Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Still Preggers

Tomorrow is my son's due date. I'm rather excited and eager to meet this little guy that's been growing in me for the past 10 months. I have a sinking feeling though that he's going to be a little late, maybe not that much but a few days, we'll see.
So that's where my mind is at, as well as the husbeasts~ he's been rather cute demanding that the little baby come out. But you know what happens then, we'd actually have to name the little guy. Frightening.
On the knitting front I've been knitting mice still for a little baby mobile it's pretty cute and the mice are nearly done. But the rest of the mobile still needs attention.
I've contemplated millinery styles and what I could make next, since I missed the Edwardian Ball this past weekend, poo! Of course that would require a trip to the city for some delightful fabric shopping, so maybe after the little guy is here... or such. No promises.
So that' s where everything sits at, still waiting.
Sorry to have put a few people on hold, but my focus is a bit awry at this point in the game. Soon though soon. Thanks for the patience.
Cheers and happy wintering.


Seamstrix said...

Sex helps labor start, fyi. It would be win-win for the husbeast. ;)

You should take a gander at my fabric stash before shopping. I need to unload the unused stuff and I may have some good hat fabrics. If you make it to Jason's birthday party in March, you can check it out (my parents are hosting).

amanda button said...

Can;t wait to hear how it all turned out, and how mommy-hood is treatin' ya!

Best Wishes!!!!


Seamstrix said...

Alright...I'm no longer pregnant on my blog. Your turn! ;) I hope things are going well with the little guy.