy sitting my mum's dogs, while the husband goes down to Cambria, think CA coastline gorgeous Cambria, with all the other Triumph riders from the local club. This is the 5th or 6th annual run down there. They should have fabulous weather. Maybe he'll even call me and check in, now that would be sweet.
I really need to be making more jam, I just scored some peaches from the local corner, "hey Free Peaches, grab them!" Yeah it went something like that. Then there's the blueberries and the strawberries not to mention the plums fermenting in my fridge as we speak. Ahhh so much to do.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hey Y'all!!!

Hope every one's been well while I've been away, can't believe I'm actually back can you.

I must apologize at this point because I had promised picts of neat things, like the adorable swap-a-doodle I did with Amanda, as well as my latest has that I never showed. I'm such a pooper but really I must insist upon blaming the husbeast and subsequently my computer at home. He thinks something is broken this time as it kept rebooting itself the other night. So strange. At this point we're looking into purchasing a his and hers Mac Mini's. That way he won't ever be able to put any of his bad juju on my computer. We'll see what happens. And I have some lovely shots of my poppies in my garden to show off, ah well, they all must wait.
This week my mum is popping off to Hawaii to judge a dog show, my co-worker's brother is having surgery to remove the 4 inch cancer in his colon (that's a big scary thing right now), my sister-in-law is recovering from a major motorcycle wreck this weekend (lacerated a kidney, ruptured her spleen, and broke a bone in her right hand). Wow, it looks like she's going to be all right, even though her muscles are all starting to clench up on her, she's still in the hospital on major pain relieving drugs. My brother is so sweet, he feels guilty because he was the ride leader, no one really knows what happened either. She was almost out of a turn, something went awry, she over corrected, lost control and hit a tree. Which sent her careening down a gully some distance. Thankfully there we 2 cops riding in the group and my brother, all with EMT training and what not. Poor thing though. She has no one to help out during the days while she recuperates. I wish I could get away and help her out, but alas I likewise have to work.
Next week is looking a bit brighter though, the husbeast and I are heading down to Escondido (north of San Diego) to pick up a new Russell Terrier (think sweet and loving Jack w/ curly hair and a bit shorter). Then we're heading over to Stone brewing to pick up requested goodies for co-workers of the husbeast, and to see Monty Python's Meaning of Life in the lovely beer garden. Possibly meet up with our actress friend, and lord knows what else we'll be doing.

Oh and also this week out little Whetherby will be 15 weeks. Yes Whetherby is who's been keeping the majority of my time and energy these last 4 months. Yes that means I am pregnant, and not sure if Whetherby is a girl or boy at this point, but we get to find out mid September when I'm 20 weeks!!! The husbeast is praying for a boy, and I keep dreaming of a girl, oh and all I'm really craving is fruit and cheese and milk. I'm trying to get over my aversion to meat and veggies, hopefully now that I'm not as queasy as I've been I'll be able to eat more veggies. Everything has been going well, I only puked once and that was because I didn't really eat the night before. Well I've learned oodles from that. Last night I couldn't believe all the energy I had. I did laundry, dishes, made lovely blueberry/nectarine/apple hand pies, a crumble w/ the left over fruits, and still had energy to make dinner, and fold laundry. If you'd seen me for the last oh 10 weeks the main thing I've had enough stamina to do is change the channel on the TV. Oh so ridiculous. Did I mention Whetherby is due January 28, 2009. I can't wait to meet our little one. Eeehehehehee! I'm just so happy to be through the not sure if it'll stick time to be able to tell you guys. Sorry for all the secrecy and not even being around, but honestly I was just plum pooped. Thanks for hanging in there. I think I'll try and add a little baby count down to the sidebar.

Now that things are going a little smoother, I must tell you, tonight I finish the long awaited Log Cabin Blanket for my FIL. I will be casting off the last row when I get home. After putting a chicken in the oven. And I'm nearly finished with a lovely tam by Ysolda. Then I'm onto a pinwheel baby blanket and a few things from Itty Bitty Knits for Whetherby.

mmmm handpies, they are so so soooo good. If not a bit finicky. All that damn dough rolling.

One of these days I will put a few of my extra hats on an etsy, but of course that requires a home computer that works. Soon, very soon. Thanks for being patient with me.

Monday, July 14, 2008

So Long, Hello Again

It's been real lovely not blogging, I must say a break from time to time certainly is a good thing, like a mini vacation, but without actually going anywhere.
Thanks to the neighbors generous white peach tree branch, I've currently picked and blanched enough peaches for 4 batches of jam. The first two I made as a double batch and got 6.5 jars of White Peach Jam w/ Lavender, and honey instead of sugar. The first .5 jar is empty and wow, it was a soft textured jam, sweet and creamy, with just the loveliest hint of lavender on the taste buds. I would normally have used my own lavender, but I had recently picked up some real nice cuttings from our local Trader Joe's and the aroma really carried through. The husbeast, without trying it, has already declared yuck on the prospect of lavender in jam, so all the more for me and my lady friends. There are still a few more peaches to make but they shall be either hand pies, or the husbeasts grammies peach pie. Yum.
The knitting is on hiatus while the summer months wear on, but soon things shall be made.
On the hat class scene, Lynn McMasters, gave a rather informational hat class on making wire frame hats at Lacis this Saturday. I enjoyed myself and the company of the other ladies while working away on my little Victorian Bonnet. It has yet to be finished as I've been hand stitching 1/4" straw braid to the little frame. Her examples were really wonderful and inspiring, but the teaching a little unprepared, which was actually quite all right by me. But now I must admit I want the other pattern from the class on how to construct wire frame Edwardian hats, think really big brimmed.
Speaking of holidays, the husbeast and I are debating where we should take our first vacation in pretty much 2 years. The possibilities are endless, there's the AZ/NM desert, Zion/Bryce Canyon, Virginia (family), WA/Canada. The choices are just so wonderful, and who knows we'll probably only have 2 weeks. Oh where to go, what to do. We'll see.
Ta for now, and eventually I'll have picts of the adorable swap that made it to my door, you'll see just how cute the little Jenny Julep doll is. Then one day I must post about the little hats still sitting in my house, currently in the closet!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What's New Pussy Cat,

Whoa Whoa Whoaaaaa.
Our pussycat, the enormous Franky aka the Puma has a friend, this friend's name is Buddy Boy. Buddy Boy likes to wake me up at 5, 6, or 7 in the morning and mewh to Franky to either have permission to come in, or for Franky to join him outside. And then he usually saunters through our house from the Puma's window and I've even caught the little bugger eating Frank's foodies. So rude! and so strange. We honestly thought Buddy Boy was a girl for the longest time, 'til I got hold of his collar and figured his name out. Sheesh, I suppose every one needs friends, but come on 5 in the morning, that's just not cool. Thank goodness for squirt bottles, they're my friend...

This last weekend a couple of our friends married, it was a quaint wedding at another friend's home in the hills above where we used to live. A couple days before I pulled my millinery self back together and made a little fascinator for myself to wear. I went with green silks, and earth toned feathers, brown-white-and green/black. Then I topped it off with 3 little blue cornflowers from my garden and a few blue bonnets. And threw on some lovely antique lavender veiling. Aside from the fact that if I bent over the fascinator would fall off, I couldn't even tell I was wearing it. I must say also it was nice to be one of the only women wearing a hat. I felt like I had a complete outfit on, and I actually felt more like a lady because of it. What a *fascinating* concept in space and time travel...wait that's the book I'm reading, silly Douglas Adams.

The blanket slowly grows I knit more rows on that third border a couple of nights ago, still not quite ready to cast off. I believe I will take someone else's advice and single chain around the outside of the blanket to keep it where it should be.

This weekend dawns the fourth of July and believe it or not, we once again have nothing to do. We toyed w/ the idea of making a jaunt out of town, but instead I believe we'll be BBQ'ing w/ friends if they'll come over. And then this weekend I'm jamming. I love jamming and I haven't jammed successfully in quite a few years. Up on the board is raspberry jam w/ my mummy, then Saturday I'm making white peach avec lavendula for the first time in years. See I recently discovered that a branch coming over our fence from a neighbors is actually from a happy and very healthy peach tree. White peach that is. I think I may hand them a jar since they are so wonderful for growing so many lovely fruit trees. Maybe they'll offer me some of their plums, yum. They also have a choyote squash that seems to invade every summer too. Those squash get real big if you let them go, and are real good otherwise.

On the pict behalf there are plenty to be coming especially of the cute little fascinator, I just have to nudge my way onto the computer. The husbeast has been updating and making his website, so I'm like a little intruder to his island when I try to get on it, I swear I'm not just being lazy, honest.
cheers til then.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


*pokes blog w/ intercomputal knitting needle*

Nope not dead yet!

Having beat the better part of the hot hot heat last weekend, I am currently freezing my tits off. Crazy east bay weather. I must admit though this morning's sunrise was a bit sublime from all the local fires. The days are now Hazey and smell like a camp fire.
Sorry for being so quietly lately, it's just been that I still haven't been doing much of anything for quite some while. Last night I did pick up the needles and worked a few rows on the giant log cabin border. This is the third of four, so it's so close but just such slow going. I really love this thing, and don't want to see it out of our house, but it must go. It would be totally rude of me to keep it for our house. Besides I still have more Noro dying to be knit up. It really just isn't knitting season, it's summer! I should be sewing skirts and schtuff. But honestly I'm afraid I don't know how to sew that well, and I'll just futz everything all up. And there's also the fact that I don't have a sewing table, and my cutting table lives behind the couch and is just an old heavy table top with missing legs. So silly. But here I go again making excuses, so I shall stop.
Coming up in July are 2 hat making classes at the Berkeley Museum of Lace and Textiles, Lacis. I believe I may just take both of the classes, each offering different hats to make. They're all day courses, 10-5. Again, I'm rather eager to learn some new techniques, I've been dying to make little straw braid hats in the Victorian and Edwardian Fashion. How cute would that be, and useful if I'm ever to have a hat booth at one of the local Renaissance/Dickens Faires.
Perhaps I should finish updating the load of hats I have lying about. There are still a few I have yet to show. And then perhaps an Etsy. We'll see.
On an odd note all my Love in a Mist seems to be missing. I know I planted tons of seeds, but I have yet to see head nor hide of a one of them, out of some 500 seeds you would think something would have popped up now.
Anon til another days meeting.

Monday, June 16, 2008

When There's Nothing to Say

What does one say when there really isn't much going on...
I suppose a recap on Valhalla would do, but it was rather disappointing. The gal I was hoping to meet up with was absent, as were her lovely corsets. The rest of the vendors left quite a bit to be desired, and there were no Gyros. All in all I'd give this faire about a 6 on the 10 star system. I did pick up a new mug since the husbeast, the cooler, and my old one had a run in with the ground, with an unfortunate ending. Thank goodness the mugs are cheap and handmade.
The best part of Faire may have been the compliments on my wee hats throughout the day. It literally seemed like every 5 minutes someone was remarking on their lovely nature. Which admittedly does a great good to a girl's ego. But now I have 5 mini mini toppers, and well they need to move out of my house and into other person's houses. So I'll see what I can do to rectify that particular dilemma.
On the knitting front, there has been a stunning minimal bit. I think this is where I pipe in with Summer knitting blues. Not that grey skies seem all that blue, but last week it was warm...
Well ta' for now, til I can find something interesting to share.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


The anticipation is just welling in me for this weekend. I couldn't sleep this morning, so I woke about an hour early, and finished the latest mini mini topper. Again another purple one, this is the fourth, but possibly the best of it's color. The first two were just hideous. The third, scary Nazi like, and this one is just right.
The lists are endless, I still have to do a little shopping for the things we didn't get, and pack, and wash clothes, and find all the camping gear, and ......
Yeah Faire!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's June

Valhalla Ren Faire is into it's second weekend coming up here, oh I just can't wait. I love all the planning and the talking about it, and the packing. Tonight the old roomy heads over to do my brakes, and spark plugs, and change the oil in my truck ~ a little thanks for watching his dog for 2 weeks. And he's bringing his girlfriend by so I can help her on her garb. It's her first time ever to Faire, and I'm real eager to see what she has, evidently there may be some traditional Brazilian dress there, yes, she's Brazilian and a real sweet heart. Also coming out to Faire is my LA actress friend, Charity, arriving in style with a new beau, and another friend has invited our other 2 friends who are newbies also. It's going to be a wild time.
On my way up, I'm actually detouring rather far south to hit up the 50% sale at Knitting Arts in Saratoga. A bit out of the way, but WTF, 50% going out of business. Choice, I need some heavy worsted weight yarn for a cute tam by Ysolda. I have no idea how long this is going to take me since I have to go through San Jose or some god forsaken section of the Silicon Valley in the morning commute hours without a second passenger. The husbeast (yes the beard is already on a comeback!) has declared that now he wants to ride his motorcycle up, again. I can't blame him, riding in Tahoe is one of the best scenic rides, and a little tricky (on the roads he takes).
I'm still rather stoked the husbeast said he'd come this year, and even go into Faire, he hates Faire. How does any man hate so many free range boobies, I don't get it. Whateva.
We spent this weekend literally hopping from one BBQ to another, 3, yes one every night. It's not even like the weather was that great! But good food, and great company was had by all in every circumstance.
The Log Cabin blanket progresses as quickly as that many stitches on a border can. I'm about to cast off on the second of the 2 smaller bordered sides, and then I'll be picking up stitches for the first of the 2 larger borders. I thought it would help designate a top bottom orientation to have 2 opposing sides bigger. The husbeast loves it and says "mine" like a little boy, totally cute, but he'll have to wait for our own family blankey. Next to see if it can even pass some sort of easy washing stage, I highly doubt it since it's Noro and Cascade, like the 2 most feltables out there. I'll make a test swatch of them and give then a whirl soon. I think I'll bring the blanket with me to Valhalla to work on it. I really want to get it done by next week.
Aren't goals lovely.
Speaking of goals, I secretly made a goal with myself to have 5 mini mini top hats done for Valhalla, and I believe I will. I'm working on another purple topper. I also have two other mini topper's to bring for good measure. Even then I couldn't even fashion all the ladies in the Faire party with toppers if I wanted to, there's going to be 8 of us. I believe there should be 13 or 14 of us in total. Wow I still can't believe so many people are going. What dorks we all are. Lord I still don't even know how to bring all the hats into faire, at least they each have a hat box so they'll be safe. Ah we'll see. I think a mini mini top hat will be a great accoutrement for my Rom (Romany/gypsy) character. Mini Toppers aren't exactly period, but fine chapeau's were period of upper class women, and me wearing one is well enough explained by my character's gypsy *tendencies*. Oh and the sun hat for later in the day is a gas, made out of hemp and all swooshy dooshy to boot, with a wide, airy brim.
Ahhhh the dreams of Faire, how sweet the air becomes, how rausous and at home it shall be.
Cheers anon.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Peering out of the Mayhem into the light of June

Seems that things are starting to clear, and normalcy may set in, but life is certainly much quieter and less stressful. Thank you for holding on, I seem to generally find the month of Mayhem just to be such a doozie, and never for any real raisin (reference Phillip J. Frye and attack of the Brains here please).
So without any further interruptions I give you the log cabin squares:

In their current state they are all sewn together but most likely not in this order. I'm reusing the Cascade ecowool that just wasn't a Hemlock as a border between all the squares (to make it bigger) and around the outside. Keep in mind that the majority of this Noro silk garden was left over bits and balls from all the mitletts I made for the past 2 years. Plus a full skein or two. I really have no idea how much Noro is in this, but I can attest to it's warmth and softness. And I should have enough balls (not scraps) saved to make my own blanket, as this one is still destined for the FIL. It's more of a family blanket but it is being made with him in mind. Don't you just love Noro and it's self striping yummy~ness.

This weekend is my greek gypsy friend (Kyriokos') 30th birthday. We're driving up to Davis to make it to his BBQ and I believe I'll be delivering a bottle of the St. George Absinthe to the young man. He insists that Absinthe does nothing to him, aside from the last time when on a tiny Island called Quajaline (SP?) he and a bunch of fools finished a Chech bottle and thought it would be a great idea to catch the baby sharks out in the reef. Thankfully nothing foul came of it for anyone, but it certainly sounds like something he himself would even suggest. Remind me to tell you of the time we borrowed the little row boat and went out to a barge in the bay, late at night, drunkenly.

After that comes the first Faire of the season, Valhalla. I can't wait. It's my favorite Faire, and who knows maybe they're still be snow on the ground, as I have it on good word that it was snowing up that way this last weekend.
Well the morning alarm is going off, I suppose I should go and put the kettle on for tea, and make us some breakfast.
Til then, cheers.
Oh and what do you call a husbeast that has shorn all of it's facial fur off??? No really. I suppose Love Bug will do until there's something respectable on his face again. And yes I did take picts they're still in the camera though.
Anon and thanks for waiting.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nearing the end of Mayhem

How about a few little pictures in the meantime! Finally.
Well, let's just hold off on those log cabin shots, the pict uploader is being a booger. Yeah... ok.
So instead, here we have a few of the latest mini toppers, this is the burnt crimson mini mini topper, with a pink and black silk band, ace of spade button on top of an iridescent button. An alternate view can be seen in the side bar.
Recently I met up with the young man who started all this back last Halloween downtown, the one with the mohawk, well I'm still waiting to exchange him hat for painting, and seems like we're still on for that. This next pict is the backside of the hat I initially made for him. Unfortunately it's a bit top (hhah) heavy, so I'm going to be constructing a mini mini topper, but maybe a little different for him here in the next week or so. This one came out a little 1940's German like, but it's fun set off with silk and bead ribbon as a band, and a little dead phicous (sp?) from my house tree. Heh, I say get it where you can. Lastly but not least of all is one of my fav's from the latest batch of mini mini toppers. This fabric was an impulse purchase for $1 from a local thrift store when I was working on a knitted wall for the Devil on All Sides. I feel as it just screams Rom, or hobo, or carpet bagger, what ever you may call someone on the outskirts of society dabbling in a little of the what not. It's super fun to wear and gives just the most striking of profiles. I've been wearing it without the peacock feather but with the little bit of twig that protrudes 8 inches through the air hidden behind the feather in this pict. The mushrooms hail from Small Stump etsy, I refuse to link to their yummy goodness lest all my lovely cotton mushrooms are stolen from out from under me... lied, they're all gone, now my little mushies are all that more precious. I must go weep now. Never mind, I lurv google. Well then, off I must be, it's getting late.
Welcome back to a glorious Monday, presumably since it's still Sunday as I write.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Still Mayhem

Yeah Mayhem really is a sleeper month, but lo who cares, onto other things...
here we go. (like how I just avoided all the crap I don't care to discuss, woohoo)
As always it's lovely having company, and even lovelier when they leave. We tootled around with my old gypsy friend Kyriokos before he left yet once again for some part of Louisiana. He was fresh off the boat from Trinidad before then. What a job. Fixing submarines and doing all this weird building stuff. The guy is literally a God among mechanics. Nothing too daunting for him. But I shouldn't praise him too much, or he'll get a fat head. We did show him around the little Island we work on, and then went out for a lovely German dinner. Mmm meatloaf and yummy calamari. And if it weren't for his impeccable driving skills the old Honda would still be stuck in that parking lot in a space too small, and a vehicle too close behind it. But I figured if anyone he could get the Honda out of there, so it didn't really matter if it was a crappy space or not. I also intrigued the young man (turning 30 at the end of the month!) about the budding concept of Steampunk. See he's been a bit out of it sense he hasn't been to the Burn in a few years, and well I just keep going to all these strange events, so it's not that alien to me. We discussed all the possible vehicles of transportation that could be powered by steam, and how dangerous that would ultimately be. Then he and the husbeast stayed up until 6 am debating theology (rather loudly might I add) and drinking bottles of beer, while I awoke every now and again and gave them dirty looks through our Norin curtain that hangs in our hallway.
In between hostessing I also knit on the log cabin blanket, I must say it's just lovely. All the colors going this way and that. The squares are all attached now, and there is a 8 row garter stitch holding them in piece. Last night I cast on for the first of the outer border, which shall be twice as wide as the inner borders. I'm really thrilled to see it coming together over all these months. I must prod the husbeast to give me access to the problematic iphoto. I need to show picts of this thing.
Not much else for now, but it is Monday, so go and enjoy all that it entails.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What a lovely paperclip you have there.

It's purple and a circular spiral. And from someone else. I think I'll get some of these for the office, they're just fantastically lovely.
But really you didn't come here to hear about my fascination with a purple spiraled paperclip. Nor the wonderful song on the radio, "I want to be just like you...hoo..." there's horns and a bit of flamenco guitar, and just a lively beat. Ah yes that was refreshing.
So something really odd just happened, it's 11 am and my cell phone rang, I answered it and it was Jaboli. Someone I was acquainted with while separated with the husbeast before he was my husbeast, so this was like 3 years ago? I met him at NorCal Renn Faire in Hollister. He was working the pirates ale booth. Nice guy that turned out was married and had a kid and was still willing to make new "friends". An aspect in his personality, let's just say I was not pleased with. Well any how I believe he has me mixed up with someone else because he wanted to hang out and play music. Those of you who know me may remember that of course I'll pick up an instrument without shame, but honestly I really shouldn't. See, I'm tone deaf! Yes the truth is out. I can't keep beat and I make things up just to amuse myself. Which is rather scary because I have my wonderful concertina, and some bongos. And once at camp (heheh~not real camp) we were really drunk and it was New Years and my friend and I had to pee real bad, and I had a toy accordion, and I took it into the echoey bathroom, and well it was really amusing, to me. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I was married and thought his behavior terrible, shocking, and just weird. Needless to say he still wanted to hang out even though I don't think he remembers me, and just found my number in his cell phone. Some people are just strange, and I am strange but he's just stranger than me.
Enough of that dribble.
In case any one was wondering, the ravages of Mayhem are quieting, perhaps mulling, but they are behaving much better, thank you for your patience once again.
After talking to my gypsy friend, Kyri (the oil rigger/fighter pilot mechanic/blimp mechanic~pilot/small airplane mechanic/windmill engineer/submarine mechanic/submarine administrator who travels all over the world), I convinced him tonight would be a better evening for him to come out, so tonight he'll be heading downtown w/ the husbeast and I to my knitting night at the local pub. Yeah for beer. And then tomorrow I entertain, and Saturday hmmm I don't know. I'm sure we'll figure something out, we can't be that old, boring, and married, can we...?
Oh well.
Last night I dragged the husbeast over to Oakland for some necessities from Article Pract. I love that LYS. It's so rad and the ladies are very nice, and they always have crap that I don't need, but must have. Like my new little Lantern Moon tape measure in the shape of a leaf w/ some little lady bugs on it. Also on the prosh side, were a bunch of red buttons w/ little brown checks on them. I think there's 12. That's enough for a lovely button up, or tons of mini top hats, or or or or. The reason I really had to go down there was for some really long size 8 addi turbo needles, I picked up a 47" lace weight needle that should do well for making the larger portions of the blanket. And finally after so many years of wanting one, I grabbed a clover felting tool.
My new handy dandy little clover needle felting tool has aided me in my endeavor to make my little mini bowler hat, but I'm not sure about the construction yet. It's still a bit off, but I didn't finish it either, so in my best means I shall suspend judgement until then.
As for this weekend, we have no real plans, but soon my lovelies, there will be Valhalla and camping, and much Renaissance Fairing.
Anon til then.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Shaking Fists and Inter computal hugses for Mayhem

This last week and the weekend have been busy, not exactly in a good way. The month of Mayhem is certainly upon us, and I for one am feeling a bit of the brunt of it's forceful ways. My heart goes out to my bff, lots of tears and saying good byes today for her wonderful father.

It's just been one of those sad, depressing weeks. I believe I have even tormented the husbeast with my unwifely behavior of moping and doing nothingness. Even the littlest things like missing the Maker Faire this weekend put me in a rather foul mood. Don't get me wrong, we drove by but there were just so many vehicles that we were daunted and didn't go in. Sad sad socially angst person's that we are.
Then there's the old roomy's dog we've watched for the week, well she had surgery to get rid of her female parts. He comes back from the desert Sat, and Sun calls to see if she should be oozing from her sutchers. She hadn't popped a stitch but she is certainly fighting a mighty horrid infection now. And she is back in my care as I can much easier watch her in the office, then he can by leaving her at his house.
But here's looking forward to the future, and at least Wednesday my old gypsy friend Kyriokos (aka Kyri~ the only person I know with his own theme song) will be visiting our household. No idea which room would be best to put him in as of yet, but at least there's a blow up mattress with his name on it now.
Perhaps his visit will perk my nature up.
You know what though honestly I want to work the Maker Faire, and yes I am still peeved that we didn't go in. But that was my decision. You should have seen the lines, and it was 12. So sad, or should I say lame. The harlot was there, I was wearing a little mini mini plaid top hat. And both the husbeast and I were touchy. But that's just how it is sometimes, nothing will ever be perfect, and really that is okay by me.

Speaking of perfection I am currently working on and frogging and reworking the means by which all the squares of the log cabin are being pieced together. It's slow and methodical when not being a thorn. I also must go and grab some new needles that are long enough for the rest of the blanket tomorrow.
On the hat front well I studied how to do different types of felting and believe I shall needle felt the poor little form of the bowler hat. Now onto the tools which shall be picked up tomorrow likewise w/ the needles.
Quickly before I infect anyone w/ my unbecoming nature, certainly to be blamed on the natural aspects of Mayhem, I bid you ado and soon, iphoto will be my fiend, um friend.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Half way through the soup

Well here we are and it's already Wed., trash night. For us at least.
Our old roommate has run off with all the hippy kids into the desert to the Havasupai Indian Res. and let's just say his little dog (from my mum's puppies litter) is now fixed. Of course it was with his permission, but it had to be done. She's 2, not really able to be bred (too hyper active) and hopefully this will just calm her down a bit. She really is a little sweet love muffin though.
I'm currently trying to figure out the appropriate way to attach all my log cabin squares, and yes iphoto is still not working properly. Let's just say there's been stress, but not bad stress, just things that are getting done and a pile of things that still need getting done. But that's all a sidetrack. The squares are lovely and at least 2 of them are already attached. The trick is making them all match in their attached-ness.
On the hat front, well there is now a mini mini yellow polka dot gateau sitting on my coffee table waiting for it's accoutrement. There was also a second blue and brown mini mini made that is just adorable, and made as an optional hat if the husbeasts co-worker may prefer that piece. It's a little taller than the other mini mini top hats (3"), but just as adorable. She's a tall gal also so this she could also pull off. The bowler still waits for me to hand felt some pieces on for the actual hat part. But every time I think about doing it either there's no internet connection, or I talk myself into it being too much work so I sit down with something that is easier hand sewn together. Which is unfortunate because the form is just adorable. (SLACKER!)~that's me.
So there you have it, not much going on. This last Saturday though we were invited out to the husbeast bosses 3rd vacation home, out in the middle of nowhere, near Angels Camp (frog jumping capital of the world). The home itself was amazing. There are 2 dorms that sleep 32 people, a main house where the kitchen is, and then a pool, and hot tub, a pond, a creek and 250 acres of nothing but hills. The houses are formed of rammed earth that was quarried on site, self sustained with a well, and solar panels. Simple yet refined. Breath taking just looking out over the hills to the setting sun and the valley beyond. Most people stayed the night, but we had puppies that we were watching that we had to get back to. I could certainly go there for a knitting retreat any day.
Still sorry there are no picts. So sad with all the things I've been up to also. Well soon. Isn't that normally my story. Yes the BFA photo student is late with her picts again!
Cheers til then.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Still waiting.

This time it's not Leopard that's updating, it's the latest version of iPhoto. It's been updating since Monday. What's that old saying about the cobblers kids not having shoes...?
I've certainly been keeping myself delightfully busy lately. There's polka dots, and diamonds, and stripes, and another plaid, and a bowler all sitting waiting patiently as I get to hand sewing then into their particular forms. Nothing too exciting just a slew of mini mini toppers which hadn't been made since last August. They're fun and a little quicker, but they stay put much easier and being so small any accoutrement just perks them up real cute.
I finished Son of a Witch last night, a bit disappointed, but not too dreadfully since it was still a decent read. I like sequels. There I've said it. The cat's out of the bag.
Not much else too say, just some good juju being sent to the bff w/ a few extra woes today. Love ya!.

Cheers. Til then.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Why yes

I've been horribly absent lately, haven't I? For shame on me.
I have a ton of excuses though, which ones would you like?
Let's just settle on the second book, Son of a Witch, has been a jolly read and is nearly done with. Damn I just got it Friday too. Oh well, still plenty of fun in this cold cold weather. What like 50's?
Last night I did finally photograph all that I've been working on, but the beast of a husband has updated my computer w/ Leopard and well all my picts are currently being backed up in it's fabulous Time Machine backup system. It's real cool to look at all black-hole like with icons in tabs and just really nouveau. He's crossing his fingers that this will totally rock our Mac. Did I just say our, oh how terrible of me. It's mine but his fingers are so deep in it he might as well be ________ it. I'll leave that one up to the reader. So many great options.
So sadly to say you must wait for the lovely Noro Log Cabin picts, and the loverly mini mini top hats I just finished up. The one in plaid is just to die for and of course it is sporting some lovely red cap mushrooms.
I've been real busy making things, and will soon enough let in on the rest of the tidbits.
Til then I should keep my mouth buttoned shut though.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Like Monday, but not.

It's Tax day, and the husbeast and I have had ours done for quite some time, woo hoo! Not to boast or anything, they're only taxes. But this is one of the first times that both he and I have had them done before midnight. So yeah for planning ahead.
I was thinking of telling of a silly tale of way back when or of this other time at this club, but I don't think either of them are really that appropriate, so I shall leave you without either amusing anecdote for today, but perhaps some other time. Gee how many commas can one put in one little sentence anywho?
Again no little picts to my little post. But I do have it on good word that the last log cabin square, ze is nearly done. Hence no picts of that one. I believe I'm getting a little sad, nearing the end of the blankie. But alas there is still all that boring border. Maybe I'll spice it all up and make a seed stitch border. How I love the seed stitch. We shall see how it looks with the garter stitch of the log cabin.
The latest hat still vexes me. It's impossible to make square fabric shape small and round without altering it somehow. So felting it seems shall be my friend, but I have yet to. The roving I got from Spunky is devine, and I believe the BFL will work as a good little felcher, um felter, and the color is ok with the fabric. I just have to make the time to do it. Blagh.
Yes, as you can so justly tell I am full of blaghdom. Not that life isn't full of interesting things. I'm just not into it today. I believe it's because all I do is promise picts, yet never procure them. Maybe I'll use the husbeasts point and shoot.
On other news, hey My hair is getting real long, and subsiquently real big.
And I finished 2 books in 1 week, a rarity for me. The first was the second book to Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, > the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. A rather delightful book. When I went searching throughout the house for the third book in the trilogy (of which there are 4 books) I couldn't find it. So Wah. I stole Wicked from my bff, by Gregory Mcguire... one of those lovely books that turns the story on the childhood fables. It was a little steamy, and a little political, but a great read. I really enjoyed his last book, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, and am eager to find some of his other books at my local used book shop.
So yeah, it's Tuesday, almost time to go home, and well I'm stoked.
Have a great evening or such as you can.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

And Still with More Boring

Yes, that's right step up, step up, get your Boring right here ladies and ladettes. Let me fill you and spin your ears with the mostest of the dullest speaches on the little-being that is nothing. Muhuhuhuh aahah
Or I could just tell you that I'm on the 9999999th log cabin square. That's right the last square should be done this week. How's that for neat-o. Then I shall show picts, granted if the computer is finally available. (the ITbeast is running some sort of long scan or something~ I swear he just does this so he has nothing better to do at night than work on his Vanagon ~I'm onto him!)
Last I spoke of a delightful miniature mini topper hat, well I set to work with what I had on hand, and low and behold it's a whimsical delight. There are buttons, and feathers (of course), and a cute little dried seed pods form some silly tree over here where I work. I still really dig this hat, and it's ability to stay put. Not like any of the others that are bigger and heavier. Speaking of which I still haven't finished the Butcher to show and tell about either. Pauvre moi! I am so silly.
Speaking of silly 2 bobbins have been spun, I'm still not the fastest but not too shabby. Next to learn to ply! Woohoo.
The mystery purple starred flower was found out by my bff, and well I forgot what it is! Hah how's that for silly. Well anywho I shall show those little surprises as well. Especially now that all my freesia are dying and the Iris's are getting closer to blooming. My Love in a Mist marbles are growing as are the purple Thistle, and the sunflowers, bachelor buttons, Japanese Lanterns, Texas Blue Bonnets. Now if only I could finally finish up the back yard and get all those seeds planted. At least the majority of the rocks are moved. Which allowed me to notice that one of the canalillies is infested with little black aphid like bugs, and white spider bugses. I think a few lady bugs may be helpful in the yard.
Well it's freezing cold on the island today, like 50 or something! (Yeah we don't get much snow in these parts.)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shhh, don't tell.

I just purchased 4oz of grey top alpaca, 4oz of black, 4oz of brown/grey, 4oz BFL in a Dark brown, and some vibrantly blue painted corriedale roving from Spunky! I have yet to ever purchase her roving, but her sock yarns have always been rather prosh. And really who can pass up $1.35 for an oz of BFL? It's like crack I tell ya. These are my brothers pressie to me for my birthday. Thanks big brother! I love being told I can only spend birthday money on yarn and yarny things. Now onto ordering a new axel for the wheel. I do admit that the alpaca was purchased with the husbeast in mind. He loves that stuff. And he keeps asking me if I'll make him a hat. Where in I entirely blame his mum for all of her years of economizing the household with hand knit homespun. I really don't know how I could have ever lucked out so much.
The BBQ was fun, with lots of campfire time. I love sitting with my friends around a campfire, telling stories and updating what's going on in everyoneslives. The husbeasts horseradish crusted beef roast came out delightful, and I loved that I could make another red velvet cake (of course only allowed to be eaten outside.) I did get picts of the "design" but I'm waiting for the ok from the husbeast to down load them into the computer. (IT stuff)
So last time I mentioned that I was on the 6th square of the log cabin, that was a lie, I was really on the 7th. And currently I am half way through with the 8th. Which means one more, then I can show them to ya. And then piece them together. I'm real anxious, I think the FIL will really like it. It's bold and bright, and warm and hopefully it'll be nice and big. YEAH!
The latest mini mini topper is pretty much done, but I'm still waiting to get over to Britex to choose the right trim. The one on there now is a lovely pink and grey silk but it's a bit flimsy.
Honestly though, inspiration is a bit dry right now. Although I have been struggling with making a bowler frame, it just requires a little more attention. Soon though soon.
I think that's it for now. Hopefully next time there will be picts.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stop needeling me!

Or not.
Some where over this last weekend, I lost my favorite needle. I shudder to think where it may be, for I have no idea. Thankfully the local craft shop has plenty of replacements. I am now in possession of 36 lovely millinery needles. What a novelty. Only problem is that the eye on them is a bit small, but they are certainly strong enough and long enough for my needs. What a goober I must sound like though. HAH. It really is amazing how I just find one thing and think it suits until I lose it or it breaks, then I'm forced to find something new, and discover what I've been missing all this time. Which reminds me of my bff's eternal search for the perfect hair clip that got away...
Well enough of that.
This Saturday I get to turn 31! Woohoo. We're having a quite little BBQ with the friends, and going out with the parents earlier in the day. It really isn't that easy fitting both our parents into our lifestyles. Don't get me wrong, they're all easy going enough, but it's just strange to have to do things with and around a new family combined with the original family. Which is why we're just doing a simple lunch somewhere, or else forcing them to come over early before the BBQ. I don't know what to do honestly. I suppose this is where we get to start making our new family traditions isn't it. What a novelty.
So for the BBQ I believe I'm going to sport the newest uber petite top hat. It's so cute and so light weight that it doesn't even need a cord holding it on the head, and it can be set upon the head cockeyed. Too cute. On the same note, I'm determined to get to Britex fabric's over in the city. Four floors! Four! What the hell. I just can't wait and I'm dragging my mum. She'll love it. And Union square is such a cool place to go in the city, especially since our train system takes you right there.
On the knitting front, the log cabin blanket slowly grows, I believe I'm back on the 6th square. Tonight is the Beer Bitch meetup downtown, so at least I'll get something done. The spinning hasn't been touched since I last talked about it, and well I kind of like doing it on the weekends while watching Torchwood. It's my Saturday thing.
On the garden front, the stones are still waiting to be moved, and I only took horrid low light photos that were all blurry of the mystery lily. But spring is still slowly unfurling. All my seeds out front are getting a little bigger, and I can't wait to see what they look like in a few months here.
The honestly great thing about spring is that Rennaisane Faire is just around the corner. Let's start with the most wonderous Faire around these parts, Valhalla. When Valhalla finally rolls around it's like it's been an entire year since I last dressed in my faire garb. I get all anxious thinking about what I can make for this year, or what I should save my pennies up to buy. And usually my bff and I have a running list that we chant off, 'I need to get some... or a new...' The best thing about Valhalla is that I get to camp there right outside of faire, and even sneak back in afterwards if I wanted to (not that I ever have). The people at Valhalla are more into the scene, the actual faire is smaller, and in general the vendors are better, and different than the ones from regular NorCal Faire. I believe we'll be going the second week which June 7-8th. So if you're there, look for me. I'll probably be sporting a mini hat, if the weather permits, and tons of gypsy garb. I'll probably have 5 different animal tails on and may be wearing my found deerspine. I believe my colors this year are all in cool greens, periwinkles, and hues of blues. There will most hopefully be a husbeast not dressed as he should be trailing behind gawking at all the boobies (if I know him, as I do believe I do.)
Yeahhhhheheh! Even all my hippy friends we go fairing with get all excited and cute and eager for Valhalla. Looks like there'll be about 12-15 of us this year, give or take a few here and there. It's getting to be a pretty big affair with us with good reason. I believe the husbeast and I will be organizing the cooking, can we say dutch oven cooking. Fun.
Cheers and have a lovely weekend

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lots to Say, Little to Show.

It certainly was a lovely and relaxing Easter weekend. I started rotating rocks from one bed to another. What a tiring job, that is still only half done. I've also noted that the abundance of salamanders certainly comes from this new house of ours, as opposed to the thought that the little buggers followed us down from the house on the hill. They're so cute and slimy, like little snakes with feet.
Over the weekend a mystery plant has flowered, and I really need to post picts because I think it's some sort of Agapanthus, but I can't even find any varieties of it on the web. So pretty, with bright blue star shaped flowers, and yellow inside.
I also need to post some wonderful picts from Saturday and subsequently Sunday when I discovered that I really enjoy spinning. Yes that's right. I've been bitten by the spinning bug. The whole thing is like second nature. If only my wheel could keep up! Well kind of. And much thanks to my lovely friend over at Seamstrix Art for housing me and my ginormous wheel and showing me the ins and outs of this beast. Much fun was had Saturday. I went home with a little less than 2oz of BFL, and had that all spun onto a bobbin. Sunday I attacked some merino like roving from the husbeasts mum's stash. Even though it's about 20 y.o. it gave me little hassle and I worked that more evenly than the BFL. I suppose I'm going to have to mix these little bits on the bobbins with something else, or one another. Oh I just can't wait to get to the roving's I picked up at Stitches.
On the hat front, I looked at them, and decided to spin instead of picking up the fabric and needle. Heheehhe, don't worry a truly mini mini top hat is in the works.
Tonight, back to moving more rocks, with less in the bin than before to facilitate moving them! And perhaps a mini mini hatter.... we shall see.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tales of the Frankenpudd

This is Franky, he's a big pudd-in-cat. Probably nearing 20 lbs. since we left the hill we were living on. He was terribly sad and depressed when we left, he would hide behind our bed and refuse to come out, or even to go outside. A couple of weeks later we discovered that he had a girlfriend that would sit outside our old pad and wait for him. How sad and lovelorn they both were, we just had no idea.
Last night we come back from eating out, and there's a big black fur ball laying in the cat mint right by the front door. Franky's lurking off by the side gate. So we scare the puffball off, it jumps over Franky and Franky gives an utterly displeased vocalling. Our darned cat walks up to us, I look down at him, and there's all this goo in a straight line down the center of his back. We freaked out thinking that it was blood for a second, then a finger test cleared it, to being oil! A nice huge glob of oil. And we're thinking that the puffball was giving him the huge assed 20 lb. cat a hard time, and claiming the cat mint for itself. Well looks like I have a little gardening to do this weekend. The cat mint is being moved to the back yard, and I have some seeds to go with it. Of course some more kitty mint, but then a whole bunch more wild flowers.
I plan on moving a bunch of rocks from up against our house, over to the side fence where the husbeast tramples all the time while working on his old VW. I'll till some of the dirt, add a little new dirt and spread, rather haphazardly, the scores of seeds I have. There's already calalilies growing there, so I hope it'll be lovely. the first set of seeds spread a couple of weeks ago are starting to push through the ground in the front yard. I'm eager to see if their layout makes any sense, or just looks like rubbish.

Tonight is my beer bitch meetup, so I'll actually be doing some knitting on the log cabin blanket. I think I have Spring fever though. It seems like always around this time of year I slow down on the knitting. That and I have a few kettles on the stove as things to which I shall allude to in the future.

On the miniature top hat front, the Butcher, he is constructed, and awaiting accoutrement. Now if only I could find a small novelty butcher knife. Real knives preferred, but just a truly bad idea. But certainly preferred. I believe I may use the cutlery trim on this hat, even though I just used it. It seems to fit with the idea of the Butcher. That or something old and smelly and tattered. I'll investigate, and get back to you on that one.
Cheers till then.

Monday, March 17, 2008

It's St. Patrick's Day!

Oh my I nearly forgot to say it, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. That's the proper Irish Holiday right, oh all right commercials just don't translate to written word so well. But anywho, Happy St. Patrick's Day. Now go and eat some corned beef and cabbage. I know I already did last night for dinner, and we still have left over's for tonight. Woohoo.

This last week seems to have been a rough one for just about everyone around me. Co-workers, mother, friends, me, the stress levels are just off the tops. The worst thing is that just about all of it is something that is totally out of our hands. There's physically nothing any of us can do except allow the right amount of time to pass so that these things can right themselves. Hmmrph!
The silence on my part was because I really don't like to whine in public, it's just rude and no one really wants to see or hear my anger. But I will tell you the crap I've been dealing with, as I'm past the whining stage and now I just want things put back right.
So waaaay back on the 5th I took my truck to the dealer for it's 100,000 mile service. Just a little routine check up, drain fluids, replace fluids that kind of thing. Well I got my truck back 2 days later and it died on me as I got off the freeway. And mind you it died in a not so nice area of Oakland! I finally realized to start it back up I should put it in park, and vroom off I went. Until it died later that night on the way home from work.
Fast forward to the next morning when I take my truck in to see if there's an error code, none. A week later I had my truck back with a brand new shiny distributor, since the crank censor that needed replacing was in the distributor and they're a package deal for this veh. Guess what IT DIED AGAIN. Sorry to shout, but this is more of an emphatic shouting here. I couldn't believe it. I just paid $472 to fix a problem that wasn't a problem that needed fixing. Agh.
Now it's Monday, and I'm still waiting to hear back from the shop manager to, well not to tell him off, because I'm kinda past that. I believe I'm entitled to my money back, a rental vehicle, 1/4 tank of gas from when they "originally" fixed the problem (that wasn't there when I brought it in!), and my truck back to where it was before all this began.
Fun, huh!

Well anyway the husbeast and I had a great weekend anyways. We rearranged the living room on a whim. It's just easier to really clean when you have a fresh palette to work with. Then I cleaned the kitchen, and proceeded onto the bathroom. Some major spring cleaning was in order, and now I have a little nook in the living room where I can functionally hide all my hat making crap, and knitting projects. I love it.
You may think that with all that work I got nothing done, but that's not true. I've been working on a new hat, I reference it to the Butcher. It's a triptych of hats, I think I mentioned before, in homage to a particular local band. The design quasi works for me. It's not as skinny as I was thinking it should be, but the shape isn't too shabby either. The husbeast thinks I should turn the crown around and reference a German soldier's hat, but that just doesn't work for me. I tried it backwards and it screamed 'turn me right side again'. No literally it was screaming at me, I swear... it was just a very tiny voice.
On the knitting front, again I only knit a stitch back on Thursday at the Beer Bitch Meetup. And the night before then I had ripped out two squares of the log cabin, so I am indeed back to 5 squares! But I believe I am better off having done as much.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Almost forgot the title...

Let's begin this by saying it's Girl Scout cookie time, now go support your local troop. That's right freeze a box of thin mints and savor them throughout the year, to your hearts desire. I confess, I was a girl scout for 13 years. Little know fact, but true. That's where I first met my husbeast back when we were 17. Teaching Winter Awareness with his troop of Eagle Scouts at my old high school. how sweet... but onto the good stuff!
I've been busy and I've been sitting on my hands. It most certainly seems that I need an event or someone to focus my craft upon in order to do my craft. I find the same to be true on so many fronts in my life. It suppose it's my own way of having a little flame when I really need it.
This is a detail of the vintage Victorian button found at the stitches convention in the most lovely of lovely booths. The trim, ribbon, and button ladies! I miss them already, yet feel like I didn't get enough. I want more of these little darling buttons.
This miniature mad hatter has been delivered to it's new owner with much glee on both our parts. And just in time for the HoeDown this weekend. I was also rather lucky to finally find an appropriate hat box just perfectly suited for this to dwell in while not in use.
Speaking of the HoeDown, it was wonderful, and I was unbelievably under dressed! Me under dressed. All the ladies (ok a large handful) were dressed to the nines in bustles, long skirts, corsets and the whole works and the shoes! Hello Fluevog can I marry you. Just the kind of shoes I've been thinking of when it comes to that funny little gumdrop weird heel that looks like a melted Hershey's kiss. (I hear they have layaway) Even though a little odd at first, everyone is so sweet and weird that it really didn't matter. It's a party after all, right.

My next hat, which I adoringly refer to as Lemon Parfait was rather well gazed upon while perched on my merry made coif. (What else you gonna call all these red curls pinned higher than a Texas hookers ankles?)
Et la, c'est la Lemon Parfait I enjoy the silver with the lemon of the fabric, paired with the warm brown and pinks in the feathers, and the periwinkle of the thistle. I've never been a huge fan of yellow, but I just love this color scheme, especially for this time of year.
Not too sure where or why this happened, but I look upon the mushrooms and tea strainer as a happy accident. And look at that wonderful cutlery. Isn't it just to die for? The veiling on this hat is vintage, soft brown toole with little pink dots of adorablilty. Did you know that adorability could be packaged in such a small quantity? Well it can. The mushrooms are vintage cotton mushrooms from Small Stump, and I'm stoked I could finally use them in something. You may also note that aside from just a comb, an elastic band has been sewn on for added stability. I believe I could have actually danced in this hat, even as heavy as it is.

And the coup de gras, just for true morbidity my found horse skull wearing the little hatter. I really need to find better models. Seriously!
So there you have it, a little mini mad hatter update, Where in I am truly beginning to realize how redundant all this same fabric but in other colors must be, but I'm still in love with the richness and texture and the absolute lines that it creates that I'm not quite ready to move on yet. But soon, I'll go find something else.
Cheers till then. Happy whatever'ing.