Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is anybody home...

Well all this time I've just had so many posts to tell so much, but have let it all slide by the wayside just because. To this I suppose I must apologize, but at this point it may just be to myself. That's ok, because it's just a blog, right.
So last time we left off I was about to run down to LA and pick up a puppy for my mum, well that has happened, and Delilah is the cutest and sweetest thing around. Again another pup from Australia, a cousin to another of my mum's dogs and the girls are so cute together, they literally have the same spots in the same spots.
Aside from picking up the puppy we headed down to Stone Brewing and watched Monty Python's meaning of Life in the beer garden, which the husbeast thoroughly enjoyed...just walking up to the outside bar and grabbing beer and then going back to his chair. Every time we're down in the San Diego area we each remark on how much we love the area and would love to move down there. But alas we are still here in the Bay. Not that I could ever complain, aside from the price of everything. And get this, they had cheap gas. Buying cheap gas that was under $4 was like a luxury, something to be giggled over.
But in all honesty even though so much time has passed it seems that nothing new has really been done. Whetherby still grows strong and tomorrow will be 19 weeks. On the 12th we get to have our big ultra sound to see the organs and make sure the little one is whole, and a girl or boy.
The log cabin blanket was finished at the end of July and one day I promise to take it over to my FIL, I was hoping I could do it with a little note stating that it's to be snuggled with his grand son/daughter. Hopefully by the 12th our danged Indian Summer will have taken a little hiatus.
I also finished a hat which is kind of cute, but honestly it's just enormous and i believe I may just take it all out and reknit it smaller.
The best thing about it being September is that Ren Faire starts next week, wait this weekend and goes until Oct. 12th. I can't wait. So far my loyal faire friends and I are planning on going the 21st, and well I may just have to squeeze in something in October and maybe one other. This year will certainly be different, as it is I'm already starting to show, but come another 3 weeks and well I believe I may just about be huge. I truly hope it won't be terribly hot weather.

I just got a phone call, from one of my bestest oldest timey friends, Damo ~and get this he's back from China ~for good!!!!! And he brought his lovely wife and son. Tonight we go over to his parents house for a BBQ. I can't wait to tell his his son's going to have a playmate. EEeeeeeeeE! Uncle Damo.... ahhh.

Well looks like September is a rather fantastic month already and it's just the second.
Here's too the rest of month! And I will try my darnedest to be a bit more diligent on the blogging.
Anon til then.


Seamstrix said...

Ah...I can't wait to hear if it's a boy or a girl! :) Are you registered anywhere? Let me know if you need any help with anything.

amanda button said...

Weatherby! How exciting!!! Can't wait to hear what "flavor" you get! :)

Moon said...

Congradulations on the wee one!!!!!!!!!
Im so happy for you!!