Monday, September 22, 2008

All Right.

Where does one start up again, well 2 weeks or 3 have gone by again. Another round of Thank You's to some lovely ladies for their well wishes. Thanks!
I've been working, well I had been working on my February Lady Sweater 'til I hit a segment of idiocy one evening and all of a sudden I was working Row 1 where I should have been working Row 2. And mind you it was something that I started doing after like 8 stitches. Eeps how'd that happen? But I brought it today and I should be tinking back while waiting for the husbeast to get off of work. I really like this sweater so far, it's easy to follow and thanks to a bit of Raveling the mystery of the eyelet spacing was uncovered via one fabulous link for balanced and unbalanced stitch decreases. But please don't ask me, Ravely is verboten at my work. Stupid men beings!
Aside from sometimes working on the sweater I've still been incubating, and well Whetherby is getting big. At our 20 ultra sound the little one seemed to have fallen asleep with it's back turned to the screen and little ankles crossed. So if it's a girl at least the husbeast can be happy that she won't be a little tramp ;) I still haven't decided whether or not to get a 3-D done, I'm enjoying this torment of not knowing until Whetherby is with us in the world. I mean it wasn't until what the late 80's or so when U/S became regular use that women started knowing ahead of time what their little one's would be. Why should we be so privileged, but on the flip side it makes preparations just that much easier.
So no hats for me for awhile, I'm a little bored with my fabric selections and really need to go into the city to expand on what I have. And still get rid of all those other ones I've been hording. Seriously what the hell am I supposed to do with that many mini toppers?
I did have a chance to look at one of our local hatters wears while at Renn Faire this Sunday, and she was only caring one or two. Of course they aren't really period for Ren Faire, so I'm curious what Dickens will be like or if they're losing fashion. Oh and yes Ren Faire was grand, and wonderous and lovely. So many friends makes for such interesting romps around the grounds. And I shouldn't have been worried about being tired and a puss, turns out I think my BFF was more tired then I (all the beer and rum she had, hhehehe). When I got home it was to an adorable husbeast who missed me, he woke up from his nap on the couch, and instantly assaulted my boobies for 5 minutes. The act of which I still have diverging emotions of adoration at his cuteness, and contempt for his one track mind. All of which may have just been a little too TMI, but eh, what a ya gonna do about it.
Note to self Tums are not food, and thusly should not be eaten as much...
I did neglect to tell of my latest forays into the strange, I'm taking Belly Dancing. There it's out. I began last week with a couple of girl friends, and well aside from being rather difficult coordination wise, it is rather enjoyable being out of the house doing something active for a change. The instructor is rather fast paced, and my mind is a completely jumbled mess since Whetherby, but I think it will start to sink in with repetition. I must give some mad props to some of those ladies out there who have been doing this for such a while now *cough Amanda cough* it's kinda ball-sey getting up there and doing it, and then taking to the stage otherwise (dancing or no) still rad.
So there it is. All is still well, we are happy and healthy and looking forward to the future.

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Contrary Colleen said...

oh and tired I retrospect I must apologize for saying "let's go pick up our stuff" in the middle of the tempest show. I feel bad about it.

Oh I mean...HEY, who you callin' a puss??